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The information contained in this document pertains to software products and services that are subject to the controls of the Export Administration Regulations.

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1 The information contained in this document pertains to software products and services that are subject to the controls of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). The recipient is responsible for ensuring compliance to all applicable U.S. Export Control laws and regulations. IDL 7.1

2 Visual Information Solutions Agenda Upcoming Events and training IDL 7.1 Overview/Demo IDL 8.0 what’s coming Discussion options How is your team using IDL Tips for working with large data External programming Case Studies Your feedback for what IDL needs to be

3 Visual Information Solutions Upcoming training classes and events February 8th, Spectral Analysis, Herndon March 3 rd, Intermediate IDL, Boulder March 17 th, Scientific Programming, Herndon March 24 th, Scientific Programming, Boulder May 19 th and 20 th, VISualize, IDL and ENVI User Group, WWF, Washington, DC

4 Visual Information Solutions Main Goals of 7.1 Release Make it easier for all users to open and access common data formats in IDL. Helpful in getting the new user started Streamlines simple processes for experienced users Make the visualization of these data easier Expand on the concept of interactive visualizations begun with iTools Drag and drop functionality for common visualization tasks Simple GUI editing tools for common visualization manipulations In short, make the simple tasks in IDL even simpler

5 Visual Information Solutions IDL 7.1 Interactive Visualization Perspective Make it easier to read data and interact with graphics Workbench File>Open menu One UI click to open and view known data formats Drag & drop visualizations Drag from project view or variables view Drag onto visualization icon or action icon Interactive graphics integrated in Workbench Extensible, user-defined Tools & Actions

6 Visual Information Solutions

7 Tool Palette Actions Allows you to specify how you want the visualization to function Simple plot or a log plot or a scatter plot Volume render with color table or with RGBa You can drag and drop variables onto positional arguments in the action You can create your own specific actions and edit existing ones You can export and import actions to share with your colleagues or put on code contrib or use in a plugin

8 Visual Information Solutions IDL 7.1 Data Access Enhancements File->Open File will automatically import data from files of known data types. Better handling of SAV files – IDL will now automatically restore save file variables as well as save file executables via File->Open File IOPEN provides the same access enhancements for programmatic inclusion Users now have the ability to add/define custom readers for the workbench to automatically recognize and read specific data formats: read routine, query routine, register with the workbench in the idlextensions.xml file.

9 Visual Information Solutions Supported File Types for Auto-Open BMP DCM GIF H5 ISV JP2/J2K/JPX JPG PCT SHP TIF TXT WAV Anything with a defined template (TEMPLATE= template) Any Registered Custom Readers

10 Visual Information Solutions 7.1 iTool Enhancements Continue to simplify the power of direct graphics with ease of use of procedural access IOPEN routine has been added for automatic data import (it will determine file type and read in accordingly). More programmatic access to iTool manipulations previously only accessible interactively: Set and retrieve properties of iTool visualizations (ISETPROPERTY,IGETPROPERTY). Set and retrieve data used to create an iTool visualization (IPUTDATA, IGETDATA). Ceate annotations in an existing tool (IELLIPSE, IPOLYGON, IPOLYLINE, ITEXT). Manipulate visualizations and annotations in an existing tool (ISELECT, IROTATE, ITRANSLATE, ISCALE, IZOOM). IImage and IMap can now take a filename rather than a variable (leveraging the new IOpen routine). Interactively push an iTool variables back to main level IDL

11 Visual Information Solutions 7.1 Enhanced Project Properties for Easier Application Distribution

12 Visual Information Solutions IDL 7.1 Core Enhancements Data Access Dataminer update: MySQL & 64-bit platforms DICOM Module update: 64-bit Windows AVI Read/Write plugin 3rd party Ronn Kling CSV file read, write, query Scientific Data Formats CDF-3.2, HDF4-r2.3, HDF5-1.6.7 (IDL 7.0.3) 24-bit color PostScript

13 Visual Information Solutions IDL 7.1 Platform Support

14 Visual Information Solutions Platform Support Changes 64-bit for Mac OS X 10.5.1 (Leopard) using and intel 64-bit CPU. (technically this came out as 7.0.4) IDLffDicomEx and IDL DICOM Network Services on 64-bit Windows 64-bit COM Export Bridge Functionality Windows IDL command line Solaris 10 x86_64 IDL command line only No IDL Workbench or online help system OMB FDCC (Federal Desktop Core Configuration) mandate for Windows XP & Vista

15 Visual Information Solutions IDL 7.1 Analysis New Image Processing filters for noise reduction and image restoration BAND_PASS, BAND_REJECT, LEAST_SQUARES, MEAN, ORDER_STATISTIC, WIENER

16 Visual Information Solutions Other 7.1 Enhancements IDLdoc, a third party application, has been integrated to allow users to automatically create documentation and hover help text from code comments. The Variable View makes it easier to delete variables, rename variables, change scalar values, and drag and drop variables into other views like editors or visualizations. Other workbench features included with 7.0.3 like expanding and collapsing comments, context options for running code directly from the editor, and a Formatter Preference page for controlling editor appearance.

17 Visual Information Solutions Don’t Forget Slither: IDL  Python bridge Enables running Python code within your IDL application IDL Advanced Math & Stats Module option Integrates the IMSL™ C numerical library Formerly known as IDL Analyst Your own Plugin via the workbench!

