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Scientia Training Guide How to create an activity Joanne Millard Updated October 2007.

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1 Scientia Training Guide How to create an activity Joanne Millard Updated October 2007

2 Institution Screen When you first log onto Scientia you will be greeted with this screen. This is the information screen. From here you can see how many bookings are scheduled, unscheduled etc. We have set up the system to automatically save your work.

3 Creating an activity To create an activity you will need to go into the timetabler menu and select activities from the drop down list.

4 In this screen you can either create a new activity or duplicate an activity.

5 To create an activity from new Click new here.

6 This will then activate the form ready for your modification. You will need to change the name to correspond with your activities.

7 The name needs to be your department followed by the module code. As indicated here.

8 Change the department to who the event is for.

9 Enter a full description

10 Enter the class size. Change the type to teaching unless, you wish to use one of the other fields such as lecture, seminar etc.

11 Change the module here to match the module code that you are booking the room for.

12 Change the duration to how long the booking is for. The system works in half hours so 2 is 1 hour. Select the day required, more than one can be selected if required, as long as they are the same time. Select the suggested start time. Then click modify.

13 This will then create the activity and save the information that you have entered. Then click into the resource tab.

14 Select the building that you require

15 This will then show you the rooms in that building of the planned size that you have indicated.

16 Select the required room. Select the member of staff teaching the event here, or the bookers name. Modify

17 Then go into the availability screen. Here you will enter the weeks that the room is required for. You can use the preset named availability, Estates Autumn, Estates Spring or Estates whole year or leave the tab on none and highlight the weeks individually.

18 Preset named availability By selecting a preset availability you will see the week pattern change here to correspond with the University’s set pattern. If you are happy with this then modify.

19 Selecting your own weeks Should you wish not to use the set patterns then leave the tab at none and select the week patterns required. Once you are happy with these then modify.

20 Then go into the Timetable tab. If the room is available you will see a yellow diamond. Then click Schedule.

21 The room is then booked. You can see that this is scheduled by the blue box and the tick at the bottom.

22 Duplicating an activity Scroll down and find an activity that you wish to duplicate and click the duplicate button.

23 The information will stay the same as the duplicated activity. You will then be able to modify as required i.e. change the time, day etc.

24 Once you have changed the day and time click modify.

25 Then go into the Resource tab and change the room and staff name as required, then modify.

26 In the availability tab amend the week patterns as necessary, then modify.

27 Enter the Timetabler tab and you will see the yellow diamond, then scheduled.

28 Then your booking is made.

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