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By Jamie L. McGaughran. Because of the severe consequences of extremely powerful future technologies we can no longer afford to use war as a tool or option.

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1 by Jamie L. McGaughran

2 Because of the severe consequences of extremely powerful future technologies we can no longer afford to use war as a tool or option to solve political, social and cultural conflicts.

3 Will not be sustainable as it has been for past millennia due to the EXPONENTIAL : 1) Increase in information 2) Development of technology Particularly in the fields of: Bioinformatics/genetics Artificial intelligence Robotics Nanotechnology.

4 Definition: Any positive constant raised to a power (i.e. 10 x )




8 Throughout the Ages, war has been sustainable This was challenged by the 20 th Century’s Atomic Age This will be exponentially challenged in the 21 st Century

9  American Revolution Christmas morning attack was against British war rules…but not the newly forming Americans.  White Phosphorus  Depleted Uranium  Dick Cheney’s ‘Iran stance’  US Torture Policy  Homicide Bombers

10  Military priorities on top technologies  Vast US & World budget for Defense  Fast changing battlefield

11 Explosives and munitions will continue to increase in yield Robots will continue to take to the battlefield Technology will continue to replace human beings

12 Un-visible Nanowarfare Building and Traversing new “Nanoroads” Nano -“Arms Race”

13 1.“ Potentially horrific ” as little is known or discussed on this topic in the mainstream media. 2. “Nanotechnology can be applied to everything” 3. “An extremely powerful technology” of the future. 4. “Micro-Swarm Technology” 5.“Nanomites” or their equivalent 6.“Human toxins” delivered via micro warfare

14 1.EMP Bombs 2.Knocking Electric Grid Out 3.Shutting Down Civilization

15 What does the future hold The health of Gaia… ……the ecological super-system Is war sustainable? There are many ways to kill… 6 th Major mass Extinction Age of the Anthropocene… Feedback cycles

16 Nanocomposites Nanocrystals Nanoparticles Nanostructured materials Nanoclays Nanotubes Nanocoatings Nanocatalysts Nanofilters

17 Stephen Hawking : “The human race “The human race faces an increasingly dangerous future… Each time we increase our prowess, we add new possible ways in which things could go disastrously wrong” … There’s a sick quote that the reason we haven’t been visited by aliens is that when a civilization reaches our stage of development it becomes unstable and destroys itself.

18 1) Profit 2) Hierarchal power 3) Resource scarcity 4) Cultural intolerance

19 ”Long term survival of the human race will be safe only if we spread out into space and other stars…we have to be very careful…so we have to hope genetic engineering will make us [more] wise and less aggressive” – Stephen Hawking (Physicist) “I think it is no exaggeration to say we are on the cusp of the further perfection of extreme evil, an evil whose possibility spreads well beyond that which weapons of mass destruction bequeathed to the nation-states, on to a surprising and terrible empowerment of extreme individuals” –Bill Joy

20  Department of Peace as an effective cabinet level department in the executive branch of the Government with a Secretary of Peace  Peace & Sustainability Corps sending Americans abroad in record numbers to be good ambassadors in aiding and helping to sustainably revitalize and rebuild our global civilization (and domestically)  Citizen Feedback Forums to allow the citizenry to see and mock vote on each issue that government representatives vote on (foster looking past the liberal-conservative divide)

21  My research has derived a calculated synthesis that our fate is not in our individual hands. Our fate is firmly in our “collective hands and interests.”  A global collective is needed to sustain our biosphere and our species.  Only a global effort can propel us forward prosperously into the future.

