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How to Set Up and Use Online Registration April 2009.

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1 How to Set Up and Use Online Registration April 2009

2 What’s New? “Re-Branding" of the various tournament types, revamping of the Grass Roots programs, and the beginnings of a new sanctioning platform Premier is now the collective (brand) name for events sanctioned including the top competition levels of all sports divisions AWSA Novice Class remains part of the Premier system for sanctioning purposes The beginning of a new sanction platform is available for the new Grass Roots Series sanctions but has links to all the other systems. Grass Roots/Fun events have been removed from the Premier sanction pages as ALL Grass Roots events are sanctioned in the new system. Grass Roots Series is replacing all the previous variations of the Grass Roots/Fun events including NSL, NBL, and NSL In Online Registration - AWSA Novice event fees are grouped with Grass Roots event fees but remain distinct. It is still possible to include Grass Roots events in Premier sanctions at no additional sanction fee but the procedure is different. You must now complete a separate Grass Roots sanction form in the new system and contact HQ for a fee waiver. This is a temporary condition until the Premier sanction forms can be upgraded to the new web platform.

3 Step 1 Sanction Setup

4 Go to From the pull down menu open “Event Sanctioning & Bidding”, then Online Event Sanctioning to review the overview of the Sanction Management System. From here you can use the links within to perform the set up. Or if you are experienced with OLR, simply go to “Online Registration Setup” These are duplicate links, both will lead to Setup

5 The overview provides a quick description of the 2 types of event sanctions available as well as provide links that will take you directly to the setup. Please note the information about VPN connections and Firewalls if using a company computer.

6 Choose the Premier Sanctions Homepage and you are directed to the initial set up page for sanctioning your tournament. Check out the “What’s New” section for improvements made for 2009. If you are having any issues check out the “Problems FAQ” section Premier is used for Novice, Class C and higher.

7 For sanctioning a Grass Roots Fun Tournament use the wizard to “Create a new Grass Roots Event” and you will be directed to the set up wizard for sanctioning your event. Simply open each section and fill in the blanks. It is suggested you use pull down menus where applicable.

8 Grass Roots Series events may be added to the Premier events at no additional sanction fee. Simply run the wizard for a Grass Roots sanction. On the first page a drop list appears to link your grassroots event to your Premier event. By linking to your Premier sanction, you will only have to make one entry form for both. This option is only offered the first time the Grass Roots sanction is submitted. Linked Grass Roots sanctions will use information from the Premier Sanction. Fields not editable from the Grass Roots sanction form are on the Premier form and will display for both. This linking is carried over to USA Waterski’s tournament search.

9 Step 2 OLR Set Up

10 So let’s get to the set up. Choose the link from within the “Online Event Sanctioning” under “Online Registration” …..or directly through the link from the USA Water Ski Main Menu

11 Notice the notation again about VPN Connections and Company Firewalls. If you are using a personal computer the default internet settings will permit an easy setup of the System.

12 Choose the “Overview of the Online Registration System”. The overview details the benefits of using the System as well as instructions for Pay Pal set up and USA Water Ski set up fees. Open each section for detailed instructions

13 There are 3 different types of Pay Pal Accounts that can be used however use of “Personal” accounts is discouraged. There are “fees” involved for receiving payments therefore a Premier/Business account is recommended

14 A “Premier” account is easy to set up Skip this section and go to your account. This can be edited later once your account has been activated.

15 From your account view, check the “to do list”. Then Activate your account Confirm your email

16 Assign your “security” questions One more item on the “to do list” From the pull down, add your Phone type, then be sure to “save”

17 Next step is to “get verified” Pay Pal will make 2 small deposits to your account Be patient, this process takes about 2-3 business days. Once verified, you are ready to go!

