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Rural Development and Poverty Reduction

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1 Rural Development and Poverty Reduction
MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND WATER MANAGEMENT Republic of Serbia Rural Development and Poverty Reduction Goran Zivkov Belgrade, July 2006

2 Contents of the Presentation
Serbian agriculture – in general Rural development and rural economy Poverty in rural areas Causes Consequences Strategy for developing agriculture and addressing the problems Measures of the agrarian policy for reducing rural poverty Discussion and proposals

3 Agriculture in Serbia

4 Agriculture Indicators Still very important
Agricultural land: 5.7 million ha Arable land: 4.2 million ha 87% private ownership Around 0.7 million farms Average farm size: 3 ha (10.6) Share of primary production is 14 percent in GDP

5 Share of agriculture in GNI Share of agriculture in GNI
Country GNI per capita Share of agriculture in GNI United Kingdom 25 120 1.0 Germany 23 560 1.3 Italy 19 390 2.8 France 22 730 2.9 Slovenia 9 760 3.1 Spain 14 300 3.6 Poland 4 340 Slovakia 3 760 4.1 Argentina 6 950 4.8 Russian Federation 1 750 6.7 Kazakhstan 1 340 9.0 Brazil 3 060 9.2 Croatia 4 410 9.7 Belarus 1 300 10.7 Macedonia 1 700 11.8 Bulgaria 1 670 13.9 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 270 14.3 Romania 1 710 15.0 Ukraine 720 16.6 Azerbaijan 650 17.3 Serbia  2 900 21.0 Georgia 600 22.1 Moldova 4 00 26.0 Armenia 700 27.7 Turkmenistan 950 28.8 Tajikistan 180 29.4 Uzbekistan 550 34.1 Albania 34.2 Serbia’s wealth measured by the GNI is at the level of developing countries Share of agriculture in the GNI is at the level of African countries Country GNI per capita Share of agriculture in GNI World 5 232 6.2 Developed countries 19 766 2.6 Developing countries 1 274 11.9 Asia 928 13.4 South America 3 750 7.6 Africa 482 17.1 Europe 28 095 2.1 Countries in transition 1 940 8.2 Serbia 2 900 21.0

6 Farm Capacities Policy Challenge
Important for providing food and food safety, so that they should have access to inputs, but are outside commercial flows To encourage them to transfer to productions of a greater value or to become commercial farms Ensure for them further development and enlargement Create methods for them to develop a democratic decision-making structure and to transform them to serve producers Restructuring and privatization Ownership over land Ownership over land % Number of cows Number of cows % Number of farms Farms Less than 1 ha 4% 1-3 6% 200,000 Small farms 1- 5 ha 35% 3-5 41% 400,000 Commercial farms More than 5 ha 46% More than 10 44% 100,000 Cooperatives avg 400 5% 50 1% 510 Complexes avg 700 10% 100 8% 549

7 Production Index 2000 – 2005 (previous year = 100)
Trend line

8 Production Trends 2000 – 2005

9 Trade in Agricultural Products (mill. USD)

10 Trade with EU (mill USD)

11 Rural Areas

12 Criteria for measuring the rural population A lot or a little
Despite the several-decade long trend of social and economic devastation, 44% of the inhabitants of Serbia live in the village Share of rural population in total population Criteria for measuring the rural population A lot or a little Effects of the increase of the population in rural areas? - Expense + Real estate value + Use of living space + Balanced development + ...

13 Still a very high share of the agricultural population
Almost all village inhabitants are engaged in agriculture, and for a third this is their main activity Share of agricultural population in the total urban and rural population Still a very high share of the agricultural population Underdevelopment of other sectors Short-lasting refuge Economic growth / Development of the service sector in rural areas / Rural diversification

14 Leaving villages Number of villages in Serbia

15 Process of the population’s migration from villages to towns
Leaving villages Process of the population’s migration from villages to towns Being engaged in agriculture is a difficult and painstaking process Marginalization of the village (disparaging and belittling attitude to the village) Entertainment and recreation practically do not exist in rural mountainous areas Problem of finding a spouse Petar Bjelica, Ph.D. Number of settlements where population growth has been registered (53-91) Number of settlements where population reduction has been registered (53-91) 1856 4087

16 Tasks of the Rural Policy
Drawing up a National Action Plan for the development of the village and support to the drawing up of regional and local action plans Creation of space for the affirmation and use of territorial specificities Decentralization of support to rural development through the development of an interactive link between Government institutions and the local community Support to economically valuable projects created at the level of the local community and individuals in rural environments, as well as the promotion and exchange of examples and good practices with similar areas.

