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Yamuna River: A Dying Legacy How can we save it? Presentation.

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1 Yamuna River: A Dying Legacy How can we save it? Presentation

2 We recorded our observations about river Yamuna based on - Appearance Color Smell Flow Water Properties

3 What did we observe? We found its appearance… Dirty Dumped with debris Slums along the bank Teeming with mosquitoes Lack of vegetation Used as a toilet by slum dwellers and passers –by No sign of fish

4 COLOUR The color of the river has considerably changed over the years. Though water is colorless and reflects the colour of the sky, yamuna has a special colour – either it is black or dark grey which is a clear indication of how much it has been depleted and polluted


6 FLOW OF THE RIVER Industrial Yamuna which was a fast flowing river, flows at a snails pace at present. The debris in the water has pollutants and construction debris and waste has made it almost stagnant.

7 SCIENTIFIC RESULTS – RIVER YAMUNA CRITERIAOBSERVATIONSREMARKS pH level9Not conducive to aquatic lives Temperaturewarm Dissolved oxygen nilAbsence of aquatic fish Microbial organisms E.Coli & all pathogens Health hazards

8 Properties of Near by River Ganga Colourless No Odour Pleasant smell Presence of debris in small quantity Good flow Boating and fishing possible Abundant fish available

9 SCIENTIFIC RESULTS – River Ganga CRITERIAOBSERVATIONSREMARKS pH level6.89 /gmFavorable to aquatic lives Temperaturecool Dissolved oxygen 7 mg/LPresence of aquatic fish and other varieties Microbial organisms nilNo health hazards, safe for drinking

10 Comparative Graphical Analysis


12 We analyzed the causes for the pollution of river Yamuna 1. Over population 2. Dumping of industrial wastes 3. Seepage of domestic sewage 4. Increased temperature 5. Oxygen depletion 6. Construction debris 7. Lack of general awareness 8. Negligence by the government

13 1.Health hazards-communicable diseases. 2. Disturbs the water cycle.. 3. Pollutes the air. 4. Hinders aquatic life. 5. Prevents recreation. We pondered over the effects of this pollution…..

14 What can we do to improve this situation? 1. Generate greater awareness of this issue among the citizens of the city 2. Promote co-operation of the citizens with the authorities 3. As a first step, we thought of putting across our own views to the delhi city Administrative Tribunal…

15 Our Suggestions… 1) Educate the people living near the river to develop an ecological conscience 2) Adequate sewage arrangements. 3) Proper sanitation. 4) Government should implement all its plans in this area efficiently

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