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Fultz Landfill Site Remediation Ohio by Simon Taylor.

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1 Fultz Landfill Site Remediation Ohio by Simon Taylor

2 Introduction 30 acre site Adjacent to Byesville Built on old coal mine The site includes two ground water aquifers

3 Site History 1958 - 1968 site operated as an open dump 1969 - Site licensed to accept household, commercial and solid industrial waste 1970’s - Landfill cited for violations including: – Inadequate cover of waste – Receiving unauthorised waste – Leachate run-off – Blowing debris – Open dumping 1985 - Site Closed following RI and FS

4 Percentage of waste (pie chart)

5 Site Problems About 6,240 drums of solvents and other chemicals disposed of on site Contaminated surface run-off and leachate get into the shallow aquifer (risk of contaminating deep aquifer) 2 gallons of leachate per minute flows from the landfill 6 million gallons of contaminated groundwater and leachate together are produced each year Some contaminants and waste blown off site

6 Primary Contaminants of Concern Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) – For example Benzene Other organic material Metals – Arsenic, Chromium, Copper, Cobalt, Lead Other inorganic material – Mangonese

7 Risk to Health Posed by ingestion of groundwater or inhalation of volatile contaminants Cumulative carcinogenic risk = 1 x10 -3 USEPA’s acceptable risk range = 1 x10 -4 to 1 x10 -6 …..therefore unacceptable risk!

8 Remediation In 1991, after years of monitoring, planning and public consultation a Record of Decision (ROD) was drawn up to address the contamination problem and provide a remedial plan for the site. The aim of the selected remedial action is to contain the landfill contents and treat contaminated groundwater and leachate.

9 Action Taken Construct a berm round the landfill Construct a multi-layer cap over the whole site Install structural supports in mine voids underneath the site Install a leachate collection system Construct an on-site treatment plant Construct surface water controls to divert run- off away from landfill

10 Action Taken…continued Mitigate the effected wetlands Provide an alternative water supply to replace some of the contaminated residential wells Install extraction well system Monitor soil, groundwater, sediment and air Limit groundwater and land use Install security fencing

11 Cost The estimated cost for the remedial action was $19,480,700 …which includes an annual observation and monitoring cost of $218,000 for the next 30 years

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