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A Path to the Future Webster Groves Christian Church 1.

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1 A Path to the Future Webster Groves Christian Church 1

2 MOTION FOR TRANSITION TO AN ACCOUNTABLE LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE Webster Groves Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Special Congregational Meeting Sunday, March 30, 2014 immediately following worship

3 The Motion … To facilitate the transformation of Webster Groves Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) as a more outward-focused and fruitful congregation, the members hereby temporarily amend the Constitution, effective immediately, to authorize the following transition to an Accountable Leadership structure...

4 OUR MISSION … Believing that God’s Spirit is present in all people, we are called to share the Good News of God’s grace we know through Jesus Christ, and we are sent to serve and love the world.

5 Beginning April 1, 2014, Article 8: Nominating Committee shall be placed in abeyance … ARTICLE 8. NOMINATING COMMITTEE A.The Board Chair shall appoint a seven member Nominating Committee that serves for one year, at least four of whom are not members of the board, which serves for one year. B.The committee shall submit to the Board an election slate to fill expiring and vacant positions for at-large Board members, Board officers, Elders and the Diaconate. C.All nominees shall be presented to the Congregation for election at the annual Congregational meeting. D.Nominations may be made from the floor of the Congregational Meeting for Board officers, Board members, Elders and Deacons, so long as the nominee has agreed to be nominated. E.Vacancies arising in the elected membership of the Board shall be filled by the Board. The Nominating Committee shall, at the Board’s direction, nominate candidates to fill Board, Elder, and Deacon positions vacated during the Congregational year.

6 Beginning April 1, 2014, the following portion of Article 9 (in quoted red below) about the election of Board, Elders, and Diaconate, shall be placed in abeyance … ARTICLE 9. MEETINGS OF THE CONGREGATION A.An annual meeting of the congregation shall be held in May, at a time, day and place selected by the Chair of the Board “ for the purpose of the annual election of the membership of the Board, Elders and Diaconate and” approval of the operating budget. This meeting shall take place at a time when the congregation meets as one.

7 Between April 1, 2014 and May 31, 2014, all functions of the congregation, except those pertaining to nominations and elections shall be governed by the current constitution.

8 Beginning June 1, 2014 … Place current constitution in abeyance WITHIN TWO YEARS: Recommend approval of complete revision of constitution to congregation. WITHIN THREE YEARS: If new constitution not approved, congregation votes to either: 1)Return to current constitution, or 2)Extend the abeyance on annual basis until revision is approved

9 Governance Functions … Carried out by a Transitional Oversight Team of the Lead Pastor and eight members approved by congregation at May 2014 Congregational meeting. Team members demonstrate commitment to Christ, the new vision, pastoral leadership, and the mission of the congregation. Team Members serve as corporate officers of the church.

10 How will Team members be chosen? Current Executive Committee (Sally Smith, Mat DeKinder, John Smith, Jeff Moore) interview and nominate eight people for approval at annual congregational meeting in May, 2014. Team begins responsibilities on June 1, 2014. Replacement (if needed) of Team members by similar process.

11 The Transitional Oversight Team Will …. Preserve the mission, essential purpose, teaching, and affiliation of the church Provide maximum freedom and support to Lead Pastor and Staff to reinvent ministries and structures of the congregation

12 The Lead Pastor Will … Fulfill the congregational mission by: Guiding the Transitional Oversight Team to establish Guiding Principles Directing the Staff to manage the activities of the congregation within those Guiding Principles

13 The Transitional Oversight Team Also Will …. Develop Guiding Principles Hold the Lead Pastor accountable to achieve the mission and respect the boundaries defined by those Principles

14 The Staff Will … Manage ministries and operations of the church Include both paid and volunteer leaders Be accountable to the Lead Pastor for the effectiveness of their work to fulfill the mission

15 The Congregation Will … Approve the annual budget Call or dismiss the Lead Pastor Approve the members of the Transitional Oversight Team Approve the purchase or sale of real property Call special congregational meetings if needed …. And work to fulfill our mission

16 THE TIME LINE … 16 WE TALK until Sunday, March 30, 2014 Formal and informal talking about the decision WE VOTE Sunday, May 18, 2014 Annual Congregational Meeting to elect Transitional Oversight team members WE START Sunday June 1, 2014 Transitional Oversight Team begins work of governance and new constitution WE LIVE INTO THE MODEL March 2016 OR EARLIER: New constitution based on the model approved by congregation If not: March 2017: Vote to either return to current constitution or continue process WE PLAN Monday, April 1, 2014 Executive Committee interviews and selects Transitional Oversight Team candidates WE VOTE Sunday, March 30, 2014 Special Congregational Meeting to accept the motion

17 Join us in Love Chapel after worship today for questions, answers, discussion, and prayer around this important decision … You can also …

18 Talk to any of these Board Members … Sally Smith, Board Chair Mat DeKinder, Vice Chair John Smith, Secretary Becky Piening Beth Cooley Robin Woodrome Cynthia Briggs O’Brien Suzie Strong Cari Frus Carole Hughes Debbie Werner Diana Knuckles Erich Blaufuss Carolyn Dyess KJ Reynolds Laura Stuetzer Lawrence Ludwig Lori Rose Tom Wood Jeff Moore, Lead Pastor 18

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