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Prepared By: -Mehtap MALUMBO - Buse Gözde KARAHAN - Yeliz YAPICIOĞLU - Özge ÜÇTOP - İnci ÖZDEMİRCAN - Fulya SELANİKLİ - Aylin Banu ŞATANA - Ece Daşdelen.

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Presentation on theme: "Prepared By: -Mehtap MALUMBO - Buse Gözde KARAHAN - Yeliz YAPICIOĞLU - Özge ÜÇTOP - İnci ÖZDEMİRCAN - Fulya SELANİKLİ - Aylin Banu ŞATANA - Ece Daşdelen."— Presentation transcript:

1 Prepared By: -Mehtap MALUMBO - Buse Gözde KARAHAN - Yeliz YAPICIOĞLU - Özge ÜÇTOP - İnci ÖZDEMİRCAN - Fulya SELANİKLİ - Aylin Banu ŞATANA - Ece Daşdelen ICE-CREAM Final Project Media Planning and Buying January, 2011 Lecturer: Sema MİSÇİ Yükselen Media Agency

2 AGENDA Media Planning and Buying What is Marketing Problem The Goal Marketing Strategy Media Goals and Strategies Media Strategy The Messages Situation Analysis- SWOT& Surveys Tactics Visual Media Print Media Audio Media Online Media Evaluation

3 What is Marketing Problem Low consumption of ice cream in winter Turkey ranks lower in terms of ice-cream consumption per capita Perception that it is unhealthy Only advertised in TVs

4 Double individual ice-cream consumption within 5 years GOAL

5 MARKETING STRATEGY Conducting awareness-rising – informative works on the fact that ice cream is healthy, nutritive and can be consumed every season

6 MEDIA GOALS AND STRATEGIES We segmented our target audience and use different media channel so according to this reaching large target audience..

7 MEDIA STRATEGY Identifying target group Accessing to large target group Segmenting large masses Accessing to right person at right time and in right place Defining media targets Determining in which media and in what way we will be included Preparing media planning

8 Out of Home Media: To access to large audience with different creative works Visual Media: To create synergy- Visual and print media are used to support outdoor as a main medium. Print Media: To address to special audience (selectivity) To provide long lived message To reach to high readership ( Saturday, Monday) Audio Media: To address to imagination of listeners, To create emotional bond with DJ’s listeners; Special audience High frequency Mobile population Interactive Media: To get interactive medium Increasing users day by day MEDIA STRATEGY

9 MESSAGES Take home ice cream It provides nutrition which is consumable by any person at any age and with any weights in any season ‘Habit for healthy nutrition’ to be commenced as of childhood years

10 STRATEGIES Will be included in spring festivals of universities in order to access to university students Attraction will be drawn with ambient advertising. Messages that ice cream is healthy and should be consumed in 4 seasons will be given through billboards. Its benefits will be explained through advertorial announcements in newspaper and magazines Large target groups will be accessed through product replacement and other commercial advertisements Mentality of ‘Tea time, ice cream time’ ‘Ice cream of special days’ will be brought instead of Pasta – desserts with syrup in special days, festivals and etc.

11 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS Internal Analysis – SWOT Market Searches – Sector – Firm – Surveys Internal Analysis – SWOT Market Searches – Sector – Firm – Surveys

12 SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGHTS Realization of 90% of consumption between May and October Ranking 3 in consumption of domestic- type ice cream For any age and for any income from 7 to 70s Desserts which is light and rich in nutrition value WEAKNESS Low consumption per capita 5% consumption in winter Lower awareness about healthy ice cream OPPORTUNITIES Nutrition habit to be started as of childhood years Combining health and fun Advice by expert THREATS Perception that it is a dessert consumed in summers Conventional dessert culture Perception that it causes weights Perception that it causes illness in winter, Increase in competition.

