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Make the curriculum more relevant with pupils for the 21 st Century.

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1 Make the curriculum more relevant with pupils for the 21 st Century

2 Perhaps schools wont look like schools. Perhaps we will be using the total community as a learning environment Anne Taylor; Creating the Future

3 This boy shows great originality which must be curbed at all costs Sir Peter Ustinov


5 Education is not about filling a pail but the lighting of a fire W B Yeates

6 21 st Century learning…. Ask them?

7 The way we learn needs thinking about in new and better ways

8 Good teachers are open, firm and friendly

9 Good teachers ask me interesting questions

10 Good teachers help me learn by giving the right amount of work

11 Good teachers make me think !

12 Good teachers are fun

13 What are we trying to achieve? A new professionalism Culture shift Curriculum making and sharing Seeing relationships

14 Challenges? Time! Shift from focus on content to more of a shift in how we engage of our learners Partners Need to revise our concepts around partnerships & sharing Outcomes Release schools to develop their own solutions as opposed to developing centralised solutions Support Help schools/staff to share emerging practice

15 Improving Scottish Education2 - 2005-08 In taking forward Curriculum for Excellence, local authorities, schools, colleges and their partners have a very significant opportunity to use their professional judgement and ingenuity as they translate the new broad guidelines into practice.

16 Some Key Messages fromImproving Our Curriculum Through Self-Evaluation Curriculum for Excellence is a time of change to less prescriptive forms of curriculum guidance Schools need to innovate to respond to the needs of their learners and communities The concept of the curriculum has been expanded to include the totality of experiences which are planned for children and young people. This requires us to expand our thinking about the totality of experiences that comprises a curriculum fit for the 21 st. century

17 Thinking About Curriculum Structures Curriculum for Excellence allows for both professional autonomy and responsibility when planning and delivering the curriculum. The framework provides flexibility - such flexibility will result in a more varied pattern of curriculum structures to reflect local needs and circumstances Building the Curriculum 3 p.10 - 11

18 Curriculum Leadership Headteachers and senior staff play a key role in setting out the strategic direction of the curriculum…. But they cannot make the necessary changes on their own. Curriculum leadership demands individuals and team members to collaborate. Developing the curriculum is everybodys job Improving Our Curriculum Through Self-Evaluation – HMIe 2009

19 Melbourne Girls College

20 Auchterturra Academy Cluster example high level curriculum map

21 From the perspective of the S1-S3 student the challenge for us is to move schools on from: ……a structure of organisation and curriculum delivery that emphasises subjects and departments that are visited by pupils through uniformity: MathsHistoryPhysicsEnglish Analogue curriculum

22 … to one that recognises the S1-S3 learner as the centre of coherent and complimentary activity. … i.e. A move towards small curriculum teams working from a recognised base with a defined cohort of students, working flexibly as the needs of learners and learning dictate. Numeracy Enterprise Science Exp Arts Literacy ID projects HWBeing Technologies





27 The real r/evolution? Organisation of learning focussed on the individual learner

28 Best unit of change for CfE? We need to promote alternative models where the key unit of change resides within a communitys schools Don Ledingham 2008

29 The education system needs to wise up and get away from its existing assumptions... Where it is implicit that practitioners are resistant to change, need to be fixed and are essentially passive receivers of information

30 Largest mammal

31 School of Sardines Same mass as a Blue Whale ESP? Turn almost instantly

32 ..never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world – indeed it is the only thing that ever has…. Margaret Mead Anthropologist

33 Thinking outside the can…. Committed Sardines

34 Values, Purposes and Principles explained A reference for normal mortals The fun and easy way to Nora Morra and Gerra Way Authors of From here to infinity & Gone in the wind A Curriculum for Excellence Preface by Prof I M Auphill Create professional-quality learning

35 Eddie Broadley Area Adviser LTScotland Email at:

36 Changing, the times are…

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