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RP Construct a Punnett and cross two heterozygous brown labs.

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1 RP Construct a Punnett and cross two heterozygous brown labs.
What do we know? If the brown phenotype is heterozygous, then we know that brown is dominant. We should use a B since brown is the dominant color. Complete the punnett and tell % of brown.

2 25% 25% 25% 25% Bb x Bb Where are the offspring? B b B BB Bb
%% ~ Genotypes 25% BB 50% Bb 25%bb Phenotypes 75% Brown 25% Yellow Probability is that 75% of the pups will be brown. 25% 25% 25% 25%

3 Types of Inheritance NB# 16
This power point make not make much sense, but read through it and then go to the online text book and read pages in the Holt text book. Read over the worksheet “Types of Inheritance” and do as directed on the work sheet and the power point.

4 I. Dominant- Recessive Mendelian
Dominant allele masks or hides the physical expression of the recessive allele. bb BB, Bb

5 What to notice here: That the recessive phenotype or trait is hidden by the dominant train. That is what Mendel called it. Types of Inheritance

6 NOW . . . Do the punnett on NB# 16
Homozygous no freckles X heterozygous freckles Offspring 50% no freckles ff 50% with freckles Ff

7 II. Incomplete dominance-blending
Alleles are neither dominant or recessive. Heterozygote is “blended” - between the two traits. Ex. Red allele combined with white allele will produce a pink flower in a case of incomplete dominance.

8 Pg 124 R1 = red allele R2 = white allele
R1 R2 R1 R2

9 R1 R2 x R1 R2

10 Pg 124 R R2 R1 R2

11 III. Codominance-no blending
Shared expression of a trait. Each allele is expressed fully. An example would be a variegated red and white flower, or blood type

12 IV. Multiples Alleles More than two alleles. Suspect this when there are more than 2 phenotypes for a trait. Add the following to NB#16 There are 3 different alleles for blood type. A, B and O. A and B are co-dominant but O is recessive to both A and B.

13 Blood type - A B AB O AA, AO BB, BO AB OO Genotypes
What do you already know? Blood Types (Phenotypes) Genotypes 1 2 3 4 A B AB O AA, AO BB, BO AB OO

14 III. Multiples Alleles Blood Type is controlled by more than two alleles. A, B, and O- O is recessive See if you want to learn more about blood type Phenotypes Genotypes B BB, BO I I A AA, AO O OO ii AB

15 No Response Page Today 3/12
Quiz over punnetts and using the words homozygous, heterozygous, genotype and phenotype is tomorrow. Unit Test over Genetics is next Tuesday. Open agendas and write that down. Then silently read over #16

16 Sex Linked Genes on the x or y chromosome
There are some recessive traits (hidden if dominant allele is present) that are found/located on the sex chromosomes. Males are determined by only one X chromosome and a Y chromosome Females are determined by two x chromosomes

17 If a trait is passed down to offspring and is caused by a gene on the X chromosome, male offspring will express the trait whether it is dominant or recessive Ac stopped here



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