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World Headquarters USA - Provo, Utah Repair 1 Reverse Prevent 3 Anti-Aging Innovations Galvanic Spa System ll Essence Ultra Firming Serum with Ethocyn.

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2 World Headquarters USA - Provo, Utah Repair 1 Reverse Prevent 3 Anti-Aging Innovations Galvanic Spa System ll Essence Ultra Firming Serum with Ethocyn ® ageLOC 23 Get professional spa anti-aging treatment results with the only home use Galvanic device! Return the elasticity of your skin to that of an year old! Attack aging at its source, for the first time ever!

3 1 st Anti-Aging Innovation Download Media iTunes Store Consumable Proprietary Products Automatic Delivery Rewards saving time, money and earning FREE products Reducing the size of Technology

4 What is the Galvanic Spa? Non-invasive, pain-free, 5 minute total treatment. Designed to work synergistically with proprietary, specially formulated and charged gels to maximize the transport of active ingredients. Patented self-adjusting currents with 4 interchangeable heads. Results visible immediately and continue for up to 24 hours. Micro-cleansing clinically proven to increase post- treatment product effectiveness by up to 80%.

5 Instant Results – Unique, Emotional, Affordable! ageLOC Galvanic Spa System II Removes Fine Lines and Wrinkles Lifts and Increases Skin Firmness Micro Cleanses Skin to Dermal Layer Improves Skin Texture and Pore Size Hand-held Patented Technology

6 Reduce the Visible Signs of Aging

7 ageLOC Results


9 Half-Face Results Around the eyes Nasal fold Around the mouth Skin firmness Smoother texture Reduced pore size



12 VALUE Galvanic ageLOC Spa Package = $290 » Galvanic Spa Device » 4 Interchangeable Heads » 8 Sets of Facial Treatment Gels (1 month) » 1 Napca Moisture Mist (1 month) » Cost per Treatment (after 1 st 8 treatments)= $6.00!!!

13 ageLOC Spa Gels Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Facial Gels now feature new ageLOC technologya new and proprietary blend of ingredients that is clinically proven to STOP the newly discovered arNOX aging enzyme and block the destruction of collagen and elastin (structural proteins responsible for making the skin smooth and supple). ageLOC is the NEW ANTIDOTE to AGING!

14 Dr. James Morré Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Dr. Dorothy M. Morré Department of Foods and Nutrition Purdue University

15 The arNOX Enzyme Discovery Scientists Identify Inherent Free Radical Generator - New research conducted in collaboration with Purdue University recently revealed a major, previously hidden source of aging within each of us: an internal free radical generator in the epidermis. - The arNOX enzyme is present on the surface of our cells. This invisible enemy is capable of generating skin damaging free radicals around the clock, increasing as we age. - Unlike other free radicals that come from exposure to the sun or pollutants, only our genes control its activity. The arNOX enzyme releasing superoxide free radicals destroying structural proteins The Internal Aging Factor

16 Treatment Gel with ageLOC Measuring arNOX Activity ageLOC ingredient Zero arNOX Activity n Applied ageLOC Technology i arNOX Activity TIME IN MINUTES

17 A Truly Transformational Experience Gentle Cleanse & Tone Radiant Day Transforming Night Future Serum 2 nd Anti-Aging Innovation ageLOC Transformation System Web Price $287 (282PV)

18 ageLOC – The Secret of Youth OUR GENES

19 Four YGCs Identified – What Does This Mean For The Way I Look? ageLOC Science Skin Structure Pigmentation Hydration Cellular Turnover Youth Gene Clusters Fine Lines & Wrinkles Youthful Skin Structure Discoloration Skin Tone Hydration Texture, Smoothness Radiance Pore Size 8 Signs of Aging

20 ageLOC Science Skin Structure Influence of ageLOC – Resetting Is The Key Youth Gene Clusters CONTROLRESET Down regulationUp regulationNo Change Diagram Legend Fine Lines & Wrinkles Youthful Skin Structure

