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Celebrating Nurses Week 2009 Certified Nurses at MetroHealth.

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2 Celebrating Nurses Week 2009 Certified Nurses at MetroHealth

3 Certification has been associated with increased job satisfaction, autonomy, and confidence. (Cary, 2001).

4 Certified RNs Case ManagementCertified RNs Emergency Department Diana Smetana, BC, Case Management Joellen Johnson, CMCN Rose M. Welch, CCM Kathy Pelagalli, IQCI Susan Smykowski, CCM Christine Wilkins, CNOR, CCM Carol Bursley, PAHM,BC Case Managment Frank Robert Donald, CCCN Anna Konuch, CEN Paula E. Mickan, CCCN Donna Rosin, CEN

5 Certified RNs 7A/7C/8A Certified RNs SICU/MICU/CICU/MLF Bridget Blayney, CRN Beverly Jones, CRN Kathleen Murany, CRN Colleen Sirocky, CCRN Candace Strickler, CRN Christine Pokorny, CRN Marian Resan, CRN Nilda Mercado, CRN, CGN Gary Homenko, CGN Katrina Hegedus, CNOR Bonnie Lou Denega, CCRN Ludy Caballero, CPN Jacalyn Iacoboni, CPN Stacie Krueger, CCRN Erika Waickman, CCRN Stacy Gianakis, CCRN Andrea Rinker, CMS Steve Lucius, CCRN William Partain, CEN

6 A movement is underway within nursing to improve the stature of the profession. (Briggs et al, 2006)

7 Certified RNs Outpatient Pediatrics Certified RNs Outpatient Pediatrics/4B/4C Mary Maline, CPN Alice Marantides, CPN Tammy Reddinger, CPN Kimberly Seiler, CPN Kathleen Sullivan, CPN Stefanie Vasil, CPN Sheila Dadich, CPN Susan Hochevar Duda, CPN Diane Zeurcher, CPN Sue Becker, CPN Rose Rodriguez, CPN Andrea Diedrick, CPN Sandra Duke, CPN Laura Mendoza, CPN Priscilla Prohaska, CPN Kerry Stouges, CPN

8 Certified RNs PICU Craig Gordon, CPN Alesia Cocklin, CPN Midalia Gonzalez, CPN Diane Kocisko, CPN Robert Wilkinson, CPN Jill Morinec, CPN Kathleen Cika, CPN Jessica Perkovic, CPN Janet Mimna, CPN Amanda Raible, CPN Jessica McCormack, CPN Colleen LaForet, CPN

9 Certified RNs NICU Judy Anderson, RNC-NIC Laura Ashmun, RNC-NIC Patricia Barham-Jackson, RNC-NIC Christine Borowy, RNC- NIC Billi Jo Boyle, RNC-NIC Danell Desantis-Dilisio, RNC-NIC Dora Dilisio, RNC- NIC Meggan Dwyer, RNC- NIC Tracy Galvin, RNC-NIC Patricia Ganzhorn, RNC- NIC Christina Gasparro, RNC- NIC Teresa Greco, RNC- NIC Hope Helbert, RNC- NIC Paula Jacomin, RNC- NIC Katherine Lauber-Jones, RNC-NIC Rachel Kessler, RNC-NIC Laura Kuperman, RNC- NIC Becki Lucas, RNC- NIC

10 Certified RNs NICU Gerri McDonnell, RNC-NIC Cindy McGee, RNC-NIC Mary Pat McGreal, RNC- NIC Mary Jo Novosel, RNC-NIC Nancy Palmer, RNC-NIC Linda Papantoniou, RNC- NIC Annette Paros, RNC-NIC Denise Schatschneider, RNC-NIC Amy Schulte, RNC-NIC Maria Simpson, RNC-NIC Patricia Tkacz, RNC-NIC Jennifer Tessman, RNC-NIC Kelly Turcheck, RNC-NIC Michelle Turner, RNC-NIC Karen Wilson, RNC-NIC

11 American consumers know to seek out a certified mechanic or a certified plumber, but do they seek a certified nurse when their very lives are at stake or even know that nurses can be certified? (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and AACN Certification Corporation, 2003).

12 Certified RNs 6B Certified RNs Oncology/Oncology Research Peggy Kuhn, RNC Kathy Nestor,RNC Georgean Coyne, RNC Sue Defauw, OCN Julie Matts, OCN Deb Strater, OCN Diane Wolf, OCN Margaret Ieropoli, OCN Pam Haba, OCN Michele Klingbeil, OCN Nancy Badar, OCN

13 It is difficult to measure how certification affects patient outcomes because nursing is classified as a group. (Kendall-Gallagher, D. & Blegen, M. A., 2009).

14 Certified RNs-Medical Surgical 11B/8B Certified RNs-Medical Surgical 11C Debra Bogarty, CMS Deb Gibbons, CMS Laura Watson, CMS Noreen OMalley, CMS Jean Schlegel, CMS Marge Goetz, CMS Mary Luebke, OCN Karen Anguilano, OCN Leslie Rusnak, OCN, CMS Carol Slone Phillips, CCRN Christine Barris, PCN

15 Obtaining certification is a way to validate and compare knowledge to a set benchmark.

16 Certified RNs Inpatient Gynocology/2B/2C/L&D Certified RNs Outpatient Clinic Heidi Rumamcik, IBCLC Monica Roote, CCE Teresa Kovacs, ACN- BC Karen Tatter, CCE Robin Murphy, CCRN Linda Tolliver, RNC Julie Beinhardt, RNC Lori Watson, RNC Linda Lini, CCE Joanne Varso, RNC Traci Goeser, CPN Ronna Tombs, CPN Kimberly Reese, CNOR Margaret Gray, CNOR Darlene Thomay, DNC Cynthia Kuczynski, RNC

17 Certified RNs ORCertified RNs OR/PACU Kathy Savochka, CNOR Nada Fleming, CNOR Tracy Seth, CNOR Victoria Jenkins, CNOR Mary Margaret Atherton, CNOR Diane Ippolito, CNOR Naomi Walker, CNOR Jill Murphy, CNOR Martha Wright, CCRN Deborah Adams, CNOR Sandra Beauclair, CNOR Linda Guzowski, CNOR Mary Kay Kolenz, CNOR Elaine Loy, CNOR Mike Primiano, CNOR Kathy Quinn, CNOR Kimberly Reese, CNOR Robyn Woodman, CNOR

18 References American Association of Critical-Care Nurses & AACN Certification Corporation, (2003). White Paper: Safeguarding the Patient and the Profession: The Value of Critical Care Nurse Certification. American Journal of Critical Care, 12 (2), Briggs, L. A., Brown, H., Kesten, K., Heath, J., (2006). Certification: A Benchmark for Critical Care Nursing Excellence. Critical Care Nurse 26 (6), Cary, A. H., (2001). Certified Registered Nurses: Results of the Study of the Certified Workforce. American Journal of Nursing 101 (1), Kendall-Gallagher, D., Blegen, M. A., (2009). Competence and Certification of Registered Nurses and Safety of Patients in Intensive Care Units. American Journal of Critical Care 18 (2),

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