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Snowshoeing Curing Winter Inactivity Snow or No Snow Mary Jo Tarallo, Director of Education SnowSports Industries America Kathy Murphy, Director of Marketing.

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1 Snowshoeing Curing Winter Inactivity Snow or No Snow Mary Jo Tarallo, Director of Education SnowSports Industries America Kathy Murphy, Director of Marketing Vermont Ski Areas Association AAHPERD Conference April 2, 2009 A Winter Feels Good Initiative from SnowSports Industries America

2 National Non Profit Trade Association McLean, VA (snow belt capital) Founded in 1954 500 + Members (snow sports suppliers) Annual Trade Show SnowSports Industries America

3 Vermont Ski Areas Association Private, non-profit trade association Montpelier, VT (Green Mt. state; # 3 nationally for skier visits) Members - 20 Alpine resorts; 39 Nordic Serves membership in: –Government Affairs –Public Affairs –Marketing

4 Vision for Winter Activity SIA and VSAA Find ways to connect children and families via snow sports Offer innovative, affordable and accessible options Increase physical activity in winter

5 What We Will Cover How to Build a Snowshoe Program Anatomy of Snowshoes - Plus Available Resources Hands-On Experience

6 Snow Sports - fun For everyone

7 Get Outside – with family & friends

8 Great Exercise - all snow sports

9 Snowshoeing 101 Modern snowshoes – Get the FACTs F lotation – a function of a snowshoes size and surface area, user weight (w/gear) and snow conditions A rticulation – allows the snowshoe to rotate freely and naturally in an efficient manner C ontrol – patented binding systems now designed for men, women and children to optimize stability T raction – ball of foot and heel crampons grip the surface and prevent sliding, slipping on packed trails and steep slopes

10 Snowshoeing 101 Tips for Choosing the Right Snowshoes –Smaller sizes generally improve, ease of use, maneuverability in packed snow, on broken trails –Round, western style enhance stability, balance –Bindings with molded base and/or sides generally provide more control and stability; webbing straps custom fit a wide variety of boot styles and sizes –Crampons - located under the toe and heel assure optimal penetration when loaded by the users weight –Aluminum and/or molded snowshoes require no maintenance; wood snowshoes should be annually varnished to protect lacing and treat wood.

11 Snowshoeing 101 Tips for Choosing the Right Snowshoes –Snowshoe sizing guidelines 7 x 18 – up to 50 lbs. 7 x 19 – 40-90 lbs. 8 x 21 – 80-120 lbs. 8 x 25 – 120-200 lbs. 9 x 30 – 170-250 lbs. 10 x 36 – 220-300 lbs. Note: heavier people on smaller sized snowshoes will not result in breakage of the shoes – just more sink

12 Energy Expenditure Snowshoeing and Other Activities ActivitySpeedSnow ConditionTerrainEnergy Cost Snowshoeing2.4 mphPacked snowFlat Trail420 cal/hr Snowshoeing3.0 mphPacked snowFlat Trail510 cal/hr Snowshoeing3.5 mphPacked snowFlat Trail740 cal/hr Snowshoeing3.3 mphPowder snowFlat Trail744-984 cal/hr Snowshoeing2.9 mphPowder snowHilly 744-1046 cal/hr Walking3.0 mphN/AFlat335 cal/hr Running5.2 mphN/AFlat570 cal/hr Running7.5 mphN/AFlat890 cal/hr Cross Country Skiing3.5 mphPacked snowFlat Trail600 cal/hr

13 Industry Challenge - Conversion Only 15% of First Timers Become Life Timers –Model for Growth NSAA –Model for Success SIA

14 Winter Feels Good Public Awareness Campaign – celebrates the health, fitness and social benefits of snow sports Official Launch – September, 2003 in D.C. Snowshoe Pilot Program – Fairfax County Public Schools

15 Snowshoe Pilot Program Fairfax County Public Schools - 2004 13 th largest school system in U.S. Introduced snowshoeing to K-12 physical education teacher in-service Teachers requested to apply Partnership with SIA, Tubbs, other snowshoe companies George Mason University – Head of PE Dept. prepared snowshoe curriculum outline

16 Incentives for Snowshoeing Exercise OUTDOORS in winter Activity for ALL skill levels New curriculum Idea – creative and innovative Students, staff and families appreciated new type of exercise Snow not required