17 Tasks of the Rural Policy
Support to the development of sustainable agriculture with autochthonous products that have a geographic origin, the development of processing and the local market through the promotion of rural, agro and ecological tourism Harmonizing economic interests in agriculture with interests of environmental protection and the reduction of agriculture-related contamination

18 Rural Poverty

19 Large and considerably larger than among the urban population
Rural Poverty Large and considerably larger than among the urban population

20 Regional imbalance and critically large in certain areas
Rural Poverty Regional imbalance and critically large in certain areas

21 What are the main causes of poverty increase/reduction in rural areas
Annual variations and dependence on natural conditions The still large impact of agricultural production on poverty A considerable number around the poverty line A larger impact on temporary, and not chronic poverty The need to find a way to minimize the impact of an extremely bad year

22 Quantity Supply Demand Price Price drop due to larger supply
Price increase due to lower supply Demand Price

23 Quantity Supply How to minimize the impact of extremely bad years when we have a shortfall in all productions and a considerably reduced demand due to the high price which cannot compensate for the drop in production? Price drop due to larger supply Price growth due to lower supply Demand Price

24 What are the main causes of poverty increase/reduction in rural areas
Development of the infrastructure which is to offer the basic services Link between education and poverty Basic access to health institutions Larger expenses due to inaccessibility (of green markets, the hospital) ...

25 What are the main causes of poverty increase/reduction in rural areas
Agrarian policy and state policy Industry/services - agriculture transfer Agricultural producers - consumers transfer Non-functioning of the farmers’ pension system Policy resulting in refugee, IDPs…


27 Main strategic directions
Type Goal Abbreviated Economic effect Economic A sustainable and efficient agricultural sector which can compete on the world market, contributing to the growth of the national income Increase in competitiveness Profit Social To ensure that the quality and safety of the food satisfies the needs of consumers Food safety Spending To ensure support to the living standard of people dependant on agriculture, and who are unable to follow economic reforms with their development Support to the standard Support to the sustainable development of the village Development of the village Profit and spending Environmental protection To preserve the natural environment from the devastating effects of agricultural contamination Political To prepare Serbia’s agriculture for integration in the EU Accession to the EU Complex To harmonize the policy of domestic support and agricultural trade to WTO rules Accession to the WTO

28 Agrarian budget 2000-2006 (million dinars)
(25 bn dinars = 270 million euros in 2006)

29 Modernization of Agricultural and Adjustment to the WTO & EU
Budget Goal 2005 … +1…..______________n_______________….-1…..EU

30 Support Structure

31 Main Policy Directions Policy Separation
MARKET SUPPORT: The abolition of support to prices and payments by hectare and replacement with subsidies for inputs (a reduction from 90% to 38%) STRUCTURAL SUPPORT: Introduction of payments for rural development to support investments (25% of total support) CREDIT SUPPORT: Introduction of credit support (22%) INCOME SUPPORT: Considerable support for income (12%) 2. Alleviating transition shocks 1. Economic growth and development 3. Social welfare measures

32 1. Economic Growth and Development

33 Adoption of the basic principles of rural development.
To create adequate social and economic conditions in village environments and to ensure their contribution to the country’s economic growth Adoption of the basic principles of rural development. To make a categorization according to the EU model of less favorable areas for production To draw up a Program for the development of ecological agricultural systems, especially for marginal areas and areas of protected nature To adopt regional, local action plans for rural development To form a Rural Development Agency To prepare a rural development program for using the funds from the agrarian budget and funds from donations PROPOSED STRATEGY, Novi Sad, 12 November, 2004

34 Rural Development and Investment Support

35 Rural Development and Investment Support

36 Rural Development Support FOCUS ON THE USER
PROGRAM OTHER LFA 1. Promotion of production and marketing Farms, Machinery, Storage capacities… 30% % 2. Rural diversification 30-40% 40-60% 3. Rural infrastructure 40% 50-60% Investment Support FOCUS ON THE INVESTMENT 1. Establishing cattle-raising farms 2. Improving milk quality 3. Increasing storage capacities 4. Machinery and equipment Irrigation Polythene greenhouses and greenhouses Sowing machines, sprayers, .... OTHER. Introduction of standards (HACCP, ISO…) Establishing orchards and vineyards Selection measures in cattle-raising Land regulation measures ...

