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All your business needs Trusting to Us PT. PIA JASPERINDO.

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1 All your business needs Trusting to Us PT. PIA JASPERINDO

2 PISELO INDONESIA AGENCY- PT.PIA JASPERINDO Pengurusan, Penyusunan Dokumen Perizinan Perusahaan, dan Pajak Corporate Permits and Tax Consultant PISELO INDONESIA AGENCY- PT.PIA JASPERINDO Pengurusan, Penyusunan Dokumen Perizinan Perusahaan, dan Pajak Corporate Permits and Tax Consultant

3 About Us Great companies have all faced great challenges and the right consulting firm will make the difference between failures and success. At PIA JASPERINDO we can help you and your company implement change through financial and strategic business planning. Our services include, but are not limited to: Accounting and Tax, License and Permit, and Financial Re- structure. PIA JASPERINDO Consulting offers a professionalism touch for your Business Activities with based in Central Jakarta, founded in 2007. Our Firm have an updated knowledge, young energy, and also the wide and long experience in the area. Despitefully, our professional staff is even also recognized good enough among Administrator of the institution so they have access to the personal contacts in all of the institute, do not only compete in Local storey level, but also competitive in International storey level.

4 Through Innovative & Professional Touch consider to Business Expertise, Complexity of Business in Indonesia will be solved with optional solutions conducted to Government Regulations. Give a Client such Understanding of Government Regulation and to give view the major taxes – administrative eave as well as Solutions conducted to current Government Regulations. VISION MISSION


6 OUR SERVICE I. INVESTMENT LICENSES & FACILITIES: Investment License & Facility: Foreign Direct Investment; Domestic Direct Investment; Investment Principle License; Investment Expansion Principle License; Change in Share Ownership; Changes in Investment Provisions; Change of Projects Location; Change in Lines of Business and Production; Change in Employment of Foreign Personnel; Change in Investment Plan and Sources of Financing; Change in Names of Companies; Amendment of Principle License; Representative Office of Foreign; Business Licenses for companies located outside of the industrial area; Business Licenses for companies located inside of the industrial area; Merger of Business License; Producer Importer Identification Number; Import Duty and Value Added Tax Exemption Facilities for Import Capital Goods; Changes/Additions in Import Duty and Value Added Tax Exemption Facilities for Import Capital Goods; Extension of The Completion Period In Importation Capital Goods; Import Duty Exemption Facilities for Import Goods and Materials; Changes/Additions in Import Duty Exemption Facilities for Import Goods and Materials; Extension of The Completion Period In Importation Capital Goods and Materials.

7 II. REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE LICENSES Foreign Representative Office Foreign Trade Representative Office Representative Office for Foreign Construction Services Representative Office for Oil & Gas NGO & Other Non Profit Organization

8 III. NATIONAL COMPANY LICENSES & FACILITIES PT - National Company CV - Commanditaire Vennootschap Industrial Business Permit Industrial Expansion Permit Certificate of Industrial Registration

9 IV. EXPORT AND IMPORT FACILITIES & LICENSES API (Importer Identification Number - API APIU - General Importer Identification Number APIP - Producer Importer Identification Number NPIK (Special Importer Identification Number) NPIK-Special Importer Identification Number-Rice, Corn, Soybean, Sugar, Textiles and Textile Products, Shoes, Electronics and components, Children Toys Importer Producer (IP) Importer Producer – Textile, Non Pharmaceutical Precursors, Sugar – Refined Crystal, Plastics, Ionized Salt, Lubricant, Nitrocellulose, Hazardous Materials, Ozone Layer Destroyer Materials – Non Methyl bromide, Hazardous Waste and Non – Toxic Materials – paper, Ozone Destroyer Material - Methyl bromide, Non Ionized Salt, Hazardous Waste and Non-Toxic Materials – Glass, Hazardous Waste and Non-Toxic Materials - Scrap Rubber, Hazardous Waste and Non-Toxic Materials - Scrap Metal, 4 Chloro-3,5-Dimethylphenol, Sugar - Raw Crystals, Iron or Steel, etc. Registered Importer (IT) Registered Importer – Blank Optical Disc,Optical Disc Machinery and equipment, Content Optical Disc, Industrial Explosives (Commercial), Salt, White Crystal Sugar, Hazardous Materials, Nitrocellulose, Non Pharmaceutical Precursors, saccharin and its salts, Alcoholic Beverages, Rough Diamond, Color Multifunction Machines, Laser Printer, Color and color engine, Ozone Layer Destroyer Material, Certain Electronic Products, Certain Apparel Products, Certain Items Toys Kids, Footwear Specific Products, Certain Products Food Products and Beverages, Registered Importer- iron or steel