21 You Wanna Talk Results? of participants showed improvement in two or more signs of aging in only 7 days 100% of participants showed improvement in overall appearance, including fine lines, skin smoothness and radiance at 12 weeks

22 Product Value PRODUCT BENEFITS 150% Collagen increase Promote youthful skin structure (66%) Smooth texture (62%) Even skin tone (70%) Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (59%) Increase skin radiance (73%) Reduce the appearance of pores (51%) Reduce discoloration (56%) These numbers are based on user self perception after 12 weeks of use. KEY INGREDIENTS ageLOC Pea extract, bamboo extract, and glucosamine Hyaluronic acid Equel ADR- $287 With 2 Boxes of ageLOC Gels ADR/Web Price- $347 Discounted ADR Package Price- $300 PRODUCT BENEFITS Contains advanced anti-aging Ingredients that are scientifically proven to: Stimulate youthful cell turnover for a smoother, softer texture you will feel. Minimize unwanted melanin production in the skin for a brighter, more radiant skin & reduced discoloration. Contains ingredients proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 45%. Contains ingredients proven to stimulate youthful cell turnover by 85% for smoother, softer texture. This silky smooth formula also protects against sun damage with SPF22. KEY INGREDIENTS ageLOC Hesapeptide-2 Pea extract, bamboo extract, and glucosamine Hyaluronic acid ADR- $125 With 3 Boxes of ageLOC Gels ADR/Web Price- $215 Discounted ADR Package Price - $185 ageLOC TRANSFORMATION PLUS TRU FACE ESSENCE ULTRA TRU FACE ESSENCE ULTRA Get your bounce back. Featuring Ethocyn, coenzyme Q10, and a protective antoxidant network, this silky serum improves skin elastin, enhances skin firmness and elasticity, promotes cellular energy production, and helps prevent future signs of aging. ADR- $ With 2 Boxes of ageLOC Gels ADR/Web Price- $ Discounted ADR Package Price- $425 ageLOC SERUM ADR- $157 With 2 Boxes of ageLOC Gels ADR/Web Price- $217 Discounted ADR Package Price- $200 GOOD BETTER BEST

23 3 rd Anti-Aging Innovation Tru Face Essence Ultra Firming Serum Featuring Ethocyn ® Clinically proven to return elastin production level in the skin to that of an year old! Elastin = structural protein that makes the skin smooth & supple Exclusive to Nu Skin

24 The Future is Now It's time to put the bounce back in your skin with Tru Face® Essence Ultra. Featuring Ethocyn®, a patented anti- aging ingredient, clinically proved to improve skin's elastin fiber content. Tru Face Essence Ultra is the ultimate anti-aging treatment product now with Tegreen 97 and CoQ10 to promote cellular energy and a complete patent pending antioxidant network for younger looking skin today and tomorrow. A UCLA controlled study showed that the clinical doses of Ethocyn in this patented product, exclusive to NuSkin returned the Elastin level in the skin to that of an 18 to 24 year old! Participants in the study ranged from years old and 99% had an 88% increase. Core biopsies were performed to clinically confirm the elastin levels before and after 60 days of use. It has been found that the elastin of the skin supports the collagen level. By keeping the levels of elastin at youthful levels the rate of collagen depletion is far less significant. Once again NuSkin is stepping out of the box in their approach to retarding the aging process by going beyond collagen replacement to addressing restoration for the foundation of collagen levels. NuSkin s exclusivity is substantiated by their commitment to use Ethocyn at the clinical study levels despite the highly prohibitive cost of $100,000 per kilo. This is another competitive advantage that gives NuSkin distributors an edge. The recently launched Galvanic Spa is creating a movement that is turning heads. Tru Face Essence Ultra is flying off the shelves, yet the biggest scientific breakthrough to hit the industry will be announced by NuSkin this coming Fall. This is just a glimpse at why leaders like ourselves are focusing our energy on expanding our NuSkin business. The current opportunity that we have in the US with the Galvanic Spa and NuSkin s proprietary products has a proven track record in Europe generating 200 million dollars in sales last year.