3.1.1 Agro-tourism 3.1.2 Tradition crafts 3.2.1 Promotion of local products 3.2.2 Cultural and sociological activities 3.3.1 Education of the village population 3.3.2 Promotion of integration 3.3.3 Renewal of farms 3.3.4 Agro - Eco Demo farms 3.3.5 Excursions 3.4.1 Village garbage dumps 3.4.2 Pits, graves 3.4.3 Wind-breaks 3.4.4 Afforestation 3.4.5 Protection from erosion 3.4.6 Village dumps 3.4.7 Polythene greenhouses 3.4.8 High mountainous regions??? 3.4.9 Mowing meadows COMPETITION 1 – PRODUCTION AND SALES PROMOTION 1.1.1 Cattle imports 1.1.2 Equipment and machinery 1.1.3 Farms 1.2.1 Curing, refrigeration, packing plants... COMPETITION 2 – VILLAGE INFRASTRUCTURE 2.1.1 Power grids 2.1.2 District roads 2.1.3 Waterworks 2.1.4 Sewage system 2.1.5 Village households 2.1.6 Agro-business centers and incubators COMPETITION 4 – ORGANIC PRODUCTION 4.1.1 Promotion and protection 4.2.1 Education 4.2.2 Demo farms 4.2.3 Excursions and regional cooperation 4.3.1 Field conversion 4.3.2 Conversion of cattle farms Certification COMPETITION 1 Farms COMPETITION 2 Dairy industry COMPETITION 3 Warehouses, refrigeration plants, silos, curing plants, wineries

38 (Areas with poorer conditions for agricultural production)
Peć Istok Zubin Potok Zvečan Leposavić Kuršumlija Tutin Novi Pazar Raška Sjenica Prijepolje Nova Varoš Ivanjica Priboj Čajetina Užice Bajina Bašta Nova Crnja Žitište Sečanj Beočin Irig Alibunar Kovin Majdanpek Žagubica Bor Boljevac Soko Banja Knjaževac Svrljig Bela Palanka Gadžin Han Pirot Babušnica Dimitrovgrad Crna Trava Surdulica Bosilegrad Trgovište Preševo Kačanik Štrpce Prizren Opolje Gora Dečani Kladovo Kučevo Less favorable areas (Areas with poorer conditions for agricultural production) INCENTIVES OF THE MAFWM FOR 2006

39 LFA A marginal area is an area of a municipality on whose territory there exist natural (high altitude, poor land quality, slanting terrain, floods and all types of erosions) and legal (protection of nature and protection of water sources) restrictions for the development of intensive agricultural production on large areas. Insufficiently developed areas (Law on Insufficiently Developed Areas of the Republic of Serbia for the period until 2005, Official Gazette of RS number 53/95 – settlements in the territories of the mentioned municipalities from articles 3 and 4 including the municipal center), The altitude of the settlement, i.e. the area where the investment is being realized, above 600 m and Protected areas – national parks and areas of exceptional natural value of special importance (Law on the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia, Official Gazette of RS number13/96).

