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Adapted Totally plagiarized from the ALA presentation slides and article.

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1 Adapted Totally plagiarized from the ALA presentation slides and article

2  There will always be too much to cover  Not making choices = Bad Choice!  Decide what is essential and worthy of “uncoverage” during class time  Offload the rest!

3  There are so many learning preferences. You can’t cover them all. ◦ But, some discomfort with some types of learning help students build skills. ◦ So, use a variety:  Active Experimentation (by doing)  Concrete experience (by experiencing)  Reflective observation (by reflecting)  Abstract Conceptualization (by thinking)

4 Designing a class:  What do you want the students to learn? ◦ (only 1-2 outcomes needed!)  How will you know they learned it?  What activities will help them learn, and at the same time, provide assessment data?

5  What do you want them to learn? How will they learn it? How will you know?  Consider breaking class into time-chunks, teaching one outcome, having an activity that teaches and assesses, and then another.  See handout

6  Consider conducting a needs assessment at the beginning of class: ◦ Poll the class (clickers / raise of hands)–  What do you know?  Not Know?  Need to Know / Want Out of the Session?  Then, have some flexibility and cover what they need covered

7  Get into active learning and let go of your fear (it is scary– but that person sleeping in the front row... Just as bad.)  Consider using Case Studies – turn pairs or groups loose looking for information for a scenario and then de-brief and have them teach each other

8  Why does my time with these students matter?  What about me as a person can relate to this content and these students?  It also supports risk-taking.

9  Nah, I don’t believe it!  Have ongoing conversations  Integrate the instruction into their course  What IL skills are they covering already? How can you help?

10  Make it a part of the course assignment  Have them submit a reflection of a part of the research process ◦ (integrated assessments)


12 What works for you?

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