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Yoli Founder Corey Citron

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2 Yoli Founder Corey Citron

3 Before we get started, I want to take a moment and address any current Xango distributors on this call.  As many of you know, I am a former Xango distributor.  I therefore ask that any current Xango distributors please exit the conference call and webinar now as I intend to depart from my Xango business honorably, and I do not want to stand accused of improperly soliciting Xango distributors. 

4 People Love Yoli WOW Technology Tastes Delicious
Priced right for the masses Help people get healthy Help people get wealthy Saving the environment Save Lives Ground Floor Opportunity Simple, powerful training


6 Founded by Distributors,
For Distributors

7 Yoli Founder Daren Falter
One of the most respected names AND authors in industry Built 2 multi-million dollar organizations Consulted for over 10 years Master of compensation plans

8 Yoli Founder Robby Fender

9 Yoli Founders

10 The Yoli Founders Love People Egos In Check Love Network Marketing
Financially Independent Have All Self Funded Yoli - Debt Free All Extremely Successful Distributors



13 The Yoli Mission Change lives Introduce a product with a WOW Factor
Not another “Me Too” (Juice, Pill, Lotion) Follow the Henry Ford Principle Recognizing the beverage trends Exposing the truth about beverages

14 Identify Huge Emerging Trend
Multi-Billion Dollar Liquid Beverage Industry

15 Liquid Products #1 Priority:
Shelf Life! Less Waste + No Bacterial Growth = More Income Potential

16 99% of all beverages … Hot Fill
Pasteurization (Between 161° and 280°F) Aseptic Processing (Between 195° and 295°F)

17 Question? What happens to the nutritional value in these beverages when they’re boiled?

18 Pasteurization Kills Lori Lipinski, Certified Nutritional Consultant Kills the friendly bacteria, greatly diminishes the nutrient content Substantial loss of vitamins A, C, D and E Up to 80% percent less effective after pasteurization B vitamins completely destroyed Destroys beneficial enzymes, antibodies and hormones

19 Preservatives Fillers Artificial Colors Artificial Flavors
Artificial Sweeteners MSDS Sodium Benzoate “May be harmful if swallowed.” “If swallowed, call a physician immediately.”

20 Sugar Epidemic #1 Contributor to Nation Wide Obesity Epidemic
Americans Consume Over Pounds of Sugar per year. Linked to heart attacks, kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. Our children are consuming more and more every year. Average beverage contains grams of sugar

21 Thirty 5-LB Bags Annually
* Avg American consumes 150 lbs.


23 Artificial Sweeteners
Aspartame Saccharine Acesulfame-K Sucralose

24 Energy Drinks Caffeine or Taurine Banned in dozens of countries
Class action lawsuits Caffeine, the new Tobacco

25 Vitamin Deterioration
Vitamins lose potency in Sitting Water Nutrition Killers: Liquid Suspension, UV Rays & Light, Temperature Fluctuation, Chemicals, Time, Acid

26 How can we produce a healthy alternative to all of the SuperJuices, Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks and Functional Beverages? No Hot Fill or Pasteurization No Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners No Caffeine or Harmful Stimulants No Highly Acidic Fillers or Chemicals No Artificial Colors or Flavors No Preservatives

27 The Secret to the BEST Nutrition
Take the nutrition at the peak of ripeness and freeze dry into powder. Vitamins & Minerals totally in tact Freshest Ingredients Living Enzymes Best Shelf Life

28 Yoli BlastCap™

29 Yoli BlastCap™

30 Yoli BlastCap™ 100% Natural Color & Flavoring High ORAC Values
Zero Glycemic Index Specialty ingredients Many more blasts to come BlastCap™ Technology Live Active Ingredients 100% Natural Formulations AlkaPlex Patented Formula No Sugar: use Herbal Sweetener (Stevia Reb-A)

31 Truth Health Blast Ingredients
Vitamins & Minerals 100% Vitamin C & Zinc 25% - 50% of over 17 others Proprietary Blend Alkaplex (ph enhancer) Oxyphyte White Tea Extract (Anti-Oxidant) Goji 40% Ellagic Acid (Anti-Oxidant) Acai 4:1 Extract (Anti-Oxidant) Pomegranate Juice Powder (Anti-Oxidant) GABA (Calming) Resveratrol (Healthy nutrient in red wine) Beta 1,3 d-glucans (Immune Booster) These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

32 Resveratrol


34 Future Products Truth, Fun, Passion, Pure, Share
AlkaBlast™ with AlkaPlex™ SuperFruit Blast Line: Mangosteen, Acai, Goji, Noni, Pomegranate, Amalaki, etc. GreensBlast, nourishing Greens Drink Performance Blast Line for Athletes Protein/Meal Replacement Line Baby Bottle Blasts Specialty Blasts

35 Typical MLM Pricing VS. Yoli
Bottle of Juice (25-32 oz.) $25 - $40 Vitamin/Mineral Pills $35 - $100 Skin Care Systems $ $270 Protein Powders $30 - $80 Yoli Truth Blast (20oz.) $3.99 Yoli Blast Cap $2.50

36 Yoli Value Pricing Wholesale Autoship Pricing Bulk Purchase Discounts
1 Yoli Blast Bottle $3.99 Min Bottle Order (6 Pack) $23.99 1 Yoli Blast Cap $2.49 Min Blast Cap Order (12 Pack) $29.99 Bulk Purchase Discounts Bottles by the Case (336 Bottles) $2.89 each Caps by the Case (480 Caps) $1.99 each

37 Earn Income 9 Ways Retail Profits Fast Start Bonus Break Even Bonus
Binary Team Commissions Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus Global Leadership Bonus Pools Elite Leadership Bonus Pools Multiple Business Centers Annual Cruise Bonus and Travel Incentives

