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words of Jesus to you Click to go By: Pastor João da Cruz Parente.

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2 words of Jesus to you Click to go By: Pastor João da Cruz Parente

3 Can we trust God through His Word. When Jesus said "believe in God, believe also in me," he was reminiscing about the disciples who trusted in God's Word. Scripture had talked not only about the impending crucifixion of Jesus but also his resurrection. For whatever reason, they had forgotten it. Too often we fail to see the full picture when the circumstances seem to us closer too overwhelming. But we must remember that the words that are in Scripture, "shall not pass away" (Matthew 24:35). We can always rely, literally, in God's promises. (bnsl) * DO NOT DISTURB LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED: YE BELIEVE IN GOD, BELIEVE ALSO IN ME. John 14. 1 (arc)*

4 Jesus said we must not ignore the evil, but that should not be so concerned with notice the sins of others enough to neglect our lives, focusing on mistakes. Often we rationalize our sins and we pointed out errors in others. What types of "speck" in the eyes of others are easier to censor you? When you feel the urge to criticize, remember the "beamed" in your eyes, you will conclude that it has less to say. (bspa) * TAKE CARE OF YOUR LIFE AND NOT THE NEIGHBOR AND WHY BEHOLDEST THOU THE MOTE THAT IS IN THY BROTHER’S EVE, BUT PERCEIVEST NOT THE BEAM THAT IS IN THINE OWN EVE? Luke 6.41 (arc)*

5 The concerns of this life, the deceitfulness of riches and the desire to possess beautiful things pierced Christ's disciples in the same way that plague us today. How easy it is to overwhelm our daily routine. A life crowded with materialistic goals makes us deaf to God's Word. Try to get rid of excess to hear God's voice as He speaks to you. (bspa) * LET GO OF THE AMBITIONS OF THIS WORLD AND THE CARES OF THIS WORLD, AND THE DECEITFULNESS OF RICHES, AND THE LUSTS OF OTHER THINGS ENTERING IN,CHOKE THE WORD, AND IT BECOMETH UNFRUITFUL. Mark 4.19 (arc)*

6 The Old Testament often mentions the false prophets (see 2 Kings 3. 13, Is 44.25, Jr 23:16; Ez 13.2 3, Micah 3:5; 13:2). False were people who claimed to receive messages from God, but preached as his heart, on "health, peace and wealth." They said what people wanted to hear, prophesied prosperity even when the nation was not following God. In our day there are also false prophets - leaders who proclaim a false gospel, saying what people want to hear: "God wants you to be rich." "Whatever his wishes tell." "There is no sin or hell." Jesus said that false prophets would come and warned his disciples – but also warns us - not to listen to these dangerous and evil words. (Bspa) * BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS AND MANY FALSE PROPHETS SHALL RISE, AND SHALL DECEIVE MANY. Matthew 24. 11 (arc)*

7 Christians follow their Lord, imitate their way of life and obey his orders. Taking the cross means to bring the instrument of execution to the place of crucifixion. Many Galileans had been killed in this way by the Romans. Applied to the disciples, "carry the cross" means to identify completely with the message of Christ, even if it involved the death. We must deny the selfish desire to use our time and money as we please and choose a direction in life without taking into account the will of Christ. Follow Christ in this life can be expensive, but in the end the pain and effort will be amply rewarded. (bspa) * NEVER FORGET TO FOLLOW JESUS AND HE SAID TO THEM ALL, IF ANY MAN WILL COME AFTER ME, LET HIM DENY HIMSELF, AND TAKE UP HIS CROSS DAILY, AND FOLLOW ME. LucK 9. 23 (arc)*

8 Jesus encourages us we are in Him. Another way of saying it would "remain" in Him. For the word "lie" here means to remain in a given situation. This means doing the deepening of its roots in his relationship with Jesus, allowing Him to fill every part of your life and your daily activities. If you maintains its uninterrupted communion with God, this will result, for you, a way of life transformed. (bnsl) * ALWAYS STAY IN JESUS ABIDE IN ME, AND I IN YOU. AS THE BRANCH CANNOT BEAR FRUIT OF ITSELF, EXCEPT IT ABIDE IN THE VINE; NO MORE CAN YE, EXCEPT VE ABIDE IN ME. John 15. 4 (arc)*

9 Jesus is coming for us. Notice that Jesus promises: "(...) I will come again and receive you unto myself (...)" (verse 3). The Lord does not only come back to us. He will accompany us in person to the house of the Father The Bible recommends: "(...) encourage each other with these words "(2 Thessalonians 4. 18). In the midst of their trials, remember that God has so much care of you, who is coming back so you can be with Him forever. (bnsl) * JESUS IS COMING AND YOU WILL CARRY FOR THE FATHER'S HOUSE AND IF I GO AND PREPARE A PLACE FOR YOU, I WILL COME AGAIN, AND RECEIVE YOU UNTO MYSELF; THAT WHERE I AM, THERE YE MAY BE ALSO. John 14. 3 (arc)*

10 *BIBLIOGRAPHY USED *Bible - Almeida revised corrected (arc) *Bible - new study of living (bnsl) *Bible - study of personal application (bspa) Formatting: Wesley Simões (Brazil) Text: words of Jesus to you Author of text: Pastor João da Cruz Parente Music: God is here (To learn more about the author of the text CLICK HERE) ( To read other studies of the author CLICK HERE ) God be praised!

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