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Contrasting Cold War Terms United States v. Soviet perspective.

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1 Contrasting Cold War Terms United States v. Soviet perspective

2 Democracy: Government by the people American Perspective: best system of government, majority rule Soviet Perspective: can’t promote democracy and capitalism at the same time, everyone should be rewarded equally, the few will take advantage of the many, results in poverty for many

3 Equality: Condition of being equal American Perspective: equality of opportunity, equality before the law =healthy society, providing guarantees of basic necessities such as health care and employment regardless of a persons effort undermines a citizen’s work ethic and adversely affects society Soviet Perspective: equality of condition =healthy society, society must share material wealth so that no one will have an unfair advantage

4 Capitalism: private ownership of industry and freedom of competition American Perspective: provides opportunity for individuals to better themselves through hard work and individual initiative, competition helps create better products and competitive prices, brings out the best in people and improves society Soviet perspective: evil economic system that breeds selfishness and undermines cooperation and community

5 Individualism: People working on their own to reach highest level of achievement American Perspective: people’s lives determined by inner fortitude, human nature is individualistic, competitive, and acquisitive Soviet perspective: individualism produces winners and losers, this leads to a society of inequality and exploitation

6 Collectivism: People work together to benefit the whole American perspective: violates human nature which is naturally competitive rather than cooperative, calling on sharing and teamwork rather than competition works against humankind’s nature and is doomed to failure Soviet perspective: cooperation and caring are finest attributes of human nature, society should share ownership of property and resources are controlled by the collective

7 Socialism: Government controls means and profits of production American Perspective: Threatens right of property ownership, property is the fruit of labor, Constitution protects private ownership of business Soviet Perspective: Response to Capitalism, redistribute wealth to the people to create a classless society

8 Totalitarianism: One or elite few control the people, no personal freedom American Perspective: equal to dictatorship, threatens freedoms of speech, press, and assembly Soviet Perspective: required to transform a society of unequal wealth to one in which wealth is equally distributed

9 Freedom: condition of being free to express or do what one pleases American perspective: core of happy and productive society, Patrick Henry once stated: “Give me liberty or give me death”, the United States fought the American Revolution, Civil War, World War I and II in part to promote freedom Soviet perspective: people are not free unless they have a fair share of wealth that allows them to live beyond basic needs.

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