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Www.iac.wzp.p l POLAND Why not? Herning, 4 September 2013.

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1 www.iac.wzp.p l POLAND Why not? Herning, 4 September 2013

2 www.iac.wzp.p l

3 General information

4 www.iac.wzp.p l General information 1,7 million inhabitants 23 thousand squared kilometers 2 regional centers: Szczecin (capital city) and Koszalin well known for 185 km of coastline 1380 companies with foreign capital accessed with EU since 2004 Multinational Corps Northeast in Szczecin

5 www.iac.wzp.p l Location

6 www.iac.wzp.p l Location in the heart of Europe by the Baltic Sea close to Western Europe and Scandinavia along the shortest route linking Western and Eastern Europe (E-28) along the shortest route linking Nordic countries and Central and Southern Europe (E-65, E-59)

7 www.iac.wzp.p l Access

8 www.iac.wzp.p l Access all means of transport direct connection to the European motorway network motorway connection to Warsaw in 2014 seaports in Szczecin and Świnoujście ferry terminal in Świnoujście (connections to Sweden and Denmark) international airport in Goleniów intercontinental airport in Berlin (1,5 hours drive)

9 www.iac.wzp.p l Regional specializations & clusters

10 www.iac.wzp.p l bioeconomy (wood-furniture sector, agri-food sector, renewable energy, green chemistry, materials science, packaging) maritime & logistics (maritime economy, off-shore, multimodal transportation, logistic centers) metal-machine industry (precision metalwork, shipbuilding & repair, large-dimension constructions, mechanics, automatics, automotive) services of the future (ICT, KPO, R&D, creative industries, technical services) tourism & health (classic & medical tourism) Regional specializations

11 www.iac.wzp.p l Westpomeranian Chemical Cluster „Green Chemistry” Westpomeranian Maritime Cluster Maritime Cluster of West Pomerania Metal Cluster „Metalika” Transport Technologies Cluster (initiative) ICT West Pomerania Cluster Clusters

12 www.iac.wzp.p l Human capital

13 www.iac.wzp.p l 22 universities 67,5 ths students, 18,7 ths. graduates good English and German skills labour supply: ca. 120 ths. hard-working: 1937 hours annually low average labour costs: 811 EUR monthly (average monthly gross wage in enterprise sector) Human capital

14 www.iac.wzp.p l Investment areas & investors

15 www.iac.wzp.p l Investment areas dozen of industrial parks all over the region ca. 1200 hectares of fully-developed industrial areas… …incl. over 800 ha with Special Economic Zone status 50 ths. squared meters of modern office space in Szczecin …and another dozens of ths. under construction foreign investors already doing business: Bridgestone (Japan, Stargard)Cargotec (Finland, Stargard) Carlsberg (Denmark, Szczecin)Crown Packaging (UK, Goleniów) Faymonville (Belgium, Goleniów)Homanit (Germany, Karlino) Kronospan (Austria, Szczecinek)LM Wind Power (Denmark, Goleniów) Metro (Germany, Szczecin)Netto (Denmark, Motaniec) Royal Greenland (Denmark, Koszalin) Swedwood (Sweden, Goleniów) Tieto (Finland, Szczecin)

16 www.iac.wzp.p l Investors

17 www.iac.wzp.p l Incentives

18 www.iac.wzp.p l Incentives Special Economic Zones (over 800 ha in 18 subzones) maximum public aid: 40% of investment expenditures (50% for medium companies, 60% for small companies) local property tax exemptions up to 7 years EU funds (central and regional levels) support by the Investors’ Assistance Center

19 www.iac.wzp.p l Opinions

20 www.iac.wzp.p l Recreation

21 www.iac.wzp.p l Opinions „tremendous potential in terms of specialists and proximity to logistic hubs, such as major seaports” Ulrich Dohle - Tognum AG, 15th March 2012 „proximity to our European clients, the port, the motorway, adequate logistic solutions and road investment plans, academic centers, excellent cooperation with local authorities” Harri Ojala – Cargotec, 29th April 2009

22 www.iac.wzp.p l Recreation Baltic Sea, Szczecin Lagoon and 3000 lakes make great conditions for sailing, wind- and kitesurfing Westpomeranian Sailing Route (33 marinas) beautiful sandy beaches 3 golf courses many SPA & wellness centers plenty of health resorts

23 www.iac.wzp.p l Investors’ Assistance Center one-stop-shop, 24/7 official, regional, certified partner of Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency providing information and organizing visits to West Pomerania matchmaking (investors, local authorities, business partners) English, German, Spanish, Italian contact: 70-421 Szczecin, 40-42 Piłsudskiego Street phone: +48 91 44 67 105, mobile: +48 512 006 662 e-mail:

24 www.iac.wzp.p l Dominika Bednarek Investors’ Assistance Center +48 91 44 67 177 Hi 13 stand – J7120 Herning, 4 September 2013

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