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Consultation with students 19 th February 2014 1.

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1 Consultation with students 19 th February 2014 1

2  Brian Makepeace, Project Manager, APLE  Stephen Brant, E-Learning Manager, APLE  Gaurav Malik, Senior Lecturer, ACE 2

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4 4 Developing an institutional strategy for student engagement (support from NUS resources) Understanding students expectations and experiences of technology – Jisc Digital Student project Institutional approaches to engaging students as partners in curriculum design, developing digital literacies and assessment and feedback

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6  What needs fixing with Moodle and other technologies used to support learning at UEL? For example: ◦ Is the information in Moodle and other UEL systems used for learning easy to find, comprehensive, consistent and relevant? ◦ How well do the online assignment and assessment feedback processes work? ◦ Do you experience problems with using devices such as desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones for learning at UEL? 6

7  In terms of learning technologies what would you like to have more of? For example: ◦ Lecture Capture ◦ Virtual Classrooms ◦ Online Assessment ◦ Blogs ◦ Other online communication tools such as discussion forums and using Wikis for group activities ◦ More facilities for mobile learning e.g. using Laptop PCs, Tablets and PCs. 7

8  How would you like to be engaged with TEL@UEL and what more could UEL do to facilitate this? For example: ◦ Do you think we should have more of these face to face consultation sessions or should we be doing more to communicate with you online? ◦ What could we do to engage with a greater number of students? ◦ Would you like to be involved more actively in designing curriculum and learning materials that optimise the use of technology? 8

9  Collate and distribute the output from today’s discussions.  Work with our TEL@UEL project steering group (includes academic and services staff and our student union) to start to put together our draft three year strategy and plan.  More consultation with students and staff 9

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