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Dangers on the Network Cyberbullying

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1 Dangers on the Network Cyberbullying
1.Generals about Cyberbulliying 2.Example of Cyberbulliying (Amanda Todd) 3.How to stop Cyberbulliying

2 1. Generals Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology Electronic technology includes devices such as cell phones, computers and chats (facebook) Cyberbullying means text messages containing embarrassing pictures and videos

3 2. Example of Cyberbullying Amanda Todd
An intime picture of Amanda was published in the net She began to use alcohol and drugs One year later a facebook profile, which used the topless photo as the profile image was opened and contacting Amanda`s new classmates Amada commit suicide on

4 Pictures of Amanda Todd´s last video before she died

5 3. How to stop Cyberbullying
If you get bullied in the internet: Tell an adult Tell your teacher Tell the bully to stop Ignore the bully Make new friends Be strong Don‘t blame yourself How to help bullied people: Speak with them Tell the bullies Be here if the bullied person needs your help

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