38 for a complete explanation
2009 Yoli Hybrid for a complete explanation

39 Binary Team Commission
Only takes TWO legs to become successful Build synergy by stacking your leaders, one after the other Earn 10% on the Lesser Leg Volume Every Week Share in the volume from EVERYONE placed in your left or right leg

40 Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus
5 Star Gold Ruby Double Ruby Triple Ruby Emerald Double Emerald Triple Emerald Diamond Double Diamond Triple Diamond Level 1 15% 20% 25% 30% Level 2 10% Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 5% Level 8 Level 9 Level 10

41 Break Even Bonus Autoships for Every Commitment Level Break Even Bonus
Preferred Cust. $ CV ($4.99) Basic Pack $ CV ($9.98) Builder Pack $ CV ($19.96) Pro Pack $ CV ($39.92) Break Even Bonus Personally Sponsor 1 Builder and 1 Pro Pack Distributors $ $39.92 = $59.88 Bonus Towards Your Personal Autoship Personally Sponsor 2-6 people to cover your monthly Autoship

42 Taking Care of the Builders
Yoli Plan Future Star ($50GV) STAR ($100GV) 2 Star ($200GV) 3 Star ($300GV) 4 Star ($400GV) 5 Star ($500GV) BRONZE ($600GV) 2 Star Bronze ($700GV) 3 Star Bronze ($800GV) 4 Star Bronze ($900GV) 5 Star Bronze ($1,000GV) SILVER ($1,100GV) 2 Star Silver ($1,200GV) 3 Star Silver ($1,300GV) 4 Star Silver ($1,400GV) 5 Star Silver ($1,500GV) Leading Competitors Beginner ($100GV) Basic 500 ($500GV) Basic 1000 ($1000GV) Basic 2000 ($2000GV) Which plan takes care of the part-timer?

43 Taking Care of the Leaders
Rank Weekly Volume Weekly Income Cap Diamond $10, $5,000 Double Diamond $20, $10,000 Triple Diamond $30, $20,000 Blue Diamond $50, $25,000 Double Blue Diamond $100,000 Unlimited Triple Blue Diamond $150,000 Unlimited Black Diamond $250,000 Unlimited Double Black Diamond $500,000 Unlimited Triple Black Diamond $750,000 Unlimited

44 What People Are Saying “Dude!  3.99!  2.50!  Wow! Finally, someone who gets it.  Ok i'm in!” - JV ________________________________________ "Go Yoli!    A big thank you to all the Founders! You are all a blessing at a time when it is so needed!" - Heidi Rosenthal Cox ________________________________________ “WOW, bro, you nailed it, here come the masses! Creative Destruction= when new ideas are introduced into the vertical that make all others obsolete= YOLI” - Name Withheld ________________________________________ "I already have $50,000 in pre-orders and this is still the pre-pre-launch!” - Name Withheld

45 Retention - The Holy Grail
More like health insurance not MLM Must have competitive price points and reasonable break even point Gillette Model Must re-order blast caps from Yoli


47 Yoli Play Yoli distributors work hard and play harder:
Yoli Annual Cruise Yoli Incentive Trips Yoli Ranch Experience Yoli Regional Events Yoli Conventions Yoli Contests & Prizes Yoli Logo Merchandise



50 Marketing System
Affordable, Simple Duplicable system Lead capture pages Trackable Technology Contact Manager iPhone Apps and more! * Coming this August




54 YoliGive “The Live to Give Program”
Portion of all Yoli products sales will go to multiple charitable foundations PharmaBlast Save a Life Program (same CV, get shipped to Africa) Trees for the Future program

55 Yoli plants 10 trees for every sign-up.
Yoli plants 10 trees every website month. Yoli has committed to planting 1 million trees. Yoli will expand upon this commitment. Yoli has Contests & Prizes for forest planters.

56 Yoli Green “Team Up To Clean UP”
In the United States alone every MINUTE - 2,000,000 highly polluting Plastic Bottles are used and dumped

57 Future Nalgene Branded Bottles
* Examples only - BPA FREE - Coming Soon

58 The First Annual Yoli Cruise
Everyone’s invited—April 2010 ! Leaders cruise for FREE Largest and most revolutionary cruise ship on the planet Meet all the Founders & fellow distributors St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Nassau, Fontainbleau on South Beach * Qualify for a FREE family cruise details TBA

59 Oasis of the Seas 16 decks hold 5,400 guests First ever AquaTheater
Broadway Musical, Hairspray First and only ice show at sea Industry-first loft suites 7 diverse neighborhoods

60 What do you do next? Go to
Complete Order Form for the Yoli Launch. Register for the Yoli Cruise (Coming Soon) Contact your top prospects ASAP and send them to Plug yourself and your team into all pre launch training webinars.

61 Yoli VIP Pro Blast Pack 5 Reasons Why to Purchase:
Most value for your money: Caps =    $2.33 vs $2.49 each Bottles = $3.33 vs $3.99 each Generate 500% the volume - Earn 5 times the income people on your team x $1000cv (VIP Builder Pack)   =  $100,000 Total CV people on your team x $200cv (VIP Fast Start Pack) =  $20,000 Total CV Earn $200 fast start bonus (paid weekly) every time you enroll someone with VIP Builder pack vs $40 every time you enroll someone with just Fast start pack More product = Faster Growth Since products are samples your order is a Tax Write-off

62 Timing is Everything

63 Summer VIP Friends & Family Campaign
Timing & Positioning Are Everything Yoli Samples will be available very soon Runs through the entire summer Yoli Pre-Launches in the Fall of 2009 Yoli officially Launches in January 2010


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