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Knowledge Innovation Practioner Project Proposal For Empowerment of Women June 26,2005 ( RITSEC) Prepared by: Alaa El-Dersh.

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1 Knowledge Innovation Practioner Project Proposal For Empowerment of Women June 26,2005 ( RITSEC) Prepared by: Alaa El-Dersh

2 Thank You The following course work and project proposal was created as part of the KEN Practitioner Certification Course delivered at RITSEC, Cairo in collaboration with Entovation Internation Ltd. The Knowledge Innovation Assessment Methodology was developed and is copyrighted by Debra M. Amidon ( A special thank you for their support is given to: –The Egyptian Ministry of Administrative Development –RITSEC Management Hisham Sherif Mahmood Rezk Effat El-Shooky –RITSEC Staff Sophia Korayem (Local project management) Amin Lotfy (Local project management and facilitation) Ahmed Sobky (Local project management and facilitation) Neven Noshy (Local IT support) –International supporters Debra Amidon, Entovation International Ltd (Content expert) Oliver Schwabe, Eurofocus International Consultants Ltd, (Facilitator) –Our group facilitator (Mohamed Atiya) and the whole participant group

3 Problem Statement Social Capital: Lack of family and community support for understanding female problems and challenges Livelihood Strategies: Poverty and lack of education. Livelihood Options: Lack of livelihood options (no skills, no job opportunities) Livelihood Context: Cultural beliefs (gender discrimination that leads to low self-esteem)

4 Executive Summary Solution? Title: Dare To Dream Development Objective Project Objectives Raise Awareness Education Vocational Skills

5 The expected financial and non- financial value Financial Value: Capitalize on existing and available resources Non- Financial Value: Offers new opportunities:Through literacy classes and non-traditional vocational training Builds Self-Confidence: Through boosting the girls self- confidence and self- esteem Income generation: The girls will acquire skills that will enable them to generate income Change of Practice: Through introducing girls to non-traditional vocational training.

6 Required Resources... Financial resources Human resources Data

7 Time Needed The project is a one year long to be replicated when it is proved to be successful

8 Organizational Readiness The project idea will be welcomed and endorsed from all the concerned entities Introducing some new concepts

9 Assessment Results Radar Chart

10 Assessment Results Table Collaborative Process 1.509.00 Performance Measures 4.007.00 Education / Development 2.009.00 Learning Network 5.007.00 Market Positioning 4.007.00 Products/Services 2.008.00 Market Penetration 2.009.00 Market Image 4.507.00 Leadership / Leverage 2.009.00 Technology / Internet 4.007.00

11 Priority Group 1 Collaborative process Product/Services Leadership leverage Market Penetration Education and Development

12 Priority Group 2 Performance Measures Learning Network Market Positioning Market Image Technology/Internet

13 Appling Collaborative Process Mini project suggestion: The National Association For The Empowerment of Women ( NAEW) under the auspicious of Ministry of Social Affairs Financial Value: Avoiding duplication and accordingly misallocation of resources Capitalizing on Stakeholders resources Non-Financial Value: Achieving harmonization as each entity complement the others Assert the existence of common goal and strategy Asserting the collaborative process

14 Appling performance Measures Mini Project Suggestion: Assessment and Monitoring Procedures Financial Value: Having a system of monitoring and assessment is beneficial as it pinpoints to the points of strength and weakness in the project and this result in reducing the projects costs as such assessment may terminate some actions or activities deemed ineffective and costy Non-Financial Value: -Assess credibility of the project -Increase transparency in dealing with the projects data, results and main findings -Determine whether the project could be replicated or not -Enhance the performance of adolescent girls

15 Appling Education/Development Mini Project Suggestion: Empowerment of Women through education Financial Value: The project will enter into partnership with the National Institute for illiteracy eradication and this means reducing the cost of providing teachers and classes by the Ministry of social affairs. -The project will contract with local business who will train girls at their working place. Non-financial Value: Boost the sense of ownership and responsibilities by the local business Boost girls self- confidence and image Provide them with skills to improve the job opportunities Introduction of non-traditional skills will change societal perception on the inferiority of women -Helping girls to be independent and productive

16 Appling Learning Network Mini Project Suggestion:- Knowledge sharing Financial Value: Financially wise such meetings are so important as they pinpoints to the points of strength and weakness and thus the project's financial resources could be tailored in the most effective way. Non- Financial Value: Girls will feel that their opinions are valid and taking into account.Hence enhance their self-image and confidence Girls will learn to be critical thinkers Girls will learn to express their opinion freely

17 Dare To Dream & Market Positioning Mini Project Suggestion Studies on Market Positioning Financial Value Market studies will enable the project management to make the best use of resources available and prevent it to fall into mistakes that could be considered financially invalid Non-Financial Value: The project implementation would be facilitated and well guided by such studies

18 Dare To Dream &Services Provided Mini Project Suggestion: Illiteracy eradication tapes; distance learning Non-Financial Value: The project will save time and effort to reach such girls. The project will be able to reach large numbers of illiterate girls The project would save teachers and materials spent in the ordinary classes

19 Dare To Dream &Penetrating The Market Mini project Suggestion: Strategic alliances and partnership with NGOs Financial Value: It is likely that this would result in economies in the delivery of services of both the Ministry of Social Affairs and NGOS Non-Financial Value : Creating alliances will enhance the quality of the service delivered Avoiding duplication will allow tackling the area where the project activities will benefit most Ensuring specialization through alliances as both would agree to define their role and areas of intervention

20 Dare To Dream & Market Image Mini Project suggestion: The announcement of the project through distribution of posters and brochures Financial Value: The project will direct its resources to the targeted group Non-Financial Value: Informing people interested in joining the illiteracy and vocational training classes Developing credibility for the project The message included in the announcement will serve in boosting the awareness of the people

21 Leveraging of Leadership Mini Project Suggestion Evaluation and assessment of leadership level Financial Value: Effective management of resources Non-Financial Value: - Quality of service will be enhanced

22 Usage of Technology Mini Project Suggestion: Establishing intranet system to promote collaboration Financial Value: Using high-tech mechanism will reduce transaction costs and cost of materials Non-Financial Value: Time taken to exchange information is reduced Effort are reduced Facilitate the exchange of information and therefore enhancing transparency

23 Sustainability Change of Practice: Through introducing girls to non-traditional vocational training. Advocacy: Organizing conferences for raising awareness Policy Change: Community support network will act as pressure groups for change

24 Poverty This Project contributes to improving the living standards of the girls and their families through providing them with the necessary skills and literacy classes that will enable them to work and earn their living.

25 Conclusion 1.This project offers community development. 2.The project introduces non-traditional vocational skills for girls 3.The project boosts the girls self-esteem and reveals their potential

26 I hereby request Ministry of Social Affairs to Endorse the Projects idea

27 Thank you

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