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With passion for innovation. West Pomerania Region.

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1 With passion for innovation

2 West Pomerania Region

3 Population - 1,7 million Area - 23000 sq. km Unemployment rate – 16,3% Average salary - 706 euro MAIN DISTANCES: Berlin - 144 km Copenhagen - 290 km Prague - 450 km Warsaw - 530 km

4 RESEARCH PROGRAMMES  advice and training in applying for EU funds for research&development  advice on proposal preparation and submission  support in project management and in partners search  assist research with practical information before they star doing research within EU fellowship schemes  provides comprehensive services on entrepreneurship for customers interested in starting up their own companies  support the idea of innovation and  assist our customers in commercializing their knowledge-and new- technology-based intellectual property ACADEMIC INCUBATOR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER  supporting technology transfer  assisting entrepreneurs and knowledge-based organizations in technology transfer with foreign partners  stimulating animation of local cluster

5 OUR CUSTOMERS Entrepreneurs Researches Students who are interested in starting up their own companies

6 skilled staff ( university education, conversant landuages, experience, evolve from 3 to 14 employees ) coordinator of international project ( Regional Innovation System, REGinNET, Innovation Relay Centres, Enterprise Europe Network ) data bases reliable partners good relation with local authorities, entrepreneurs, academics and institutions supporting innovation home and foreign Our strenght

7 WE CO-OPERATE WITH Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation Koszalin Agency for Regional Development JSC Polish Agency for Enterprise Development West Pomerania Economic Development Association The West Pomeranian Regional Development Agency Northern Chamber of Commerce

8 OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS Inventis Incert Unizeto Technologies JSC. BLStream Ltd. Autocomp Electronic Ltd. Fosfan JSC



11 Contact 17 Piastów Ave. 70-310 Szczecin, Poland Tel. +4891 449 43 54 Fax +4891 449 44 03

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