17 In Service Training

18 Great Falls Elementary Great, Falls, VA Snowshoe Program 5 th and 6 th Grade - Combines indoor and outdoor activity - Engages parents & staff - Involves outside resources

19 Lesson Plans– where it all begins Multi Unit Developed by Jeannie Trautman Adhere to NASPE and VA standards Flexible On-line at FREE

20 Lesson Plan Samples

21 Getting Started Equipment Storage Distribution

22 Equipment Snowshoe Brands –Tubbs –Atlas –Mountain Safety Research (MSR) –Yukon Charlie –Whitewoods

23 Storage When Not in Use

24 Organization

25 Student Assistance - Indoors

26 Distribution – indoors or outdoors

27 Warm Up Activity

28 Introduction to Snowshoeing Terminology, etc. –Folders –Note pages –Vocabulary –Games –Assessment

29 Folders for Tracking Information

30 Vocabulary

31 Enrichment to Snowshoeing Winter safety rules

32 Enrichment to Snowshoeing How to dress for winter activity – Wicking layer – Insulating layer – Protective layer Gore-Tex demonstration

33 Enrichment : Gore–Tex learning activity

34 Enrichment to Snowshoeing Visit from a local weatherman

35 Computer Lab Session

36 ….more from the Lab

37 Class Management Caring for snowshoes –with snow –without snow Putting snowshoes on Replacing snowshoes at end of lesson

38 Student Assistance – outdoors

39 Outdoor Games - Amoeba Tag

40 Outdoor Games - Circle Relay

41 No Snow Snowshoeing

42 Outdoor Games - Snowball Throw

43 Post - Cleaning/Organization

44 Snow Fun – The Real Thing

45 U.S. Fitness Festival Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Award – Jeannie Trautman

46 Top 10 Snowshoeing Fitness Myths 10. Snowshoeing is high impact. Snowshoeing results in less impact than road running. Snow adsorbs impact, giving joints a rest. Many summer athletes use snowshoes to recover and/or maintain fitness levels in winter months.

47 Top 10 Snowshoeing Fitness Myths 9. Snowshoeing builds too much muscle; it will make me gain weight. Snowshoeing provides an amazing aerobic workout to burn fat and build strength and fitness.

48 Top 10 Snowshoeing Fitness Myths 8. Its too cold to exercise outdoors in the winter. Your body generates a great deal of heat when you snowshoe. If its not too cold to go outside, its not too cold to snowshoe for a terrific workout and a welcome dose of fresh air.

49 Top 10 Snowshoeing Fitness Myths 7. Snowshoeing requires special terrain and facilities. Snowshoeing isnt confined to an established trail system. If there are several inches of snow on the ground you can snowshoe on school track and field, community park, golf course or backyard.

50 Top 10 Snowshoeing Fitness Myths 6. Snowshoeing is only for runners. Snowshoeing is fun and effective for all types of athletes, including runners, walkers, hikers and cyclists as well as team sport participants.

51 Top 10 Snowshoeing Fitness Myths 5. Snowshoe only works your lower body. Add poles and head for hilly terrain. In addition to an unbeatable lower body workout, youll increase both upper body strength and endurance.

52 Top 10 Snowshoeing Fitness Myths 4. Snowshoeing wont keep students in shape. Students of all ages will be in better shape. Snowshoeing provides superior aerobic benefits, plus adds strength training, all in one workout. The resistance provided by the shoes and snow will actually help build on students current fitness levels.

53 Top 10 Snowshoeing Fitness Myths 3. Cross country skiing is a better winter alternative. Skis, poles, and equipment maintenance add time and complexity to a fitness routine and program. Skiing is often confined to certain terrain and conditions. All you need for snowshoeing is snow – about 6-8.

54 Top 10 Snowshoeing Fitness Myths 2. Snowshoeing throws off your natural stride. Modern snowshoes are ergonomically designed to work with a natural stride and improve efficiency and strength.

55 Top 10 Snowshoeing Fitness Myths 1. Snowshoeing Requires Special Skills. Anyone can snowshoe. No awkward learning curve, no tenuous equipment upkeep. Step in and go.

