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G r a f f i t i Grupo Donos 2009 CLIL LESSON FOR 4TH ESO.

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1 g r a f f i t i Grupo Donos 2009 CLIL LESSON FOR 4TH ESO

2 People have always drawn and painted on walls. Prehistoric man painted on the walls of caves, and those paintings are now considered valuable works of art.

3 If people draw on walls these days, it isn’t considered art. It is called graffiti and cleaned off as soon as possible. Aerosol painting is a serious art for young people as it was for prehistoric ancestors.

4 Graffiti art takes a number of forms: it can be an individual mark or tag, or something larger with a political, social or artistic content.

5 Jean-Michel Basquiat died at only 27 after a frenzy life highlighted with his ferocious graffiti art and his multiple drug addictions. He was born on December 22nd 1960 in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in the Brooklyn streets, where he began to create his ferocious graffiti on subway trains in Lower Manhattan, signing them with the anagram SAMO, which means Same Old Shit. On August 12th 1988 Basquiat was found dead of a drug overdose in his apartment.

6 basquiat

7 Keith Haring was born in Pensilvania in 1958. He also worked in the Soho and East Village, but his style was even more ferocious and self-destructed than Basquiat’s. Haring participated in many campaigns against the HIV. He died in 1990 of Aids.

8 Keith Haring

9 Nowadays, there are many graffiti artists working as Banksy (1974 -- ), a graffiti artist from Bristol, UK, whose artwork has appeared throughout London and other locations around the world. He carefully manages to keep his real name away from the media.

10 However, many newspapers assert that his real name is Robert or Robin Banks. Some believe that his graffiti provides a voice for those living in urban environments that could not otherwise express themselves, and that his work is also something which improves the aesthetic quality of urban surroundings.

11 Banksy

12 Under the influence of these great masters of graffiti we can also count on one artist emerging on the regional, national and international scene. His name is SAM3.

13 He recreates the name of Basquiat and resembles the anonymous performance of Banksy. Sam3

14 Have you ever seen these graffiti?

15 Sam3

16 Graffiti has always expressed the author’s feeling towards a particular topic. It has vindicated throughout history, from prehistoric men to street artists, and its anonymous character has been its most outstanding feature.






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