40 Dependence on demand Grants for rural development

TYPE OF PROCESSING CONSULTING COMPANY APPROVED AMOUNT REQUESTED FUNDS FOR PRODUCTION "HIGLO" AD refrigeration plant ConsAct Mr. Janoš Varga 525,840.00 For imports and costs of certification HACCP Deeply frozen vegetables, peas and green beans 2000t, and they also produce: cauliflower, peppers, carrots, potatoes, parsnip, kohlrabi and broccoli. "DONIMPEKS" ДОО Qualitass education 800,000.00 For the costs of introduction and certification HACCP and ISO 9001 peas-630, green beans-840, carrots-290, peppers-660, spinach-480, onions-300, corn-1050, parsnip-100, celery-110t. "DELTA FUNGI" DOO mushroom processing AQA 639,200.00 " JUGPROM" DOO fruit and vegetable processing 380,800.00 "MARNI" DOO refrigeration plant, mushrooms AQM For the costs of introduction and certification HACCP STR″ŠULOVIĆ″ 292,400.00 mushroom processing, Capacity usage 100% "DELIKATES SPICES & PEPPER" DOO spice pepper processing Quality consulting 217,800.00 80% of total production is exported to the foreign market "SLOVAN - PROGRES" DOO Fruit and vegetable processing Jugoinspekt 399,000.00 "MARTIS COMERCE" DOO 465,460.00 90% exported to EU countries "AGRO-MOBIL" DOO production of seed and mercantile potatoes Tehnomag production of seed and mercantile potatoes, Capacity usage 90% "3 MART" DOO medicinal herbs, mushrooms Alfa-team 309,600.00 JUROFUNGO DOO mushrooms 353,600.00 POLIMARK ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard production 186,104.00 For re-certification in HACCP system and ISO 9001 PK "PRVI MAJ" AD, refrigeration plant RUSKI KRSTUR 220,160.00 frozen vegetables (peas, sweet corn, root vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, onions and peppers). DOO "POLO" Gradac 479,080.00 vinegar production and warm vegetable processing (pickles, peppers, beet, pickled foods and red-pepper chutney) "MERKOP" DOO fruit and vegetable preservation Ingel 798,080.00 pickles, chili peppers and peppers. Capacity usage 60% "FUNGO-JUG" DOO forest fruit processing (Boletus mushroom and chanterelle), fruit processing - purchase, freezing and packaging (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, plums, currants and blueberries) "RUMEN" ZZ Q expert preserved vegetables (beet, tomato puree, mild ketchup, meat and vegetable stew, cucumbers, peppers) - capacity 2260t. frozen vegetables (peas, green beans, carrots, potatoes (cubes and French fries), parsley, parsnip, peppers, onions, vegetbles for soups and vegetables for soups and chowders, spinach, cauliflower - capacity 2170t. "INTERFOOD 20" DOO Mushroom processing mushroom purchase and processing (fresh, dry and pickled (Boletus mushroom and chanterelle) ZZ "VOĆAR - DRAGAČEVO" Processing of potatoes into French fries, reception and storage of berries, drupes and other fruit, as necessary. The refrigeration plant capacity is 5000 t, under way is the construction of a refrigeration plant of a 1000 t capacity. Total freezing capacity is 120t/24h. Cooperation with 120 households "TITEL BRAND" TITEL AD Warm and cold fruit and vegetable processing (peas, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, sweet corn) and (apricots, plums, sour cherries), capacity kg, usage 40% FROSTEX D.O.O 268,800.00 frozen fruit "J.P.L. SPECIAL" DOO 444,620.00 The refrigeration plant is located in Kosjerić. FLORA SMS Consulting 770,000.00 frozen fruit purchase and processing DRAGAČEVAC PROMET DOO LIBERTAS D.O.O "STANIĆ" DOO 446,880.00 Two items deep freezing, warehousing and fruit processing, primarilz raspberries. Exports are to the West European market. "JUŽNI BANAT" AD scope of production: fruit t/god, grapes t/year, brandy l. "EXAL" CO DOO Citadela fruit and vegetable deep freezing, fruit and vegetable drying. raspberries-1030 t, blackberries-900 t, strawberries-580 t, sour cherries-1430, plums-600, peaches-450, apricots-840, pears-520, quince-410, currants-190, forest blueberries-180, forest blackberries-140t. ABD PROM DOO 350,880.00 frozen plums, sour cherries AGROLISA DOO Kom projekt 533,800.00 frozen fruit, mostly raspberries "PAMS" DOO purchase, processing and exports of forest fruits and fruit (mushrooms, strawberries, raspberries and plums). MENEX 598,400.00 ZADRUGAR DOO 584,800.00 SIROGOJNO COMPANY DOO 617,728.00 frozen fruit purchase and processing (raspberries, blackberries) JUGOTREJD DOO SMS 518,500.00 purchase and fruit processing (raspberries and blackberries) raspberries PRODUKT DOO 274,079.00 cultivation, processing and exports of frozen raspberries. The refrigeration plant has a total warehousing capacity of 3,000 tons TRGOVINSKO PREDUZEĆE "GRADINA DMR" AD Q expert international 448,000.00 Four chambers of a 600 t capacity for warehousing frozen fruit and vegetables, tunnel for freezing of a 20t/24h capacity. The fruit and vegetables are purchased from agricultural producers (raspberries mostly 400 producers) DOO "BUDIMGRAD" ARS frozen fruit purchase and processing (raspberries, blackberries and plums). Tunnel for deep freezing 8t/24h and 15t/24h. Chambers for the simultaneous warehousing of 500t. MIRALEX FRUIT DOO SMS consulting 343,400.00 Exports to EU countries (France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium). Production of frozen raspberries (mostly Rolend) "BSF" AD 633,080.00 