10 Eksportir Terdaftar Produk Industri Kehutanan - ETPIK (Registered Exporter) Registered Exporter-Wood Forest Products Processing Industry Registered Exporter-Forestry Industry Products from Wood Furniture Registered Exporter-Forestry Industry Products Panel of Wood Registered Exporter-Forestry Industry Products Wood Craft Registered Exporter-Forestry Industry Products Rattan Handicraft Registered Exporter-(ET Coffee) Registered Exporter-Rattan Registered Exporter-Rough Diamond Registered Exporter-Precursors Registered Exporter-Tin Sticks - Contract Work Registered Exported-Stickc Tin-Mining, Procesing and Purification Persetujuan Ekspor - PE (Export Approval) Export Approval- Milkfish Seed Export Approval-Cattle And Buffalo Export Approval-Palm Oil Export Approval-Crocodile Leather Wet Blue Export Approval-Napoleon Fish Export Approval-Rice Export Approval-Banana and Pineapple (Japan) Export Approval-Rattan Garden / Sega, and Irit Export Approval-Not Park Rattan / Sega, and Irit Export Approval-Gold Export Approval-Oil and Gas (Migas) Export Approval-Silver Export Approval-Urea Fertilizer granules or prill Export Approval-Metal scrap (Steel / Copper / Brass / Aluminum) Export Approval-Gold and Silver Export Approval-Precursors Export Approval-Rough Diamond SRP (Custom Registration Letter)

11 V. OTHERS LICENSES Mining License Contractors License Business Permit Service Transportation Company Disturbance Act (Undang-undang Gangguan) Distribution of Health Equipments Main Distributor / Main Agent Sea Transportation Permit / Operation Special Permit for Sea Transportation Company


13 OUR SERVICE At PIA JASPERINDO, we offer for Accounting: 1.Totally of computerized Accounting and Bookkeeping solutions and services. 2.Review your financial records monthly, quarterly or annually and provide advice on cash flow management, budgeting, strategic decisions, and tax planning. 3.Independent Auditor’s Report Since 2007, PIA JASPERINDO working in providing quality tax, accounting and financial services to businesses and individuals. Making change for the better accountable in organizations is our commitment to providing quality and timely products and services to our clients at an affordable rate combined with outstanding personal service unparalleled in the industry. Accounting & Tax Services PIA JASPERINDO Consulting, we offer for Tax: 1.T a x C o m p l i a n c e s 2.T a x P l a n n i n g 3.T a x A d v i c e 4.T a x L i t i g a t I o n

14 OUR SERVICE Financial Re-Structure PIA JASPERINDO focuses on strategic, operational, financial and capital needs of businesses. We address the full spectrum of financial and transactional challenges faced by companies, boards, private equity sponsors, creditor constituencies and other parties-in-interest. We are results oriented. Our success depends upon achieving optimal results for our clients.

15 SNI – Product Certification Body Regulator – Low Pressure



18 Dokumen Permohonan SPPT SNI (Baru/Sertifikasi Ulang) : SURAT permohonan yang diajukan oleh Produsen Pemohon untuk produknya yang belum memiliki SPPT SNI.) Persyaratan Administrasi: - Daftar Isian Permohonan (Di Buat Matrix). - Akte Perusahaan dan perubahannya bila ada. - Izin Usaha Industri yang sesuai lokasi, ruang lingkup dan masih berlaku. - NPWP & NPPKP (bagi pemohon dalam negeri dan importir) -Sertifikat Merek/Surat Pendaftaran Merek dari Ditjen HAKI -Alur Proses Produksi. - Ilustrasi dan Cara Pembubuhan Tanda SNI (Di Buat Matrix). - Struktur Organisasi Perusahaan. - Daftar Peralatan Inspeksi/Pengujian (Di Buat Matrix). - Perjanjian Penggunaan SPPT SNI (Di Buat Rangkap Dua) Persyaratan Sistem Manajemen Mutu: - Pedoman Mutu

19 T E R I M A K A S I H

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