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Luolavuori School - together and individually! Presentation material 2012-2013.

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1 Luolavuori School - together and individually! Presentation material 2012-2013

2 The Vision of Luolavuori School Together and individually - the basis for S A F E learning and growth environment in Luolavuori - towards a bright tomorrow

3 Students for special support come from the area of 13 towns (AY: 2012-2013) Parainen

4 The Luolavuori comprehensive school acts both as a regional neighbourhood school and as a provincial development and resource center. Regional Neighbourhood School -as a primary school for pupils living in the district of Luolavuori Provincial development and resource center -teaching and rehabilitation for students in the need for special support -supportive services for students and families (morning-, afternoon- and holiday care, time managing, transports, counselling) -support and developmental activities for special education around the whole province (consultations, supportive services and teaching) -special know-how concerning neuropsychosocial difficulties, ia. the spectrum of autism, the different levels of disabilities and –developmental delays, and broad learning difficulties One school for everyone

5 HEPOKULTA MARTTI LUOLAVUORENTIE The units of Luolavuori School PIIPARI PÄÄSKYVUORI students 37 staff 38 students 37 staff 38 students 18 staff 17 students 18 staff 17 students 19 staff 9 students 19 staff 9 students 11 staff 10 students 11 staff 10 students 392 staff 104 students 392 staff 104

6 Students In total 477 students, in 49 groups, are studying in Luolavuori during the 2012– 2013 school year. 190 Local Luolavuori students from grades 1 to 6. are studying in the big classes (former basic education) 287 HOJKS-students in the need for special support, grades P1 to 9, most of whom go through a 11-year compulsory education and study in the school’s small classes (former special education) Out-of-town students altogether 76 S2-students in big classes and small classes altogether 45

7 A headmaster and two vice-headmasters Teachers (altogether 61) class teachers special class teachers special education teachers part-time teachers counsellor Assisting staff assistants special needs assistants assistants for the seriously disabled instructors personal assistants In addition two school nurses, a school doctor (3 days a week), a school psychologist from when needed, school trustee, a social worker and two school secretaries. Multiprofessional staff

8 Assisting Staff There is a vast profession of assisting personnel, which is specialized in teaching and rehabilitating students who are in a need for special support. The function of the assistants is, along with the teacher, to support and secure the learning and growth, and to take care of the support, needed by the students during the school day. The number of assistant varies between classes, depending on the amount of help needed in the class. Part of the assisting personnel is also responsible for the morning-, afternoon and holiday care dictated by the disabled service law.

9 Fields of responsibility in the Luolavuori School AY. 2012-2013 VARALLA Jari VARALLA Mirja D. VARALLA Anne VARALLA + MU Pia VARALLA vaiht. kommunik. Teija TURVAT. + Akt. & turv. koulup. Mirja Y-L VIETERI + työnohjaus Rauno YKSIL.ALA + +globaali+ TS Anu MARTTI + OPS Katariina AUT + ARV+ HOJKS Marjo AS + TVT Mikko H. YRITTÄJYYS Hannu OPO Taina PROJEKTIKOOR- DINAATTORI + AV Juha M. MUU HENKILÖKUNTA Aija, Tiina APR. YL. Teppo APR. TAO Riitta-Maija REHTI LI +li-proj.+ kerhot Jani, Laura SAUNA Risto REHTORI Hannele KULJETUS Marja-Leena VARALLA Turval- lisuusvast. Timo YKSIL.YLÄ + +kotital. Sanna PÄIVÄKOTI + viittomat Kati U. KULTT.PÄÄK. + Steel Pan Terhi, Juha VARALLA +KV.+ Imagetalk Eeva TN Juha L. KIRJASTO Heidi ALKUOP. Tilda OPPILASK. Riku SEURAK. + lukujärj. Pälvi VARALLA Marja-Leena VANH.YHD. Aija, Teppo MUSIIKKI Pälvi, Teemu DEVELOPMENTAL TEAM MAIN SCHOOL UNITS

10 Fields of responsibility in the Luolavuori School AY. 2012-2013 VARALLA VARALLA + MU VARALLA+globaali+ TS TURVAT. + Akt. & turv. koulup. VIETERI + työnohjaus YKSIL. ALA + Vanhempainyhd.+ vaiht. kommunik. MARTTI + OPS AUT + ARV+ HOJKS AS + TVT YRITTÄJYYS OPO PROJEKTIKOOR- DINAATTORI + AV MUU HENKILÖKUNTA APR. YL.APR. TAO REHTI LI +li-proj.+ kerhot SAUNA REHTORI KULJETUS VARALLA+kotital. YKSIL. YLÄ + Turvallisuusvast. PÄIVÄKOTI + viittomat KULTT.PÄÄK. + Steel Pan VARALLA +KV.+ Imagetalk TNKIRJASTOALKUOP. OPPILASK. SEURAK. + lukujärj. VARALLA MUSIIKKIVANH.YHD. DEVELOPMENTAL TEAM MAIN SCHOOL UNITS