25 With EthocynWithout Ethocyn Karen Philips decided to test Tru Face Essence Ultra by using it on only one half of her face for 120 days. The results of her half face test are seen in this picture. With Ethocyn Without Ethocyn

26 VALUE TruFace Essence Ultra Firming Serum 60 Treatments = $128

27 WORLD CLASS PARTNERSHIP $1.3 Billion Annual Global Sales$1.3 Billion Annual Global Sales 25 Years of Success25 Years of Success D&B 5A-1 RatingD&B 5A-1 Rating Operating in 48 MarketsOperating in 48 Markets Over $600 Million in AssetsOver $600 Million in Assets Over $350 Million Spent on R&DOver $350 Million Spent on R&D Publicly Traded on the NYSE (NUS)Publicly Traded on the NYSE (NUS)


29 $7 Billion in Commissions #1 DS Company in Commissions Paid 640 Million Dollar Earners – 1 new every 10 days 87 $5 Million Dollar Earners 25 $10 Million Dollar Earners 26 $20 Million Dollar Earners WORLDS LEADING INCOME GENERATOR

30 Timing Key Comparisons/Contrast Avon Amway Herbalife Forever Living

31 80 Full-Time Scientists - Many Disciplines Nutrition, Medicine Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Dietetics, Toxicology, Immunology, Physics, Biomedical Engineering Dr. Joseph Chang - Chief Scientific Officer Photodynamic Cancer Therapy Drug (Brain Tumors) Etodolic (Arthritis Drug) Rapamune (Anti-Rejection Drug) Research Partners - Purdue University, LifeGen Technologies, and Stanford University Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory Board - 20 Scientists 150 University / Research Inst. Affiliations Science Based Company

32 Vision Microsoft – Software Giant Google – Internet Search Engine Giant Nu Skin $40 Million - $500 Million Nu Skin – International Expansion – 1 Billion NSEs Future – Anti-Aging Giant $1.3 Billion - $5 Billion NSEs highest paid distributor has not been sponsored into the business Timing & Positioning = Wealth

33 Why Now? Billion $ U.S. Anti-Aging Product Market Demographics Fueling Growth – Aging Population Patented Proprietary Products & Technologies Proven Company with 25 Year Track Record Highest Paying Commission Plan in Industry Ground Floor Opportunity Nu Skin US Market Share.6% of Direct Selling Market Poised to Grow 700% From

34 3 M-1 M-2 M-2 M-3 M M $100 Duplication Model Month 4 Executive Commission = $ Distributors 15 Distributors 55 Distributors 256 Distributors L-1 = 5% x 1200 = $60 E Bonus = 19% x 25,600 GSV = $4864 Profit pool 15 pts(3 Q LOIs)= $1500 Personal Use =100 points per month on ADR Goal for next 4 months: Sponsor 3 new 100 per month Teach your new distributors to duplicate exactly what youre doing

35 Executive Qualification LOI Month = 100 PV 1000 GV Q Month 1 = 100 PV 1500 GV Q Month 2 = 100 PV 2000 GV OR 100 PV = 4500 GV in 1 or 2 Months Income During Qualification: = 5% on Volume of Personally Sponsored Distributors = $50 Fast Start Payment per Spa Package = Eligible to Participate in Mega Bonus Pool

36 Executive Commissions 5% Commission on Personally Sponsored L1 Distributors $50 Fast Start Payment per Spa Package Eligible to participate in Mega Bonus Pool PLUS 9%-15% Commission on Entire Group (Group Volume) (9% % % % - 10,000 13% - 15,000 14% - 25,000 15% - 50,000) 5% on Breakaway Executives OR Wealth Maximizer – Group Volume is 3000 or more: 15% - 20% on Entire Group 10% on ALL 1 st level Executives (15% % % - 10,000 18% - 15,000 19% - 25,000 20% - 50,000)