HIBRID AD Two refrigeration plants for the purchase and processing of fruit (frozen) 1000 and 1100t, almost everything is exported "YUGENT" DOO Preliminary contract with a certification company and bill of charges frozen fruit (raspberries) EURO FRIGO DOO "D.M.B" DOO Contract with a certification company and bill of charges Juice of berries and forest fruits,non-concentrated, frozen raspberries "FRUKOM" DOO frozen raspberries ZA FRUIT DOO production, purchase and fruit processing, 90% is exported, one of the founders is the German company Obst Trautner GmbH "PROGRES PROMET-refrigeration plant MILENIĆ" They do not have a preliminary contract with a certification and consulting company, a bill of charges and a certification deadline DOO "PANIĆI" purchase, processing and fruit freezing (sour cherries, raspberries, blackberries, plums). capacity 1500t, installed capacities 450t, daily processing 35t. "FRIKOS" DOO frozen fruit (raspberries, blackberries, sour cherries, plums, strawberries) and mushrooms. Warehousing capacities 800t. AD "EUROFRIGO" purchase, freezing, finishing (sour cherries, plums, raspberries, blackberries). 90% exports PREDUZEĆE "INTERFOOD 60" DOO "RADENKO POPOVIĆ" DOO DOO "TRI KLASA" purchase i fruit freezing (strawberries, sour cherries, raspberries, blackberries, plums) "AGROFOST" DOO freezing, finishing and packaging of raspberries, blackberries, plums and sour cherries "BERY-EXPO" DOO They do not have an offer from a certification company frozen fruit (raspberries, blackberries, plums, sour cherries strawberries and dog-rose berries) "ORBITA" DOO purchase finishing and exports frozen raspberries "LEDENICE" AD FON Offer of a certification company purchase and fruit processing HORTO FRUITS INTERNATIONAL fruit processing (purchase, freezing, finishing i packaging). Berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries) and plums "GOLDEN FALCON" DOO TUV purchase of fresh fruit, freezing, warehousing, processing, packaging and sale "GODENS" DOO ConsAct They do not have a certification deadline and an offer from a certification company "FRIGOFRUTTI" DOO Bonex Frozen fruit production "AGROTEKS" DOO Frozen fruit (raspberries, blackberries plums) "ESKIMO S PRODUKT" DOO capacity 200t, two standard tunnels of 5 and 10 t. Deep freezing of fruit and vegetables and the pre-freeying of fresh fruit, grapes and vegetables. LUKAFOOD DOO processing and freezing of fresh and frozen berries, processing fresh, dry, frozen and pickled mushrooms. Scope of production 800t per year "MIG-PROMET" DOO Chamber of a 150t capacity. "BELFRUT" AD capacity t. raspberries blackberries, strawberries, plums, sour cherries, apples and other "ML" DOO Delpas offer from a certification company One line for the sorting andpackaging, frozen fruit in packages of10, 5, 2,5 and 1 kg., as well as 450, 250 and 284 g. "PANON" AD Beverages vinegar production l. "FRUVITA" DOO production of fruit juice and non-alcoholic beverages based on fruit, the fruit usage for the peach and apricot is 70% , for berries and baccate fruilt is 90%. " EKOFARM" DOO Support 521,976.00 Wild apple vinegar, juices and sirups made of forest fruits, fruit wines made of forest fruits " DUGA FRUIT" DOO refrigeration plant for keeping frozen mash and concentrates of a 70t capacity. Production line capacities: milk pack 1l 3600 l/h, milk pack 02l 1200l/h and glass bottle 0,125 and 0,2 5000kom/h, exports (Macedonia, BIH, Albania) FRESH & CO DOO " NEKTAR " DOO Q quality production of fruit and vegetables on a space of 2000 ha. Exports: Canada, Australia, Switzerland, EU, China, US, BiH, Macedonia and Croatia RESAVA KOMERC DOO 629,000.00 1000 t, processing of cucumbers, pepers and chilli peppers into jams and preserves. 90% sour program and 10% sweet program. Mostly the entire production is exported. DOO VOĆAR-KOPAONIK Total fruit warehousing capacity is77000 liters. The basic raw material for production (fruit and grapes) is own production and purchase from agricultural producers of the region. Exports mostly go to Austria, Sloveni and Switzerland. 80% goes to the foreign market. processing of fresh fruit and vegetables (plums, sour cherries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, apricots, peaches). Capacity usage 100%. Exports almost 100% (France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany) production, processing and packaging of fruit and vegetables (production of prunes). Capacity usage 100%. "VINO ŽUPA" AD Qualitas education For the production of juices and non-alcoholic beverages in a controlled atmosphere t, refrigeration plant for warehousing berries and forest fruits t. AD "SWISSLION MILODUH" Yumek production of alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages and marmelade "VOĆAR-PALANKA" AD Warm fruit and vegetable processing, Capacity usage 52%, "RADO-SLOV-I" DOO fruit processing VULOVIĆ I DR. MEGA-F.KOMERC OD They have no certification deadline PTP"KARLO EXPORT IMPORT" DOO Warm fruit and vegetable processing fruit and vegetable processing (HLADNJAČE) Centralna Srbija 159 52 Imaju ili su u procesu uvodjenja HACCP and ISO 9001 Vojvodina 29 fruit and vegetable processing (FABRIKE ZA TOPLU PRERADU) Ukupno 60 20 imaju ili su u fazi uvodjenja HACCP and ISO 9001 Subsidies for introducing standards

