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INTRODUCTION  Karlstejn Castle is one of the most fairy tale castles  The Castle was built in Gothic style in 1348-1365. It was built by Charles IV.

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2 INTRODUCTION  Karlstejn Castle is one of the most fairy tale castles  The Castle was built in Gothic style in 1348-1365. It was built by Charles IV  The Imperial Regalia, crown jewels, holy relics and other royal treasures were kept there.  The Castle was built upon a rock calcic promontory  It is located about 30 kilometres southwest of Prague

3 DESCRIPTION  Karlštejn is a massive stone gothic castle. It consists of several separate buildings  The most important parts of the castle there are: :The Well Tower :The Burgrave House :The Imperial Palace :The Marian Tower :The Big Tower

4 THE WELL TOWER  Although the well is 81 metres deep  An underground channel brings water from a nearby stream

5 THE BURGRAVE HOUSE  The Burgrave House was rebuilt many times  Now it is used for an administration of the castle and a lot of solemn rituals take place there.

6 THE IMPERIAL PALACE  The palace was a residence of a monarch  His family and his courtiers under Charles IV. and Václav IV.

7 THE MARIAN TOWER  The Marian tower is connected with The Imperial Palace by the bridge  There are valuable wall paintings with biblical motives in the church  On the first floor there is treasury  Visitors can see a copy of the crown of Saint Wenceslas there

8 THE BIG TOWER  The Big tower has the greatest fortification  The chapel was closed by four iron doors, locked by nine keys and watched by guardians.

9 HISTORY  This high gothic castle was founded in 1348 and has a unique position among Czech castles.  The first stay of Charles IV in the castle is documented in 1355  The construction of the castle was finished in 1365.

10  At the beginning of the Hussite wars, the castle became the place for safekeeping of the Czech coronation jewels  The castle was reconstructed in late Gothic style after 1480  The original step-like order of buildings is very impressive  And finally at the top there is the monumental 60m high and separately fortified Great Tower

11 FABLES ABOUT THE CASTLE  The history of Karlstejn contains many myths and incredible stories  One of the famous characters in the history of the castle was Václav Hájek z Libočan, well known for his Czech Chronicle

12 NO WOMAN COULD ENTER THE CASTLE  Previously any woman couldn´t enter Karlštejn  This myth goes into present times and some people still believe that it was true.  But it is not historically correct. This confusion was made by Václav Hájek  He wrote in his chronicle that women slept in Castle Karlík  The truth is written in the founding scroll of the canonry

13 THE BLIND MUSICIAN  Story is about a blind musician and his loyal dog.  He played the lute everywhere in the castle  The servant tried to poison the nobleman  A dog jumped on the table, drank the wine and died  The dog saved musician´s life  Next week musician died because of the grief for his dog

14 THE CZECH HANT  In the 16th century Kateřina Bechyňová lived in Karlštejn  She murdered fourteen people  A servant who did not fulfil her wish was thrown into a dungeon  Václav Hájek denounced Kateřina to the court  Ghosts of the dead maids haunt in the castle up to the present day

15 A NIGHT AT KARLŠTEJN  A Night at Karlštejn is a musical film, based on a play by Jaroslav Vrchlický  This 83 - minute long  Film was directed by Zdeněk Podskalský and filmed in Karlštejn in 1973.

16 STORYLINE  Charles IV, the Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor, has built Karlštejn castle to house the crown jewels  His young wife misses him, and in spite of the prohibition, resolves to sneak in for a night  Both women dress up as pages  Things get complicated when a foreign dignitary comes to discuss politics, the queen is the page guarding Charles' bedroom

17 CAST  All the actors are excellent (especially Vlastimil Brodský, Jana Brejchová, Karel Höger)

18 HOW TO GET TO THE CASTLE  The castle is situated in a village of the same name above the River Berounka about 30 kilometres away from Prague.  On foot:  Very good trip is to go there on foot. The best way is to take a bus 313 from Radotín to Roblín and from there go on foot through Mořina to Karlštejn.

19 BY A CAR  I think that the best and easily way to get to Karlštejn is go by car using the motorway D5 in the direction to Plzeň ( Loděnice) and then by direction signs across the village of Bubovice and Hlásná Třebáň to Karlštejn.

20  Another possibility is a way across Praha – Radotín, Dobřichovice, Řevnice, Hlásná Třebáň to Karlštejn.  The only possibility where you can park your car is the Central Car Park in the village and then you have to go on foot to the castle. It takes about 20 minutes.

21 BY TRAIN  From Prague you can take a train (heading to Beroun) from the main station or the Smíchov station  The train leaves every 30 minutes. The journey takes about 40 minutes  In front of the hall station turn right and walk across a bridge over the river Berounka, then turn right again and after 50 metres turn left

22 TOURIST INFORMATION  You have a possibility to buy a ticket online by the internet  Rules for tourists:  It is not allowed to touch any exhibits, take photos and make video recording inside the castle

23 SERVICES FOR VISITORS  After the sightseeing, the visitors can visit souvenir shops.  You can buy coin minting performed on the grounds of the castle  There is a parking area approximately 2 kilometres from the castle

24 CONCLUSION  Why did I choose the theme of Karlštejn?  I like history and Karlštejn is a very important part of the Czech history  Why did I choose the topic in English?  There were several aspects why I choose this topic  The first The second


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