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Susan Brandon Instructional Technology Danielle Abernethy Tech4Learning Integration

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2 Susan Brandon Instructional Technology Specialist @ga_techiegal Danielle Abernethy Tech4Learning Integration Specialist @dabernethy

3 Who Are Your Presenters? Susan Brandon Educator Technicator @ga_techiegal Danielle Abernethy Educator Tech4Learning Integration Specialist @dabernethy

4 So Why Are We Here? A. The Bernajean Porter & Tony Vincent sessions were full. B. We thought you were giving away an iPad mini. C. This isn’t the lunch hall? D. We want to learn more about engaging students through digital learning.

5 Resources For This Session created with:

6 Where this all began… Research Reports With Students: Look up info Take notes Write report Read report aloud Watch students (& teacher)zone out Repeat throughout the year as needed AKA: Vicious Research Cycle

7 Can Research Be Fun?

8 Try #1 (Getting the Facts) QUESTIONS TO PONDER Who? or What? When? Where? Why? How?

9 Result Chimpanzee Project

10 Teacher Reflection… Nice music… Now, what about the content? My kiddos had so much fun doing this project, but was it meaningful? What else can I do to REALLY help them understand this process?

11 Big 6 Research Skills

12 Are All Websites Created Equal? PURPOSE OF THE SITE 1. Can you tell if the site is fact or opinion? (Check for bias or if one-sided)YES NO 2. Is the site free of advertising?YES NO Website Test- Using Online Resources (Adapted/ Condensed Information from Common Sense Test Before You Trust Activity) TRUSTWORTHINESS OF THE AUTHOR 9. Is the author (authors) identified by name?YES NO 10. Is the place the author works (or the organization he/she belongs to) listed?YES NO USEFULNESS OF INFORMATION 17. Does the site have enough information for your research?YES NO 18. Is most of the information on the site useful for your research? (Few facts= little information) YES NO EASE OF USE 22. Can you understand the text?YES NO 23. Is the type easy to see?YES NO 25-30= You’ve got a winning site! 15-24= Proceed with caution. 14 or less= Sorry, this is not the best site to use for research.


14 Research PROJECT FOCUS: Students will learn about the ‘BIG 6’ research process PROJECT PARTS: Connection to History- Research- Part 1 of Project Connection to Current Times- Part 2 of Project Connection to Learning-Visual Product- Part 3 of Project PROJECT GUIDELINES: See Website Resources

15 Techie Tip App: Notability (.99)

16 Timeline- Getting Organized Skill Specials Round (Estimated Beginning Dates) Note-Taking Strategies Select Topic & Select Resources Research Process (Taking Notes) Summarizing Information Visual Product- (Tech-Based or Poster Board) Share Projects & Self-Evaluation of Learning

17 Task Definition & Resources Step #1-Task Definition (The event in history I will focus on): Steps #2 & #3- Information Seeking Strategies (Resources used to complete this project): *You need to have a minimum of 3 Resources. You are welcome to use more-See Mrs. B for another sheet if needed. Resource #1 is a: ___ Book___Encyclopedia___ Website Author's Last Name: ___________________________ First Name: ________________________ Date Published: ________________________________________________________________ Title of Article: ________________________________________________________________ Place Published (books only): _____________________________________________________ Publisher (books only): __________________________________________________________ Volume Number (encyclopedia): _______________ Page Number(s): _____________________ The URL (websites only) is http://___________________________________________________ Date of Access: _________________________________________________________________

18 Techie Tip

19 Factual & Interpretive Questions Location and Access Step #4: (Taking Notes from Resources) Questions to Answers During the Research Process FACTUAL QUESTIONS: What is the Subject of this research? When did this event take place? Where did this event take place? What facts are important about this subject? Have additional facts? (Attach notebook paper if needed) INTERPRETIVE QUESTIONS Hypothetical: Prediction: Solution: Comparison or Analogy: Judgment:

20 Techie Tip App: Side By Side (free)

21 Student Reflection 1. Think about the research process… A. What do you think went well? B. What would you improve upon for next time? 2. Think about the visual product you created to represent your research… A. What do you think went well? B. What would you improve upon for next time? Project Name/Subject Visual Product (Technology Used/ Poster ) Something to Remember Something to Work On 1. 2. 3. View 3 Other Projects

22 Student Examples Digital Storytelling #1 Digital Storytelling #2

23 Student Reflections About These Projects Why Wixie?

24 Try Wixie Out!


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