18 Check you Bank Account for the deposits Pay Pal has made Then log back into your Pay Pal account to confirm the deposits Enter the amounts then choose “submit” You are now verified and ready to link to your Pay Pal account with OLR

19 After you’ve paid your USA Water Ski fees and have established a Pay Pal Account, the next step is to synchronize or “Register” your account with the OLR system. Using the Wizard steps you through the process

20 Select your ski club from the pull down menu, then enter the Pay Pal account ID you wish to use for your tournament. Let’s take a look at the detailed help screens that reside within the program.

21 To complete the test you’ll need to make a $1 payment to the Pay Pal account established for your tournament. Use a credit card or if using an existing Pay Pal account it must be different from the one you are setting up for your tournament. Look for this message, then choose “Return to your Premier/Business account” to validate that the deposit has been made.

22 After you have “Registered” your Pay Pal account with OLR you are now ready to set the entry fees, discounts, or other charges you may have for your tournament by using the LOC Setup Wizard Browsing the “Help” documents first is suggested.

23 The “Help” documents provide detailed instructions to assist you with the set up. Consistent with all of the System’s Wizards, each set of instructions open in their own window so you can leave them open for reference while you work.

24 A link back to the “Help” docs is provided just in case you get stuck. Next up is to run the LOC Setup Wizard Use the pull down menu to choose your date Use the pull down to select your tournament

25 Input edit code assigned upon initial sanction request Enter the Pay Pal Account you wish to use, then Submit You’ll then be assigned an “Admin Code” that will be used in place of the edit code. Keep this code confidential as your Pay Pal account ID will be present on all forward screens.

26 Be sure to keep you “Admin Code” in a safe secure location. You will need it to access the OLR for any edits that may need to be made prior to your tournament.

27 Next up is to set up your fees and discounts, notice your Pay Pal Account ID is linked to your tournament. Fill in all that apply to your tournament Optional discounts are available as a dollar amount or % of entry fee. In the example, Club Members will be given 100% discount. By providing them the “Club Code” they can register online without having to pay any fees. This could also be utilized for appointed officials. The discount can be set as either cumulative or maximum.

28 Collecting for State fees, T-Shirts, Camping fees or anything else you are offering can be included too! When you are finished choose “save”

29 Allow a few seconds for the system to save your changes, when it is complete you will be notified that your changes have been saved. If you want to “Continue to Edit” just remember to “Save” your new edits. “New Setup” or clicking your browser’s refresh button (usually F5 on your keyboard) will take you back to the LOC Setup Wizard screen.

30 Using OLR to Register for a Tournament

31 Upon EVP approval, AWSA HQ will activate a tournament for Online Registration. To register online simply click the “Enter Online”

32 Then “Select Member to Register” Choose Member or Non-Member

33 Enter your name or member ID In case there is another member with the same name as you, check your member ID # Then Confirm

34 If you paid your USA Waterski dues online you were provided a password from HQ. Type it in here. If you forgot it or misplaced it, choose “Forget Password?”, HQ will send it to the e-mail address provided when you paid your dues. The next screen shows the tournament details and entry fees set as well as any other optional items/fees

35 Validate your membership information then choose “continue” Choose your events and # or Rounds. If you sign up for Tricks, you will be asked to select a boat. If jumping, the program will provide your ramp height based on your division.

36 If the tournament includes more than a single classification, OLR will allow for the skier to choose which class they want to enter per event.

37 OLR will calculate the entry and any other fees or charges to let you know your balance due. If provided, club codes are inserted here as well. You must “Verify” for the fees to be calculated

38 Next up is the Waiver

39 Review your order, then choose Pay Now

40 Choose your method of payment Choose “Print Receipt” for your records

41 When the skier has completed their OLR, the Waiver and Release Form is sent to the skier from USA Waterski HQ. An e-mail is generated and sent to the skier confirming their registration. A copy is also sent to the tournament registrar indicating an entry has been received.

42 Anyone can check the “Entry Status” for updated qualifications or details From the pull down menu’s, the skier can check out the competition and the registrar can track the entries

43 …now that was easy!

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