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Mt. Greylock RSD Building Project Initial Community Report October 8, 2013 Rose Ellis, Superintendent 0.

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1 Mt. Greylock RSD Building Project Initial Community Report October 8, 2013 Rose Ellis, Superintendent 0

2 What Has Changed? Oct 2 nd MSBA Board Vote We have been invited into MSBA Capital Pipeline – our 6 th SOI - 2013 Recent Building Safety Issue MSBA Acknowledgment of Building Deterioration Community Outpouring of Support – Thank You! Sen Downing, Rep Cariddi and President Falk 1

3 Problems in Critical Need of Attention 2

4 Draining Precious Resources Meant for Educating Students Deteriorating Building Outdated Heating/Ventilation Poor Air Quality Noise Pollution NEASC Warning Status Substandard Science Labs ADA Non-Compliance $400,000 Drain on the Annual Budget 3

5 Why Partner with MSBA? Provides Grant Funding/Reimbursement Responsible for Many School Construction Projects Authority Established 2006 MA Treasury Dept Funding from 1¢ of 6.5¢ MA sales tax 900 Capital Projects –Totaling $10B Reimbursements To support the design and construction of educationally-appropriate, flexible, sustainable, and cost- effective public school facilities. 4

6 What Have We Done Historically ? SOI Application Process Began in 2006 Structural and Mechanical Deficits 2009 Locker Room Renovation/Boilers Replaced with participation from MSBA 2010 Aggressive Response to Maintenance/Repairs, Air Quality and Mold 2011 Targeted Assessments Conducted: Mold, Air Quality Testing, Energy Efficiencies, Plumbing and Acoustics Evaluations Asbestos Abatement Plan 2012 MSBA Senior Staff Visit 2013 Closed School 2 Days – dangerous/slippery floors SOI 2013 – INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE 5

7 Why Did It Take So Long? 6

8 Eligibility Period Oct-July 2014 Culminates in Feasibility Study Town Vote: Spring 2014 7

9 What are the Funding Milestones ? #1 – Spring 2014 - Eligibility Period Feasibility Study VOTE (Potential Total Cost $500k to $1m) #2 – Funding the Project - Post Feasibility Study TBD in coming months following in depth partnering with MSBA VOTE MSBA REIMBURSES MILESTONES 8

10 Feasibility Study – 1st Milestone FORMING THE PROJECT TEAM: SCHOOL BUILDING COMMITTEE OPM (Owner Project Manger) Local selection process DESIGNER SELECTION (Architect) Designer Selection Panel Selection by MSBA– Qualification-based process BUILDING OPTIONS - Project Team/MSBA document education program, Initial space needs, existing conditions, establish design parameters, develop and evaluate options. COMMUNITY OUTREACH RECOMMENDATION - Most cost effective and educationally appropriate preferred solution to MSBA for consideration. 9

11 Funding the Project – 2nd Milestone FUNDING THE PROJECT (??) VOTE SBC formally approves borrowing for project subject to member town approval. Project Vote/Debt Exclusion Vote DETAILED DESIGN When vote passes, SBC enters contract with OPM & Designer to begin comprehensive design process CONSTRUCTION (1-2 years) Begins ASAP Ground Breaking Ribbon Cutting (Fall 2017?) FUNDING FOR REMOVAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, BUILDING SECTIONS or BUILDING TEAR DOWN – SEPARATE. 10

12 What Is the MSBA Process and Potential Timeline? Spr 2014 ?? Fall 2017? 11

13 Potential Reimbursement Points Model School Program 5% Newly Formed Regional School District 6% High Efficiency Green School 2% Maintenance Upkeep 2% Establishing Maintenance Trust Fund 1% MG Reimbursement in 2009 Renovation: 55% 12

14 A Sense of Urgency at MG Energy COSTS - Wasting valuable resources HEALTH CONCERNS – Humidity and Mold Required 2 Day Closing SAFETY CONCERNS – 73 doors and easily accessed windows. Access REQUIREMENTS- ADA Non-Compliance EVERYWHERE EXTRAORDINARY REPAIRS/ MAINTENANCE (Bleachers/auditorium/univents/windows/pneumatic controls * * POTENTIAL SYSTEM FAILURES 13

15 FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE PROJECT THAT MEETS HIGH QUALITY EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS Renovate/Build -- Smaller Footprint Careful Consideration of Taxpayer Impact More Economical, Energy Efficient, Greater Functionality Consider Model School/Reimbursement Options Community Outreach – Solicite Feedback and Support Host Information Meetings – Well Come to You! Contact Us and Visit Community Site Website: and MSBA.ORG Thank You! 14

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