18 Visual Information Solutions IDL 8.0 Strategy Plan Theme The evolution of IDL to add value for current customers and meet the modern expectations of new customers Goals Provide a new modern graphics API that is easy-to-use, yet fully capable for today’s scientific visualizations Add modern features to the language that simplify the interaction and update the syntax, constructs and data types Give the Workbench a makeover to streamline the ad-hoc user experience Internationalize the file I/O so Asian and Latin users can run IDL in their native language environments Revamp the User Assistance so users can quickly determine what they want to do from examples Proprietary Information 18

19 Visual Information Solutions Odds and Ends

20 Visual Information Solutions Tips for working with large data IDL natively multithreaded, will take advantage of all processors/cores IDL on a cluster, uses RT licenses, easy for “ridiculously” parellel problems GPU processing, we have tools in our services group, this is for big data through put needs Scientific Programming Class, learn how to use IDL language features to the fullest

21 Visual Information Solutions Calling C from IDL – See the External Development Guide Think about training and consulting, should be a strong user Connectivity Bridges, COM, ActiveX, Java Import and Export Supported Inter-Language Communication Techniques in IDL Gives pros and cons of each approach Techniques that don’t use IDL’s API Spawn RPC CALL_EXTERNAL Techniques that use IDL’s internal API Calling IDL as a subroutine from another program ("Callable IDL"). Adding user-defined widgets to IDL widget applications IDL system routine in another compiled programming language (usually C) and link it with

22 Visual Information Solutions Custom Software Development of applications built in IDL or with ENVI, and integration of IDL/ENVI software with other systems. Commercialization of applications for image and complex data analysis and visualization, as well as data dissemination. Creating intuitive User Interfaces to explore complex 2D, 3D, and 4D data. Remote Sensing Science Support, including Algorithm Development, Testing, Verification, Ground Truthing and Field Support, Data Processing, Interpretation. Automation of identification, measurement, data processing and classification tasks. Implementation of Clustering, Parallel Processing, and GPU Off-Loading tasks. Paid Technology Review for high performance evaluation. Optimization of software applications and combining IDL, ENVI, and 3 rd Party applications to run with maximum efficiency for time critical computing tasks. Ground Processing systems for ingest, calibration, radiometric correction, image quality tools and value added processing for image data products from airborne and space-based sensors, commercial, classified and other government programs. ITT VIS – How we can help

23 Visual Information Solutions IDL and ENVI in Meteorology

24 Visual Information Solutions Large Meteorology Customers BOM - Bureau of Meteorology (Australia) Weather forecasting for the Olympics, Mesoscale Analysis Scheme, numerical prediction model, diagnostic display system and a map based observational display system Swiss Meteorological Institute German Weather Forecast Datamat (Italy) PC version of Digital Weather Radar Control & Processing Environment Icelandic Meteorological Office Danish Meteorological Institute

25 Visual Information Solutions Large Meteorology Customers AFWA - Air Force Weather Agency, converted a large PV-WAVE space and world weather mapping application to IDL. NOAA - Site License - Climate change studies & modeling Atmospheric chemistry, Ozone layer depletion research, Weather forecasting, Solar storm prediction, Space weather studies, Hurricane / El Niño research and predictions NCAR - Site License - many 2D and 3D applications JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab) - Using IDL to analyze and visualize data from MISR, AIRS satellites. NASA Goddard - SeaDAS Argonne National Labs - MM5 Viewer Aerospace - DMSP tools

26 Visual Information Solutions SSD Weather Cell support Weather Data Cube Multi-dimensional Visualization Whitepaper Design, Voice of Customer Meetings, Prototype Development

27 Visual Information Solutions Our Global Services Group built DAM, the Data Analysis and Monitoring software Data Analysis and Visualization Software to integrate with Validation and Calibration Hardware and Software Processing Chain: Data is Collected, Managed, Processed, Analyzed, and Disseminated Solution: Services + ENVI + IDL 4 functional components Data Browser Graphical Display Templates Data Management Templates Batch Reporting for Validation and Calibration EPS Objective: State-of-the-Art performance and Accuracy throughout the Mission Lifetime EUMETSAT - EU Meteorological Satellite

28 Visual Information Solutions NCAR - National Center for Atmospheric Research Thunderstorm Simulation

29 Visual Information Solutions NOAA has been using IDL for more than 15 years for a wide variety of research including: - El Niño/La Niña studies - Climate change studies & modeling - Atmospheric chemistry, data collection & research - Ozone layer depletion research & air quality studies - Weather forecasting - Solar storm prediction - Space weather studies - Hurricane research and predictions - Oceanography & ocean chemistry research NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

30 Visual Information Solutions Dust storm in Beijing (4-19-2000)

31 Visual Information Solutions For TERRA-EOS program, ENVI is the tool of choice!

32 Visual Information Solutions MODIS data is in HDF format ( Hierarchical data format )

33 Visual Information Solutions Features for Meteorology Plots, Contours, Surfaces, Images,Volumes… OpenGL Support - Interactive 2D and 3D Graphics Mapping Tools Animation Interconnectivity with other components Powerful Development Environment Wide Use in Meteorology Community Web dissemination Image Processing Extensibility of vertical applications …

34 Visual Information Solutions Globe Temperature Data

35 Visual Information Solutions Initial Data 2D dataset in ASCII Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, TemperatureLatitude, Longitude, Elevation, Temperature Worldwide rangeWorldwide range -181.1505 -88.4254 6379.8779 210.4 -171.7536 -88.8214 6376.9424 209.5 -164.9497 -87.9617 6377.6724 208.6 -156.3159 -88.9221 6374.0708 207.8 -147.5161 -88.8466 6379.3926 207.1 -138.3586 -88.4253 6376.9170 206.7 -131.0185 -88.7888 6372.7861 206.6 -122.7701 -89.1594 6377.9980 206.8 -113.0113 -88.6244 6370.7715 207.2 Initial Data Initial Data 3D grid data 3D grid data 3D Vertexes and Polygons 3D Vertexes and Polygons 3D Gridding IsoSurface

36 Visual Information Solutions Earth Object Sphere Object Image Object Earth Object

37 Visual Information SolutionsResult

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