42 2. Alleviating the Transition Shock

43 Fuels Fertilizers 100 liters 16 dinars Registered
Input subsidizing Fuels Fertilizers INCREASED CONSUMPTION 100 liters 16 dinars Registered Finding new markets Consumption growth on existing market Increased purchasing power Lowering of cost price 30% refund with a receipt Better product marketing Integration Introduction of new technologies

To develop the financing of the agricultural sector from real sources, instead of burdening producers Development of a credit history Increased competitiveness by enabling producers to gain access to capital 5 – 7 years 700 million to 1 billion EUR To support the credit market with money from the agrarian budget To withdraw and leave financing to banks Necessary funds Bank funds Funds of the agrarian budget The establishment of a credit history (acquired trust) Changed structure Change in the payment system through the establishment of a register

45 Short-term Credits in 2005 A total of over 23,341 short-term credits paid Average credit value 69,879 dinars 2005 2006 Up to 1 ha 10 1-5 ha 40 60 5-10 ha 80 120 Over 10 240

46 Long-term credits in 2005 A total of over 1,923 long-term credits paid
Average value 16,188 EUR

47 3. Social Welfare Measures

48 Main goals of agriculture in Serbia
Abbreviated Economic effect Sustainable and efficient agricultural sector which can compete on the world market, contributing to an increase in the national income Increased competitiveness Profit To ensure that the quality and safety of food satisfies the needs of consumers Food safety Spending To ensure support to the living standard of people depending on agriculture, and who are unable to follow the economic reforms with their development Support to the standard Support to sustainable village development Village development Profit and spending To preserve the natural environment from the devastating effects of agricultural production Environmental protection To prepare Serbia’s agriculture for integration into the EU Accession to EU Complex To adjust the policy of domestic support and agricultural trade to WTO rules Accession to WTO Support to non-commercial farms 40,000 dinars per household member People above 55 years of age Farmer insured for a minimum of 10 years

49 Development of a Land Leasing Market
the development of a land leasing market implying that the land is cultivated by the one who is able to do so in a more successful manner; the joining of cultivated land; support to households whose members are no longer able to cultivate their land due to their age. Producer above the age of 60 Producer below the age of 40 4.000 dinars + 4.000 dinars NEW

50 Message Poverty requires the special attention of all the factors of society and its reduction must be a priority Without understanding the essence of lasting and occasional poverty it is impossible to check it Rural poverty is the result of the long-lasting neglect of a balanced development, which is why it is necessary to establish coordination among all those who can contribute to its reduction

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