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Brentwood of Palatine Condominium Association State of our Property October 25, 2006.

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1 Brentwood of Palatine Condominium Association State of our Property October 25, 2006

2 Topics for this evenings Discussion PSI Update Where oh where are our records??? –Some recent spending details Recent decisions –Boilers –Roofs –Cleaning Company –Snow & Landscaping*** More on Maintenance –Plumbing –Lighting –Washers & Dryers –Fencing Rules and Regulations

3 Property Specialists Inc Transition Update Assessments Maintenance and Emergency Contact info 2007 Budget progress update Professionalism Direct cost savings analysis –Whats the difference?

4 What have we saved by Contracting with PSI? Monthly Fee$5300$2700 ($2600) Maint. Payroll$2800$2400 ($ 400) Prop Manager$1400included ($1400) On-Site Manager$1600$1600 ($ 0) Stato Remodeling$2245 included ($2245) Mat. Purchases$1507$1200 ($ 307) Ground Cleaning$648included ($ 648) Maint Helper$198included ($ 198) Total Variance$15,698$ 7,900 ($ 8,098) SERVICE SEPT OCT VARIANCE

5 Financial Records Some examples View

6 Financial Records cont. Our Associations Property not yet transferred from former Board. Why? What this means for all of us. What is being done? Can we progress without full and complete records? Yes! Monies added to reserve this month. $10k Better return on our investment than CD rate of 4 or even 5%

7 Common Area Cleaning Company Issues with current company Current contract constraints Estimates for the service Our selection process and timeframe Whats the goal?

8 Lets Heat Things Up Service call process. Boiler and equipment servicing Repairs made and scheduled If your heat doesnt work properly, let us know!

9 Service Call Process For heat related or other maintenance issues, as well as move-in / out, sales etc, contact the on site maintenance via 847.359.7944 For Account info or other Association related business or questions, contact PSI at 847.806.6121 When the question of on-site management is resolved, updates will be published.

10 Boiler Room Maintenance Allied Air Conditioning and Heating Corp Service Agreements. What they will do, and what we will do ourselves. Professional and Responsive Service What can we do ourselves? –Relief valves –Mounts –Proper Installations

11 Leaking Valves

12 Pump Mounts Needing Replacement

13 Improper Installation

14 Boiler Pressure Relief Valves

15 Immediate Roofing Repairs Fritz Roofing Hired to perform repairs Other estimates Whats the plan for the future –Short term –Long term

16 Other Maintenance Issues Pathway Lighting Fixtures

17 Pathway Lighting Solutions under Study Requirements –Energy Efficiency –No reliance on external timers –Affordable –Phased installation process by on site maintenance Est. costs $10,000 to $20,000 Within existing budgetary constraints

18 Fences… High School Gate –Referendum to owners Palatine Square boundary fence & gate –Alternate solutions to existing fence style –Under study (Committee?)

19 Fences… Costs for repair vs costs for replacement security fence

20 Fences… Long term, low maintenance, high security solutions must be identified.

21 Laundry Issues with Status Quo –Waste & Abuse –Energy consumption –Equipment breakdowns Companies solicited for out of box ideas, proposals and solutions –Must be sustainable –Must offer free usage to residents –Accountability and traceability –Foster responsible use of resources For now, repairs will be made to all non-functioning equipment

22 Thank you for Participating From your Board of Directors President – Patrick J Plunkett Vice President – Viola Karolkiewicz Treasurer – Michael Karan Secretary – Ramon Poblet Director – Vitaly Kheifets

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