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How to use the DET (Data Entry Tool) Core data Set H.

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1 How to use the DET (Data Entry Tool) Core data Set H

2 Content of Presentation Business Definitions Introduction to DET Data Entry on DET Searching on DET Reporting on DET Agency Administrators role Extracting data & uploading via DAMS

3 What is the Data Entry Tool? The Data Entry Tool (DET) allows drug and alcohol treatment providers to capture essential client and treatment information and then to extract this information in a file that can be submitted to NDTMS via DAMS Please use this guide with the NDTMS Data Entry Tool Agency User Guide: agencyguidev2.06.doc

4 Getting started There are four data entities that need to be completed: Client Information Episode Modality (Intervention for YP agencies) TOP (Treatment Outcome Profile). If the agency is a YP agency: Treatment Entrance Status Treatment Exit Status.

5 The basics of the DET Data filter options Navigation options Agency details Blue Title bars hold the links which take you into a client record/episode/ modality/TOP creation

6 Create a client Click here to create a new client

7 Client information The client ref is created by the agency Save the page after completion The notes do not get sent to NDTMS

8 Data save error A red cross will appear to show that the save was unsuccessful An error message will appear in the validation output section

9 Data save success A green tick will appear to show that the save was successful

10 Creating an episode record Click back to the episode list in navigation menu

11 Creating an episode record Click create to create a client episode

12 Creating an episode record Remember to press save Scroll down to see two pages for adults

13 Creating an episode record – Young people If your agency is a YP agency, you will be required to complete the YP treatment start and YP treatment exit status questions Press save when you have completed the pages

14 Create a modality record In order to create or edit a modality record, the client record must be open – which means no discharge date or discharge reason Press create on the modality tab

15 Create a modality record Click save when you have completed the modality section

16 Editing a modality record To edit a client (e.g. to close the client modality) click edit

17 Creating a TOP record Click on the TOP List tab, on the Episode Information page, then click Create

18 Creating a TOP record Click save when you have completed all the fields (sections 1 – 4) Complete every field in Section 1 & 2 then 3 & 4

19 TOP report To help providers get a better understanding of their TOP performance, TOP reports have been added to the DET. The reports are: Missing treatment start TOP Treatment start TOP outside protocol Treatment start TOP with inconsistent drug values Treatment start TOP with inconsistent TOP values (2) Treatment start TOP with inconsistent injecting status Missing Review TOP Discharge clients with missing Treatment Exit TOP Treatment Exit TOP outside Protocol TOP – Treatment Progress Tracker

20 TOP Reporting Enter dates in past – current date then press Generate Report Once youre on Report page, choose other reports with this drop down menu

21 TOP Flags This box flags up errors asking whether TOPS arent needed or need to be followed up

22 Administrator options on the DET If you have administration rights on the DET, you can; Delete a record or a client (by selecting delete client / record on the client pages) Add a new user to the DET Create a key worker Reset a user's password

23 Create a new user After clicking the administration and user maintenance link, click create new user Complete the new user fields The DET will generate a password. Give the username and log in details to the new DET user.

24 Create a keyworker Repeat the previous action. If the key worker does not have access to the DET, check the box User is a key worker and do not check the box Allow log on access for key worker The key worker will now show up in the key worker list on the episode field and will appear on the key worker report The key worker will not be given a username or password

25 Reset a users password In the administration section, click user maintenance, select the user in the table and reset the users password

26 Create an NDTMS extract On the client list page, click NDTMS extract

27 Create an NDTMS extract Click the option for creating a Full Extract With the latest dataset Press Produce Extract File

28 Create an NDTMS extract Click here to produce the extract and save to your PC This extract can now be uploaded to the DAMS

29 DAMS Click here to upload extract Click here to see all extracts that have been uploaded per month Then Press GO

30 Uploading an extract Search for the extracted file Then Press Upload File

31 Loading Files - Data Quality When a provider submits a file, a validation is performed, the file must score 100% for both data load and data quality (DQ%) before it can be submitted

32 Resolving Data Quality Validations

33 Detailed Mismatches All missing records highlighted in this table must be resolved before the file can be successfully loaded. To view the options available in each case, hit Resolve.

34 Detailed Mismatch Resolution

35 Mismatch Options INCLUDE RECORD If this option is selected, then the missing record is included for the current submission and no future prompts are presented to the user in subsequent submissions. Even though future notifications are suppressed, if the same record is not present in the file during subsequent submissions, the record will still be included for reporting purposes. EXCLUDE RECORD If this option is selected, then the record is excluded for the current submission only. The agency user will be reminded AGAIN if the record is missing during subsequent submissions. DELETE RECORD If this option is selected, then the missing record, which is present in the NDTMS database, will be deleted (therefore matching what is present in the file being uploaded). The user may need to ensure that the record has been deleted from their clinical case management system before committing to this action. REPLACE RECORD This option will only be available for selection if there is a record present in the file being submitted, which is vastly similar to the missing record.

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