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ZMF 6.1: The Future is Now Mark Levy, Daniel Duffin and John Hearn.

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1 ZMF 6.1: The Future is Now Mark Levy, Daniel Duffin and John Hearn

2 2 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Holyrood in 1640

3 3 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Holyrood Today

4 4 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. ZMF 6.1 Release Themes Focus on delivering backlog of current customer enhancement requests Increased regulatory compliance support Position the product to support current and future enterprise development environments.

5 5 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. ZMF 6.1 Project Statistics Over 300 person months 147 Enhancements implemented 469 Defects Fixed Beta started: 05/19/2008 Beta end date: 10/15/2008 10 beta customers GA date is 11/26/2008

6 6 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. ZMF 6.1 Project Statistics

7 7 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Enhancements by Customer Priority

8 8 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Enhancements by Functional Area Enhancements

9 9 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Defects by Functional Area Defects

10 10 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. ZMF 6.1 Enhancements Sernet redesign Impact Analysis Redesign Component History Remote support for Reverts and Backouts Run reports against backup package master Web Services Managing object to load relationships in Audit Ability to upgrade DP and P sites at different times Recycle TCP/IP connection Promotion Scheduler Platform update for Hilo

11 11 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. ZMF 6.1 TitleFunctional AreaSub-Area Define non-VIO unit for &&&&LIST datasetsAdminApplication Redesign of Impact Analysis (I/A)AdminAssist Further improve CMNIA000 efficiency by caching ISIC/ILIC recordsAdminAssist Add NOCOPYPEND comments to Assist skel and CNTLAdminAssist Make specification of scheduler more flexibleAdminGlobal Logical Unit/System Name used for two purposesAdminGlobal Make CMNDIAG available though dynamic allocationsAdminGlobal CICS: Provide ability to run CMNCICS1 on different LPAR than CICS regionCompatibilityPromote Allow browse of compress listing from component list.ComponentBrowse New option for promoted component delete.ComponentDelete Would like more than 24 levels of history to be maintained for a componentComponentHistory Display Scratch Components on Query ComponentComponentQuery Enhance ZMF to provide support for a user option at time of compileComponentRecompile Concurrent Development Warnings for Scratch/Rename requestsComponentScratch Scratch inconsistent with different storage meansComponentScratch Notification if component to be scratched exists in other packagesComponentScratch Improve Component Identification, Usage, and HistoryComponentStage CMNPARSE to allow user to specify data columnsComponentStage New component attributes such as Pre-compile for CICS and DB2 and V varsComponentStage

12 12 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. ZMF 6.1 TitleFunctional AreaSub-Area Update Housekeeping, Archive/Retrieval, Backup/Restore in HolyroodConversionsHouseKeeping VSAM conversion program for Holyrood Comp. Hist. changesEnvironmentsConversions Provide CMN ZMF master file extract utilityEnvironmentsHouseKeeping Support for IDENTIFY statements in Objects decksEnvironmentsHouseKeeping Enable REXX XML reports to run against a backup Package MasterEnvironmentsReporting Change method of CMNADSP temp dataset allocation to avoid potential S913 abends EnvironmentsStarted Task Add security entity for CMNAUDRC.EnvironmentsStarted Task ERO: Release Area orderEROAdmin ERO: Remove the ability to checkout components from baselined prior releases EROAdmin ERO: confusion over which pkg audit autoresolve submits recompiles againstEROAudit ERO Request enhanced checkout from ReleaseEROCheck-in Make User variables available in CMNEX001Exits Convert Audit autoresolve to use batch XML servicesExtended SvcsXML Add audit package lock.Other Flag component history when package is baselined/agedOther PACKAGE CMPONENT INTEGRTY service, to allow libtypes to be excluded. Other

13 13 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. ZMF 6.1 Make Package User Variables available to exit 08Other CICS: Have NEWCOPY and PHASEIN commands search the SYSPLEX for a CICS region Other CICS New CopiesOther Make Package User Variables available for ALL package functions.Package(None) Implement support for audit to report object to load relationshipsPackageAudit Retain backout/revert information after refreezePackageBackout Allow BACKOUT of Scratch requests.PackageBackout Allow Packages with Scratched Components to be backed outPackageBackout Update #VARLIST to indicate variable PCRTID not available at Install JCL build PackageFreeze Keep revert date/time after refreeze of packagePackageFreeze Request for a promotion scheduler functionPackagePromote Update #VARLIST to reflect correct variables for table RPMTB&LIBTYPEPackagePromote Additional search criteria combinations on the CMNQRY01 panelPackageQuery Allow ISPF VIEW as well as BROWSE (browse in edit mode)PackageQuery Single point/place for Reverts and BackoutsPackageRevert In XMLSERV using 'Home' key the cursor should go to command line, not action bar User InterfaceXMLSERV:Green