13 SURVEY -100 persons - 57 women, 43 men - not older than 18-24 age range - 37 persons from high education, 40 persons form university - 51 persons from middle (C1) income level, 28 persons from middle- upper (B) income level, 4 persons from upper (A) income level -45 persons generally spend time at home -29 persons spend time on internet with 2nd priority -Persons spend time in shopping with 3rd priority -42% use cars; 35% use ship, 32% use metro -Means of communication: 46% by television,29% outdoor -TV channel is Channel D with the rate of 42%. -Advertisement watching: 90% through television -The most frequently read newspaper: Hürriyet newspaper with rate of 30%. -The most used means of transportation: car, steamship and metro -The most listened radio is Cnn Türk.

14 TARGET GROUP  17 age and below  18 – 24 age  25 – 34 age  35 – 44 age  45 and upper

15 TARGET GROUP A, B, C1 SES Persons living with thier families or friends Persons who mostly spend time at home Persons who loves to be outdoor with the friends Persons who use car, ship and metro as means of transportation Persons who spend 3-4 hours a day on internet or television watching Persons who love listening to radio Persons who follow magazines and newspaper Persons who love to consume ice cream in summers Persons who are graduate of high school / university or those who continue education Persons who prefer to go to cinema in winters and concert in summers

16 SECTOR ANALYSIS 2007 ICE CREAM SECTOR  Shelf turnover of 900 million dollars with the increase by 30 per cent  Annual consumption of ice-cream per capita is 2.3 liters  13% of growth is innovation  Total turnover is 1 billions dollars 2009 ICE CREAM SECTOR  55 % domestic type ice cream  39 %, between the age of 20-35  % 47, at the age of 20,  %14, consumers above 35  Annual turnover is 800 millions Euro  Consumption of 2,8 liters per capita  Domestic type ice cream instead of spire ice cream 2008 ICE CREAM SECTOR  Increase in domestic type ice cream by 30%,  Increase in consumption during winter by 41%  160 millions liter of ice cream are consumed  Ice-cream consumption per capita has increased to 2,5 liters 2010 ICE CREAM SECTOR  Ramadan  Consumption of domestic type ice cream increased.

17 FIRM ANALYSIS ALGIDA  Ranking 3 in the sector  Ice cream sales in Turkey grew by 29 percent over the first five months of 2010.  42% is of domestic type ice cream  Growth at the rate of 20-25%  Annual consumption per capita doubled within 5 years ÜLKER  Sales increased by 85%.  Market share increased by 25%  Sale increased by five times more than previous ones  Approximately 30 trade name and 120 types of product are in the market PANDA  Its target is investment of 50 millions dollars  “Four Seasons” was launched. According to results of the research,identifying target audience and formulating the media planning


19 OUTDOOR  Teaser – 1 week before  Balçova – Alsancak - Mavişehir route, 15 stops  Avcılar – Kadıköy Metrobus line  Anatolia: Kadıköy, Bostancı, Bağdat Street line  Europe: İstinye, Mecidiyeköy-Şişli, Etiler, Taksim, Bakırköy line  In front of shopping centers  Around campus  Ambient advertising  New Year Illumination (Taksim, Alsancak)  Billboard (3D shopping centers, Autobus – metro routes)  Turnstile: Metro, ship station  Ice-cream models on the shores  New Year tree (İstinye Park)  Megaboard (Taksim) Those working or going to school, who spend time outdoor

20 Teaser Last 2 weeks in January “Very healthy” “4 Seasons”


22 VISUAL MEDIA Outdoor Ambient advertising: To attract attention the A, B, C1 socio economic statutes all target audiences: Christmas Lighting (Taksim, Alsancak) Billboards (3D shopping center, Bus – metro line) Tourniquets: Metro, steamship station Ice-cream model in the beach Christmas Tree (İstinye Park) Megaboard (Taksim) Balloons Ice-cream mascots in Spring festivals& 19 May festivals to reach the university students and young populations.

