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Orienteering The only sport where the weaker can beat the stronger.

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1 Orienteering The only sport where the weaker can beat the stronger

2 Orienteering was originally part of military training. In the early 1900’s civillians in Scandinavia started this as a sport. Now it is a widely practiced sport all over the world.

3 You must visit these control points in the given order, racing against time. Orienteering is an outdoor sport. You are given a map with a series of “control points”.

4 You find your way using the compass and reading the details marked on the map. The only aid allowed to help find your way is a compass.

5 At each control point, there is the orange and white “control flag” showing that you came to the correct point. You “punch” at the control point to show you came here.

6 “Punching” may be done electronically, or using a punch hanging from the control flag.

7 Orienteering requires effective strategy and making rapid decisions. Physical fitness is not the only element: You need to use your brain! “What is the fastest route to the control?”fastest route

8 Orienteering can be done:* on foot (Foot-O)Foot-O* on mountain bike (MTB-O)MTB-O* cross-country skiing (Ski-O)Ski-O* where only reading the map counts, not the time: (Trail-O)Trail-O

9 A sport with no age limit… No matter what physical fitness…

10 No matter what weather… Being out of doors is the best!!!

11 PE205 Requirements Assessment Method Midterm 1:Practical skills25% Midterm 2:Practical skills25% In-class attendance10% Project 110% Project 210% Final: Written test20% Minimum Requirements to Qualify for the Final Exam Missed hours > 6 -> FZ Number of City Orienteering Courses: none -> FZ Number of Terrain Orienteering Courses: less than 2 -> FZ

12 We are out of doors in any weather Orienteering Schedule on my web pageweb page Some weeks in the forest -> Sundays! Opportunity to take part in real competitions! -> Bonus attendance Take part and complete events of other clubs -> Bonus attendance PE205 Requirements

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