14 14 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. ZDD 6.1 Platforms Full Vista support Windows 2003 Server Windows XP with SP2 Windows 2008 Server Windows 2000 support dropped Minimum Requirements SerNet 5.4.10+ ChangeMan ZMF 5.3.6 Improved performance DBCS Support New 64 bit client.Net version of the API set Updated ZMF Support Provide Component History Scratch/Rename Improved drag and drop support Improved multi-user support Package filtering options

15 15 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Migrations and Planning Upgrading from Prior Releases System needs to be in a 5.6.x conversion ready state ZMF impact analysis, component master, and package master files must be upgraded to a state that enables you to bring up a ChangeMan ZMF 5.6.x task. Converting CMAST/PMAST Copybooks not shipped with product Extract utilities support access to CMAST/PMAST Conversion programs to upgrade CMAST/PMAST

16 16 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Migrations and Planning Impact Analysis Redesign Now uses a z/OS dataspace backed up by a VSAM Linear Data Sets (LDS) Designed to provide more information about component relationships Version information for every baselined component. Version information includes a hash token for copybooks and Set System Status Index (SETSSI) value and package number for subroutines. Version information is also maintained for every subordinate component relationship. Improves query lookup Dynamic update for all A set of utilities will be provided to reload back into DB2

17 17 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Migrations and Planning SSV conversion needed 3 VSAM files that need to be converted Single conversion job for this Please review migration guide Please review readme

18 18 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. ZMF 6.1 Show and Tell

19 ZMF 6.1 – Sernet Server Features Daniel Duffin Staff Software Developer, SERENA

20 20 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. New in Holyrood ZMF 6.1 Sernet server performance enhancements Master file XML extractor Reporting when the server is down Sernet Server Features

21 21 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Server Server Performance New streaming protocol New emphasis on tcp/ip – elimination of APPC ZDD response time improvements Internationalization XML casing enforcement Utf-8 and Utf-16 (aka Unicode) support New SERCLIEN application but same API. New DOM processor for XML fragments Support for HFS – ZDD Hilo to follow New log processor Tracing improvements

22 22 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Master File XML extractor New program SERPMLOD. Stand alone batch execution. Processes Vsam master files directly. Reads XML mapping – same as XMLSERV. Internals transposed into XML. Output dictated by JCL. Extractions used for archive, reports, database loads etc. Can be added to daily housekeeping. No longer need to inspect master file internals.

23 23 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. SERPMLOD Data Flow Diagram

24 24 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Reporting without Server Run reports when the server is down. Dictated by master file in the JCL. //CMNPMAST DD DISP=SHR,DSN=etc. Archives must be restored to Vsam Performance is a factor. Existing reports and services – SERXMLRC. Comprehensive set to follow.

25 25 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Questions

26 26 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. ZDD 6.1 TitleFunctional AreaSub-Area 64-bit Windows support in ZDDCompatibilityZDD Support mixed-case passwords in ZDDCompatibilitySecurity ZDD support for ZMF Holyrood changes to build serviceCompatibilityOther Support for double-byte charactersConversionsOther Enable DBCS Translation For Downloaded ComponentsConversions(None) Create process to install ZDD w/o InstallShieldInstall(None) Replace legacy DLLs used by ZDDOther ZDD Changes in Holyrood due to ENH16761Other Add ZMF audit lock and audit reset lock to ZDD clientOther Support for ZMF Holyrood ENH16715: Make specification of scheduler more flexible Other Provide component history menu option in the ZDD view of ZMF components User InterfaceN/A Allow scratch and rename requests form ZDDUser InterfaceScratch Support for "Lock package" option in auditUser Interface(None) Provide support and documentation for ZDD API functions in C# (.NET) User Interface(None) ZDD - Needs to Display packages associated with ERO - ReleasesUser Interface(None) ZDD: Package filtering by departmentUser InterfaceN/A ZDD Call Interface on standard functions of ZDD like BUILD, PROMOTE etc. User Interface(None)

27 27 Copyright ©2008 Serena Software, Inc. Sernet 6.1 TitleFunctional AreaSub-Area Redesign of SernetCompatibilityOther Support mixed case passwords in SerNetCompatibilitySecurity SSM832 and SerNet: Customer would like to have support for SUBSYS= CompatibilityN/A Modify Command to Attach and Detach TC/IP connectionFS AdminOther Sernet DBCS support for distributed user interfacesFunctional Issue - L10NXML Return hash token on upload / downloadFunctional Issue - L10NOther Unicode support in dataset upload and download serviceFunctional Issue - L10NStarted Task ZDD: Service to query national charactersFunctional Issue - L10NXML Allow Serdates to convert date formats on difference functions ADD SUBTRACT DIFFFunctional Issue - L10N(None) XML support for for values > 256 charactersOther SERXMLBC: Non-zero return code if all requests failOther New XML tag to report unrecognized keywordsOther WARN startup parameter and operator commandOther Enforce correct case for tag names and XML keywords in requestsOther XMLSERV needs to be enhanced to handle 3278KN terminal typeOther Split externalized message source into include filesOther Externalize MessagesUser Interface(None)

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