22  World Governance based on cooperation and respect  Universal Constitution, Universal Bill of Rights and ultimately, Universal Law  Wisdom Councils comprised of the most respected experts and leaders of States, Nations and peoples  United Nations is the best vehicle for this

23 Membership dues Individual State taxes Global tax All of the Above

24 It must be agreed upon, strengthened, and backed by a world body politic Will this be the United Nations? Will it be an incarnation of the UN? Will it be an entirely new entity? My calculations point to a strengthened and empowered UN

25 One action at a time Successful results Fair trade coffee-Organic cotton-Slave free cocoa Educational and workplace imperatives Cradle to Cradle implementation WinWinWin ideas spreading faster than viruses The benefits showing themselves and garnering interest and multiplying greatly

26  A governmental balance of Progressive Capitalism with community Collectivism  Keep self interest and capitalistic incentives intact in our current social and financial model, and also draw dividends from working for our respective communities and Earth as a whole.  Mindset that must be nourished and grown in our educational and financial incentive systems.  Incentives to work for the improvement of society at large and not just self serving individual and corporate/organizational gain

27 The Win-Win-Win principal is one where business, development and trade agreements are 1) economically sound 2) ecologically sound 3) socially sound (i.e. fair trade)

28  Mathematical governance based on optimizing human capital  Social computing or solving complex social problems by identifying all of their gross and subtle variables and generating and implementing the most favorable outcomes  As long as the variables and possibilities are finite, an algorithm can theoretically be made to compute them and offer the most favorable scenarios

29 *Our genes are not here to go extinct and extinction is thus an unacceptable outcome. Even if beyond worse case scenarios present themselves and it takes 500 years to get free from global domination, better to be free in 500 years having had to “Mandela it” than die in jail/global prison planet. Our destiny is to be free, explore, self correct and expand into fully aware beings. - It’s all about the Journey and Destination -

30  The existence of irrational violent actors (IVAs)threatening and engaging in a lose-lose mentality regarding disagreements will not be acceptable  Conducting meetings, debates and conferences to mediate differences while simultaneously allowing IVAs to rebel in any chosen way could technologically bring about disaster that may be impossible to recover from.  IVAs will be neutralized or eliminated

31 Sacrifice: Privacy Retain: Freewill Equal Rights Equal Opportunity *Don’t be evil and you’ll be fine, the unacceptable activities are forced upon degradation and violent crime.

32 A new coal fired power plant is proposed to generate electricity. Its CO2 cannot be let loose as an externality or airborne toxin. The chemicals from the plant must not penetrate the ground and poison the soil and groundwater. One solution is to funnel all of the CO2 to algae and have it filter it naturally which in turn can be used for food to feed shrimp that are given space to roam, eat and live a good existence. The shrimp are harvested for food and the factory produces both electricity and food while recycling all of the minerals and chemicals used in the plant and its many processes. Each worker in the plant is provided a fair wage and healthy working conditions. Furthermore, the coal is extracted in the least damaging ecological function to provide the plant with its basic fuel source. There are many processes that would feed into this example and each needs to be ecologically, economically and socially healthy providing a win-win-win scenario in which mathematical governance based on optimizing human capital is based on and rooted in. Organic fair trade coffee, cocoa, foods and products are a good example of this in action right now. When enough companies, industries and communities begin implementing these sustainable transactions, then eventually we may find ourselves living in a fully sustainable, peaceful world.

33 Treat brain chemistry imbalance Environment and human influences Routine, reward patterns and coping mechanisms

34 Rehabilitation Centers For :  Violence  Property  Economics  Drug use  Drug supply  Sexual violations  Mentally unstable/incapable  Political  Rehabilitate according to element

35 M athematics is the language, measuring system and modus operandi of our known universe. Therefore, we naturally ought to organize and manage ourselves according to the laws of our universe. Mathematical governance based on optimizing human capital can be a clear path towards fulfilling our highest potential and organizing ourselves and societies into a perpetual state of continued survival and increasing prosperity. The added bonus here is that all other life for the most part will benefit as we live in a symbiotic web of existence. If we expect to survive and thrive as a species, we must take control of our legal systems and governments. This is key to transcending war and moving forward sustainably into and beyond the 21 st century.

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