37 Average Yearly Commissions

38 3 Ways to Participate A.Fast Track- Become an Executive Order Anti-Aging Executive Track Pkg. # $1125 / 1125 Points (LOI Qualification) B. Anti-Aging Product User- Wholesale Distributor Order ageLOC Spa Pkg. (200PV) $290 Order Transformation System/Gels ADR (300PV) $300 or Tru Face Essence Ultra (128.25PV) $ C.Experience Nu Skin- Wholesale Distributor Experience Nu Skin Pkg. (100PV) $99 11 Everyday Use Products for the Entire Family

39 Contains latest product Introductions ADR/Web Product Value $1154 Full PV completing requirement for LOI FREE 2 Day Shipping 50 ADR points awarded (to account ordering package) Includes a VitaMeal donation to Nourish the Children Anti-Aging Executive Track # $ PV Includes: 2 Galvanic Spa Packages 2 ageLOC Transformation Packages 1 (30) Meal VitaMeal Donation 5 ageLOC Galvanic Spa Brochures 5 ageLOC Science Brochures 2 Product Catalogs 50 ADR Points Free Upgraded 2 Day Shipping Total Wholesale Cost $1254 / Your Cost $1125 Savings=$129

40 Anti-Aging Executive Track Duplication Model First Strategy The first strategy is used when you want 1 new Spa and 1 new Transformation System – Then find 1 new distributor that wants the same The new distributor gets credit for all the volume (1125 PV) Split the cost between your credit card and the new distributors credit card The new distributor receives: You receive: 1 New Spa- $290 1 New Spa- $290 1 Transformation System- $287 1 Transformation System- $ Meal Vitameal Donation- $22 5 ageLOC Spa Brochures- $ ageLOC Science Brochure- $ Product Catalogs- $ ADR Points- $50 Free 2 Day Shipping- $20 ADR/Web Cost- $677 ADR/Web Cost- $577 New distributor cost- $ / $ discount Your Cost- $ / $14.50 discount

41 Business Sense The only way to purchase the new ageLOC Galvanic Spa before Mar. 1 For $ the new distributor receives $ discount The new distributor has 1125PV on a $ investment You have created 1 new LOI As an Executive or a Q1 or Q2 Executive you have created 1 Bonus Pool Point Executives need 6 Bonus Pool Points to qualify for the Bonus Pool 6 points equals $600-$1200 in extra commissions Q1 and Q2 Executives need 4 Bonus Pool Points to qualify for the Bonus Pool For $ you receive $14.50 discount

42 Anti-Aging Executive Track Duplication Model Second Strategy The second strategy is to sponsor a new distributor that is interested in the business and/or new products and help them sponsor their first distributor Sponsor the new distributors one under the other The new distributor gets credit for all the volume (1125 PV) Split the cost between the 2 new distributors credit cards The new 1 st level distributor will need 100PV to meet the LOI requirements We recommend the Experience Nu Skin Package (Order# $99/100PV) Business Sense You have created 2 new LOIs If you are an executive or a Q1 or Q2 Executive you have created 1 Bonus Pool Point By using this strategy you are duplicating LOIs with a $ sign up investment The new distributor receives the highest value possible Currently the only way to get the new Spa is by ordering the LOI Package

43 Participate in the Bonus Pool Every $1125 Package creates an LOI and 1 Bonus Pool Point Executive - Minimum 6 Bonus pool Points Q1 or Q2 Executive – Minimum 4 Bonus Pool Points Executive Commission check - 6 Bonus Pool Points Group Volume 7500 = 16% x 7500 = $1200 L1 = 5% x 4000 = $200 Minimum from Bonus Pool = $600 Total Commission = $2000

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