56 Resources for YOU! Industry Programs –Winter Kids –Winter Fit –Winter Wildlands Alliance –Passport Programs/State Programs –Winter Trails ® /Learn-A-Snow Sport Month Winter Feels Good - a One Stop Shop

57 Ski Vermont 5 th Grade Passport Program Introduces 5th graders to alpine and cross country skiing and snowboarding at VT Alpine/Nordic resorts $10 processing fee = (3) FREE lift tickets/trail passes each at 19 alpine resorts/22 Nordic areas Nearly 2000 tickets redeemed Students averaged 5-10 days on slopes with group of at least 4 ppl; 7% of students in a group larger than 7 ppl. 72% skied or snowboarded more this year vs. last 4% of the participants were first time skiers/riders

58 Ski Vermont Fifth Grade Passport What a GREAT program!!!! Thank you for the great organization and promotion. We had so much fun skiing as a family along with other families that also benefited from the program. Our entire experience was nothing but exceptional customer service at the Ski Vermont Office, the mountains and by Kombi....exceeding our expectations and living up to the quality product and service that Vermont is known to provide with great pride. Always a fan and see you next season! - The Johnson's of Granville, MA We leased gear; that cost more than we felt we could afford but the passport brought father and only son together which is priceless. We got to Killington, Sugarbush, Bolton, Stowe, and Smugglers. We plan to go to Jay and Pico next season in addition. Thank you! - Monroe Moore

59 Ski Vermont VP of Winter Fun Fifth Grade Ambassadors for Snowsports


61 Ski Vermont Nordic Quest On this Nordic adventure youll ski and hunt for letters. If you solve our-puzzle then youll find our treasure! Leave the Center behind you, heading uphill on your skis. As you climb, look left to see Chittenden Reservoir with ease. Did you know that this land we ski was once a turnip farm? Transformed into a year-round resort with lots of charm? Ski up this meadow all the way to the tippy-top. Bear left until you arrive at Mr. Wolfes resting spot. Mr. Wolfe is the man who worked to build this resort To create a place for this cross country winter sport. An Excerpt from Mountain Top Inns Nordic Quest: One of Bolton Valleys Nordic Quest Maps. Adventure. History. Art. Geography. Fitness. Riddles and a Scavenger Hunt.

62 Winter Trails ® Day FREE Snowshoeing and/or Cross Country Skiing Annual Event – Saturday Before MLK Organized by SIA with CCSAA and AHS 70+ Locations – Alpine Resorts, Nordic Centers, NPS, USFS Supplier/Retailer Support

63 Winter Trails ® Day is….. Family/Friend Oriented A gateway to snow sports – easy to learn/non-threatening Attracts wide range – young children to older adults (2-72) Promoted via media, schools, scout troops, community & youth groups

64 Liberty Mountain, PA

65 Presidents Challenge Clinic

66 Learn a Snow Sport Month

67 Learn A Snow Sport Month National in Scope Resorts in 22 States Affordable Learning Programs Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing Started in 2009 Annual Event

68 Winter Feels Good Addresses Winter inactivity/proficiency Offers Resources Focuses on Adult Providers of Recreation Programs FOR YOUTH


70 Educators/Recreation Professionals Tab Lessons Photos Resources Grant info Links Winter Trails ®

71 Product Accessibility

72 Suggestions from the Field

73 Learning Modules: On-line & CD Distribution: 4K - resorts 450 - PSIA/AASI 1K - schools & community groups Retailers/Suppliers Snow Monsters Applications K-12

74 How To Dress Module

75 Lesson Enhancement

76 Exercise /Warm-up Module

77 Quizzables – Fun Tests

78 E-Newsletters – 3X Winter

79 Brochures

80 Baltimore AAHPERD


82 WFG Leadership Club - NEW Recognize Leaders Share Best Practices/Learn New Ideas Develop Better Communication Create Community - Snow Sports Industry and Physical Activity/Education World

83 WFG Leadership Club

84 Get Out Winter Conference

85 Developed by AAPAR Gunstock/Margate Resorts – Laconia, NH December 3-5, 2009 All Aspects of Incorporating Snow Sports in PE and Recreation Programs PE/PA instructors; recreation professionals; snow sports instructors and other industry representatives WFG – Black Diamond Sponsor


87 Snowshoeing Curing Winter Inactivity Snow or No Snow Mary Jo Tarallo Director of Education SnowSports Industries America Kathy Murphy Director of Marketing Vermont Ski Areas Association

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