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Development of an Excellence Program for Teaching Students in the Kaye Academic College of Education Dr. Vered Yephlach-Wiskerman Excellence Program Coordinator.

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1 Development of an Excellence Program for Teaching Students in the Kaye Academic College of Education Dr. Vered Yephlach-Wiskerman Excellence Program Coordinator /

2 Kaye College Kaye College is today the leading academic institution for teacher education and professional development of educators in the south, serving both the Jewish and Bedouin populations of the Negev. At present there are 3,000 Jewish and Bedouin students studying in various college departments: Early Childhood Education, Elementary School, Junior High School. Majoring in: Bible, Hebrew, Arabic, English, Mathematics, Computers, Sciences and Informal Education, Special Education, Physical Education, Art Education, In– Service Training and Pre – Academic Programs. In 2007 the College was the recipient of a special UNESCO prize for its outstanding contribution in promoting multiculturalism and co-existence.

3 The Israel training program for excellent students Teacher training Division of the Ministry of Education has been operating a training program for excellent students. The program take place in 24 education college in Israel. The aims: To recruit high-quality students Train the student using a special program. The master plan of the program was established by the Ministry of Education and includes guidelines and principles shared by all education college. However, each college build program that is unique and fit to the spirit of the college culture. Each student accepted to the Excellence Program must complete his/her studies in three years instead of four. Each student accepted to the Program is eligible for a scholarship.

4 The structure of the program The program divide to two major parts: The informal studies. The academic studies

5 The informal studies Volunteer activity: Volunteer activity: each student must take an active part in volunteer activities for the benefit of society or for other students in the college. The objective of this requirement is to encourage the students to become involved in social and educational activities. Participation in national conferences: Three national conferences for students from Excellence Programs are held annually. The conferences, which deal with pedagogic contents, are held each time in another college. In 2010, the national conference on the theme “Self-Advocacy” was held in the Kaye Academic College of Education.

6 The academic studies The Program is comprised of three courses:  Excellence and Creative Thinking  Leadership and Vision,  Involvement and Society. Each course includes two components:  a theoretical aspect  a practical aspect

7 Excellence and Creative Thinking A theoretical aspect : A theoretical aspect : give the students the knowledge to develop creative thinking and an understanding of the concept of excellence. This course exposes the students to the concept of excellence, types of thinking and characteristics of intelligence, identifying gifted pupils, and methods of coping with these pupils in a heterogeneous class. A practical aspect: The students apply the concepts learned, deal with problem solving and the development of a new project using different creative thinking methods. Workshop in creative thinking in the science museum in Jerusalem.

8 Leadership and Vision A theoretical aspect: This course is intended to enrich the theoretical knowledge of students on the subject of leadership, leaders and their vision during different periods. The objective of the second part of the course is to arouse thinking among students regarding developing a personal vision as educational leaders and social leaders. A practical aspect: Developing a personal vision – workshop leadership workshop at Neot Kedumim-A Biblical Landscape Reserve ( Shepherding a small herd of sheep and goats) Visits in different school.

9 Involvement and Society A theoretical aspect: :The objectives of the Involvement and Society course are to present social involvement programs in schools, to internalize the importance of homeroom hour, and to develop learning materials in areas of social involvement A practical aspect: divide to two parts community involvement, in which all the group of students work and learn with the Israel antiquities Authority- IAA Team of students, which develops involvement plan in the college or school during the year. For example: developing the web site of the excellent program, Teaching the Arb language in high school.

10 “Tel Beer Sheva”- a National Heritage site by UNESCO

11 evaluation The objective of the evaluation is to provide information about the Excellence Program to the evaluation initiators (Program Coordinator) that will help improve the Program in the College. The major aims: The level of suitability of the Program’s objectives and the Program’s structure, contents, teaching and learning methods The level of fulfilling the Program’s declared objectives according to the students’ and lecturers’ outlooks of the Program, as well as those of students and lecturers outside the Program The level of satisfaction of Program participants from various aspects of the Program such as contents, study methods, organization, etc.

12 summery The group is multicultural and comprised of both Jewish and Bedouin students. Considerable cultural differences exist between these two groups. The Excellence Program is a new program in the College, and it is intended to empower the students and the Program in the College. During the Excellence Program, the students expose to other contents and topics, which are not part of the usual curriculum. In this way, the students received unique training and a unique point of view of the Israeli education system.


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