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Were raising generations that value the POWER the PASSION and the SIGNIFICANCE of art. Welcome to Young Rembrandts.

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2 Were raising generations that value the POWER the PASSION and the SIGNIFICANCE of art. Welcome to Young Rembrandts

3 Young Rembrandts is an art enrichment program with one simple fundamental belief: The ability to think creatively is a vital skill that can and should be learned. For over 20 Years, Young Rembrandts has nourished and helped to develop a generation of creative thinkers. Who We Are Lesson: Art History – Rembrandt Medium: Colored Pencil Artist: 4 th Grade, 2 nd Year Student

4 The growth of the conceptual component of output has brought with it accelerating demands for workers who are equipped not simply with technical know-how, but with the ability to create, analyze, and transform information and to interact effectively with others. Alan Greenspan What We Do We teach a right-brain activity (drawing) using a left- brain step-by-step methodology This process utilizes the three modalities children use to learn (visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic) and helps to develop the whole brain by reinforcing the connections that are necessary to: – recognize patterns – establish spatial relationships – discriminate details – determine a logical next step – develop critical thinking skills We teach children in two age groups, 3 ½ to 5, and 6 to 12. Our methodology and curriculum is designed on a learning curve that lets every child be successful, regardless of individual skill, yet keeps them challenged and engaged.

5 Young Rembrandts Instructors teach the Young Rembrandts curriculum at host sites –Teachers are thoroughly trained in Young Rembrandts method and curriculum –Teachers are evaluated on an on-going basis (even teachers that have been with us for 10+ years!) –All teachers are subject to background checks prior to teaching any Young Rembrandts class –Teachers NEVER leave a child unattended Classes are generally taught once a week, and last 45 to 60 minutes Students complete one new drawing each week and participate in an art history lesson each month Young Rembrandts is like singing only with colors on the paper. First Coast Florida Student How We Do It

6 The Nitty Gritty No cost to our host sites Young Rembrandts is fully insured Generally, we need 1 room (almost any room will do) for 1 hour, once a week Our AFFORDABLE tuition is family-funded Unless our host site requests otherwise, we handle all enrollments, payments, and parent communication Our dry-media lessons assure that the only items we leave behind are a beaming new confidence and a brilliant smile In the childcare industry, it is rare to encounter a partner that demonstrates the level of professionalism to which I became accustomed in the corporate world. Young Rembrandts is a polished, well-researched, professionally marketed program with quantifiable results. I have recommended your program to a few of my colleagues, and will continue to do so in the future. Jennifer Walavalkar, The Growing Place, Montessori

7 Mom Expressions Cartoon Lesson Choices, Choices, Choices Elementary lessons –Students complete 1 new drawing each week, and –One art history lesson a month Pre-School lessons –Are age appropriate – but engaging –So much more is possible! Cartoon lessons –Students learn to draw expressions and tell a story –3 to 5 drawings in 1 hour session 4 year-old drawing Picasso Art History Lesson After Instruction… Before Instruction…

8 OK. So Why Choose Young Rembrandts?

9 20 Years of dedication to quality, our customers and the education of young children Tried and true methodology assures that every student is a creative success! Engaging and extensive curriculum exceeds all US State and National Arts Standards Weve Paved the Way in Art Enrichment For some reason, I had been under the impression that Mauras completed drawings were made by tracing an original image. I spoke with her art instructors this week and it turns out that the kids are actually freehand drawing their pictures. I was amazed. I really like this class. I can tell that Maura has already learned so much. She holds her pencil correctly, shows a renewed interest in coloring, and says things like, Lets draw zigzags. Courtesy of the popular What the Kid Did Blog. Post: My Young Rembrandt

10 Methodology teaches children to break down complex objects into basic fundamental shapes We learn about, talk about, and draw our relevant and interesting subjects; Keeping kids interested and honing in on their unique learning styles Elements such as repetition and progressively complex lessons allow children to build on their skills without even realizing it Curriculum Lesson Focus Shapes: Circles & Half Circles Repetition Background/Foreground Overlapping Elements

11 Pre-School Students –Shape recognition (first steps in reading) –Fine motor skills –Follow directions/time on task Elementary Students –Visual/spatial discrimination and sequencing (roots of mathematics) –Analyzing and discerning next steps (roots of science/critical thinking) All Young Rembrandts Students –Communication (students talk about their work and learn to describe a conceptual idea) –Confidence! Our curriculum assures that EVERY student walks away a success. The transformation to an I can do it attitude is one of the most powerful benefits our program offers Skill-Based Creativity Drawings are an invaluable aid to my mathematical thinking and an essential ingredient of most of my mathematical expositions. Sir Roger Penrose British mathematician, author and relativist

12 The Results Will Inspire You

13 How We Fit In

14 Complements the efforts of your in-house art program – but doesnt mimic it! Our focus is drawing - the fundamental element of the arts We work with children who: –Can benefit from developing a creative thought process and critical thinking skills –Are actively engaged by a hands-on, communicative, and tactile classroom –Need fine motor skill development –Need guidance in patience, discipline and focus Can work with schools as the in-house art provider when school budgets have limited art education from existing curriculum Not More of the Same I would recommend Young Rembrandts to other students who have difficulties in a classroom, but who still need the interaction with peers and the experience of a classroom setting. Kim – Idaho Elementary School Administrator

15 An Educational Partner Child-Focused Non-Profit Organizations Focus is on child advocacy, safety and growth PTA/PTO Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts YMCA Sports Programs After-Care Programs Parent Organizations associated with individual schools i.e. band and booster clubs External For-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations Groups (with or without non- profit status) that do not necessarily further the mission of the schools, do not provide educational enrichment, and do not monetarily support existing school programs Non student-service corporations/organizations Non educationally-based corporations/organizations Miscellaneous community groups Educational Partners Organizations that support the missions of schools by providing educational enrichment, student services, or monetary support to a schools existing programs Afterschool Programs Young Rembrandts Mad Science Drama Kids Language Classes Tutoring Services Service Vendors Market Day Picture Day vendors Fun Fair vendors Book Fair vendors Lunch vendors School Supply vendors

16 Our Partners Young Rembrandts is proud to service over 500 school districts across 30 US states Some of our other national partners, sponsors, and affiliations include: Boys & Girls Club YMCA Boy Scouts of America Girl Scouts of America The Salvation Army PTO/PTA NAEYC Afterschool Alliance Americans for the Arts NAEA The Goddard Schools Chesterbrook Academy Bright Horizons Dick Blick Michaels JoAnne Fabrics Aaron Brothers Pump It Up Lifetime Fitness It has been my pleasure to be associated with Young Rembrandts, Inc. The instructors and administrators associated with this organization are exceptional. They are professional and dependable. Their artistic talent is impressive. What makes them stand out however, is their unique ability to relate well to children. Ive seen a group of 4th grade Cub Scouts get excited about drawing cartoons when normally they grumble at the thought of doing a craft. Ive seen a class of 6th graders that might normally be too cool to draw be energized by the Young Rembrandts process and discover hidden talent and pride. As a parent of a student in the program, I can attest to the positive impact on one individual. My daughter loved attending class. Her confidence improved. She saw herself as an artist capable of much more than previously imagined. Dominice Einig 2006-2008 PTA President We look forward to our partnership with you!

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