11 The teaching is divided into pedagogical lines, to which the students have been positioned according to their personal styles of learning and need for support. BIG CLASSES Basic education line (classes from 1 to 6) SMALL CLASSES Structured line for basic education (classes from 1 to 9) A primary school line for individualized education (classes from P1 to 6) A secondary school line for individualized education (classes from 7 to 9) Individualized TEACCH -education (classes from P1 to 9) Education on the areas of operation (classes from P1 to 9) The School’s operation is divided into pedagogical lines

12 STRUCT. YLEIS INDIV. PRIM. INDIV. SEC. TEACCH. YLEISTOI. The School’s operation is divided into pedagogical lines REHTORI E V A L U A T I O N & O P S Erityinen P E R U S T E H T Ä V Ä I N T E G R A T I O N T H E P E R S O N N E L P R O J E C T S A N D E V E N T S G U A R D I A N S / P A R E N T S’ A S S O C APR. S U B J E C T – S P E C I F I C T H E M E S APR.

13 Basic education line On the basic education line, primary school pupils living in the district of Luolavuori can study in grades from 1 to 6. For them, the Luolavuori school serves as a local school. KUVA

14 Structurized line for basic education Is meant for the children and young (P1 – 9th grade) who study according to the basic education syllabus, but who are diagnosed with disorders related to the spectrum of autism (e.g. Asperger’s syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome) or their traits. Areas of expertise To structure the learning environment and education Challenging behaviour (Steps of aggression, My Growth Plan, self- assessment) Flexible arrangements to education (co- and combi- class activities) Integration of an individual and supported school try-outs Structured support periods

15 Individualized primary school lines Areas of expertise Extended primary education Flexible start-up for school Safety skills training In the individualized line for primary school classes, there studies school-aged Pre1 to 6.- grade students, who have been diagnosed or noticed with broad learning difficulties, developmental delays or mild retardation. KUVA

16 Individualized line for secondary school pupils Areas of expertise Student guidance with individualized goals Flexible try-outs for future studies and orientation training (Vieteri) Co-operation with work life Workshop education In the individualized line for secondary school pupils (7th to 9th grade), there studies students who have been diagnosed or identified with broad learning difficulties, developmental delays or mild retardation. KUVA

17 Toiminta-alueittain opetuksen linja (TOI) TOI-education is organised to those gravely disabled students (P1 – 9th grade) who require special attention and support. Areas of expertise Thorough and multi channel education The guidance to the use of tools Communication methods to support and replace speech To practise the senses Challenging behaviour Structured learning environment of education: motor skills language and communication social skills skills for every-day function cognitive skills

18 Individualized line for TEACCH – education Areas of expertise Education of autistic children Communication methods to support or to replace speech Challenging behaviour Problems of sense-integration Structured learning environment and education Visual learning materials In the individualized TEACCH- education, education is provided to those (Pre1 – 9th grade) students who are diagnosed or noticed with a disorder related to the spectrum of autism or a serious communication disorder.

19 Supportive services for students and family The Luolavuori school provides special support also in the form of supportive services. 3-year long primary education, flexible start-up for school flexible learning arrangements (ia. co- and combi- classes) transport setups free snack for small class students morning- and afternoon care (pre-school, TOI- and TEACCH -education) daycare during holidays (TOI- and TEACCH -education) wide selection of clubs guided homework- workshop counseling for families active network work considering the students’ matters

20 Other areas of expertise Safety education TheraPlay Psychomotorics Neuropsychiatric training Communication methods and tools to support or to replace speech. –Supportive hand signs –Pictorial communication –Imagetalk Adventure upbringing Work counseling Traineeship guidance for uni. students and accepting skills tests

21 School transports Many of our school’s small class- students travel their way to school either by a taxi or a bus. The big class- students travel their journeys independently. The school transports are designed by our school’s transport- correspondent each academic year, based on the relevant and valid agreements by city of Turku.

22 Club activities in the school In the Luolavuori School many afternoon clubs are organized over one academic year or certain periods. During the academic year of 2012 – 2013, the following clubs were available for selection: I study and serve- Club Folk dance Club Middle Ages- Club Karaoke Club Dance Club Crafts Club Football Club Hip Hop- dance Club Theraplay Chef- Club Fishing Club Art Club ”Heart in the Game”- Club The School Choir Nature Club ADP- Club Sauna Club Band Club Fitness Club Theatre Club Chess Club Outdoor Adventure Club Music Club

23 Our School serves as a regional resource center, which provides consultation- and support services provincially. Services provided: Guidance on how to individualize teaching (OPS, HOJKS) Teaching methods and work approaches related to Grouping and small class education Co-operation in school placements and supportive services Consultations and co-operation to kindergartens and schools Training of the teaching personnel Pedagogical afternoons Support and guidance of families Structured support-periods The provided consultation- and support services

24 CONSULTATION- AND SUPPORT SERVICE CORRESPONDENTS Marjo Torikka 044 9074 495 (TEACCH-education) Juha Mäenpää 044 9074 631 (Structured basic education) Kati Uusinoka 044 9074 656 (Primary education) We can give services for free for all schools and kindergartens of Turku. Out-of-Turku schools and other facets we will charge for our services. Consultation- and support services

25 Workshop learning

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