23 - İzmir, Alsancak - İstabul – Taksim, Nişantaşı, Cadde bostan AMBIENT

24 İzmir: Alsancak, Karşıyaka İstanbul: Taksim, Cadde Bostan, Nişantaşı

25 Shopping Center – New Year Tree İzmir: Agora, Forum Bornova, Ege Park İstanbul: Metrocity, İstinye Park, Cevahir AVM, Tepe Nautilus A, B, C1 SES, all the target group

26 Tourniquet Ship Harbors İstanbul: Kadıköy, Bostancı, Karaköy İzmir: Konak, Karşıyaka, Alsancak Metrobus İstanbul: Zincirlikuyu, M.Köy, Şişli, Avcılar, Bakırköy, Kadıköy

27 Beach Ambient Alaçatı Çeşme

28 Kadıköy Kapadokya

29 May Festivals & 19 May İce Cream Mascot Person Clothing İzmir : Ege University,İzmir Economy University İstanbul: Boğaziçi, İstanbul, Marmara, Yeditepe University Ankara: ODTÜ, Bilkent University Eskişehir: Anadolu University 18 – 24 Age, University Students

30 VISUAL MEDIA Outdoor Cinema: To reach the 18-24 / 25-34 ages, A, B, C1 socio economic statutes groups: Film Commercials Seat covering Cine Bonus AFM İzmir: 2 İstanbul: 3

31 Cinema 18 – 24 / 25 – 34 ages. A,B, C1 SES - Cine Bonus - AFM

32 Television To reach the large masses with the product placement and other commercial advertising using Doğan Media Groups: Doğan Media Groups: Visual Press: Kanal D, Star TV, CNN Turk Talk Show: Beyaz Show, Komedi Dükkanı Movies: Küçük Sırlar, Öyle bir geçer zaman ki, Kavak Yelleri, Arka Sokaklar, Geniş Aile Economy Programs: CNN Turk off-prime time news break During March (prime-off- prime time ) Strip ads Product placement Advertorial A, B, C1 – all target audience


34 12/11/201434 Sample Footer Text Here Demography of Monthly Magazine Readers CinsiyetAge GroupSES Group Target Group: A, B, C1 17 and below 18 – 24 25 – 34 35 – 44 45 – and above Gender

35 Male Metropol High School-University Working Single 15-24 AB Source TGI Profile of Magazine Readers

36 PRINT MEDIA Magazines Doğan Media Groups Insert, advertorial, advertisement Kid Magazines: Winnie The Pooh, Milliyet Kardeş (17 age and under: A, B, C1) Youth Magazines: Blue Jean (15-24 age: AB ) Women Magazines: Elele (25 -45 age and older: A,B ) Men Magazines: Capital (35- 45 age: businessman and woman) Health and Nutrition Magazines: Formsante (25- 45 age and older women) Kids: March and September (ads & insert) Young: (March – August) 6 frequency Business: 2 frequency (advertorial - ads) Fashion: 6 frequency (July - December) Health: 3 frequency (July - September)

37 Profile of Newspaper Readers Men Metropol Well-educated Working Married ABC1 Source TGI

38 12/11/201438 Sample Footer Text Here Profile of Newspaper Readers – SES Group Target Group: A, B, C1 17 and below 18 – 24 25 – 34 35 – 44 45 – and above Hürriyet : AB Milliyet : AB Posta: C1

