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Creating an Effective Powerpoint Presentation K. Coker.

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2 Creating an Effective Powerpoint Presentation K. Coker

3 What is Powerpoint 4 PPT is an abbreviation for Powerpoint 4 A software tool by Microsoft 4 Presents information in slide-show format 4 Offers text, graphics, sound effects, & video

4 Hints for a Successful Presentation 4 Plan carefully 4 Do your research 4 Know your audience 4 Time your presentation 4 Practice your presentation 4 Speak comfortably and clearly

5 Effective Powerpoint Slides 4 Use design templates 4 Standardize position, colors and styles 4 Limit the information to essentials 4 Content should be self-evident 4 Use colors that contrast

6 4 Be consistent: effects, transitions & animation 4 Excessive slides can lose your audience

7 Text guidelines 4 Stay under 6 words per line 4 Stay under 6 lines per slide 4 Avoid long sentences 4 Larger font indicates important information 4 Font size ranges from 18 to 48

8 4 Be sure text contrasts with background  Fancy fonts are hard to read 4 ALL CAPS ARE HARD TO READ 4 Avoid abbreviations and acronyms 4 Limit punctuation marks!!!!!

9 Bulleting 4 Bulleting gives structure/organization to slides 4 Limit to 6 bullets per slide 4 Make bullets visible; 18-24 font 4 Limit each bullet to 6 words 4 Contrast the text with the background

10 Animation 4D4Don’t get carried away 4R4Restrict animation to certain slides 4U4Use animation for special emphasis 4A4Animation can demonstrate how something works 4E4Excessive animation looks childish 4T4These apply to sound effects also

11 Clip Art and Graphics 4 Should balance the slide 4 Enhance, compliment the text 4 Use when text needs visual explanation 4 Limit to two graphics per slide

12 Specifics & Tutorials 4 PPT offers interesting variations 4 Use pre-made templates, create your own 4 The following gives links to online tutorials

13 Tutorial Links

14 Remember This 4 Slide shows aren’t your presentation 4 Use PPT as an outline 4 Don’t read verbatim from your PPT

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