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Physical and Chemical Changes

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1 Physical and Chemical Changes
Unit II—Part 2

2 Concept of Change Change: the act of altering a substance

3 Physical Change Physical change: a change that occurs that does NOT change the substance Usually Reversible

4 Examples of Physical Change
Melting ice (change in state) Freezing Kool-Aid Tearing paper Breaking Glass

5 Chemical Changes Chemical change: a change that occurs causing the substance to change Is NOT reversible A chemical change is called a chemical reaction

6 Examples of Chemical Changes
Burning Digesting food Reacting with other substances

7 Chemical Changes Cont’d
Signs of a chemical change: Light Heat Gas Colour change* Formation of a precipitate (solid made from mixing 2 liquids)

8 Is it Physical or Chemical?
Change Physical Chemical Melting cheese Burning wood Milk souring Wadding up paper Bicycle rusting

9 References Investigating Science Pearson 9 Dercho

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