39 Who buys? How are they differentiated from one another? HOR% EKABC1 C2DE15-1718-2021-2425-3435-4445-5455-99 AKSAM70,1229,7928,5533,0118,1120,347,857,412,4925,0723,2813,3810,62 CUMHURIYET70,7429,5851,7722,5113,512,221,938,3610,9317,6819,6120,5820,9 FANATIK95,164,7721,0931,2219,0828,6113,2615,6517,0626,917,147,32,68 FOTOMAC96,463,5419,2732,3220,3728,0514,2713,5416,9527,0715,858,543,78 GOZCU82,217,818,627,220,633,63,24,41123,419,619,219,4 HURRIYET64,8835,12 48,08 26,5 111,18 14,1 73,785,4111,0826,5122,115,9615,17 MILLIYET68,8431,16 47,7 27,7 611,95 12,5 96,87,81 13,0 521,6920,0416,0814,43 POSTA63,5136,49 28,63 32,7 817,9320,7 10,0 311,79 16,0 623,817,411,649,32 RADIKAL70,4629,5450,8923,1311,0314,952,499,2523,1332,7415,311,035,69 SABAH63,6636,3442,0127,613,9716,365,296,7312,7427,1622,6513,811,63 TAKVIM72,5527,4521,8528,2722,7827,227,7110,8612,525,8222,0811,689,23 TURKIYE76,0423,9625,6633,7719,2521,325,668,36,4224,3426,615,0913,77 VATAN68,7931,2139,4928,1816,7215,615,576,5310,6720,721,6617,6817,2 YENI ASIR84,3915,6122,2631,2320,9325,253,322,9910,6322,5925,2519,9315,28 YENI SAFAK78,2822,0737,2426,919,3116,555,176,2112,0728,9727,599,3111,03 ZAMAN69,0530,9533,75 15,4817,027,0710,3612,5427,9422,3410,788,96 ORTALAMADAN FARKLILAŞANLAR BOLD OLARAK GÖSTERİLMİŞTİR. KAYNAK: IMS Cumulative Results of BIAK 7-10th Terms (1 September 2008 – 31 August 2009 ) - Newspapers

40 Newspaper Access Audience Delivery (All Persons) 12/11/201440 Sample Footer Text Here

41 12/11/201441 Sample Footer Text Here Access of Newspaper (Average Number of Readers)

42 Newspapers Doğan Media Groups  Hürriyet  Milliyet  Posta  All target audiences  Business Environment  Advertorial  Advertisement 25-34 and 45 age and older: A, B, C1

43 AUDIO MEDIA Radio To reach the all drivers and radio audiences especially in the drive time (07:00-10:00 a.m. 17:00- 20:00 p.m.): Doğan Medya Grubu Audio Media: Radyo D, Slow Türk Radyo ve CNN Türk News and music Drive time

44 On-line Google Adwords Key Words:Mutluluk Dünyası, Dondurma, Buz, Dört Mevsim, Krema, Tatlı Diyarı, Çikolata, Sütlü tatlı, Vanilya, İkram, Ev tipi dondurma,Eşsiz tat, Lezzet… 1 March- 31 March Facebook banner ekşi sözlük Advergaming - kral oyun

45 Viral Marketing  Facebook, YouTube  Take and load video for sticks of stick ice cream  Create messages  The most creative 3 designs and messages will constitute the themes of advertisement campaigns.  17 age and below  18 – 24 age A, B, C1 SES.

46 “Everybody can create own style with ice cream sticks on this web page.” Viral Promotional Campaign or “the art of the crowd”.

47 Giving advertisement to main page of web sites as below banner during January and February. Ex:


49 Advertising and Media analysis

50 The number of the persons accessing to portal and blogs will be handled for measuring the efficiency of outdoor advertisements. – Tourniquets: The number of subscribers for Akbil, Kent Kart and Ego Kart will be handled. – Balloons, Festivals, Beaches: The number of tickets will be handled. Social media will be always measured. Since this is interactive system, reports from database will be obtained. – Measurement will be made according to the number of clicks. – Impressions will be handled. – Internet sites will be followed. Visual media:Looking at product placement and rating and reach portions are handled. Evaluation

51 Cinema: The number of tickets sold will be handled. Magazines will be followed by handling the number of advertisements released to printed media, cost of reaching 1000 persons and circulations. Looking at BIAK reading propotion and analysed. Positive and negative news will be reported and archived. Rating and reaching rates of the product replacement and other works in visual media will be handled. In order to understand increase in ice cream consumption, sectoral turnover will be handled. – Survey and focus groups will be created in order to understand whether messages given are correctly perceived or not. Audio Media: RIAK Radio Follow-up Research Institution research Evaluation


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