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2 Introduction. Tel us about yourself. Where will you be working. Have you worked in a hotel before. Have you worked in SAP. What do you know about SAP.

3 What will we be doing during the next few days. Handouts and training material. Interaction and asking questions. Training Time.

4 SAP Training Steps

5 Master Data. Handout data. Complete information. Select a Plant to work in for the next week.

6 Master Data. MM03 – Look for single items. MM60 – List of all items in your plant. ZMM01 – Extend the item to your plant. ZMM06 – Flag it for Deletion.

7 SAP Training Steps

8 Purchase Orders. Contracts. ME31K – Contracts (WK) Create contract and record the contract number 46000xxx

9 Purchase Orders. Contracts.

10 Purchase Orders. Contracts. Create the contract in SAP for the 60 guards at total cost R Please take note that we can add additional cost to the contract for example the Extra Guard at R1000. We assume that we may need extra guards during the holidays 4 at R1000. The total target value will now be R55000.

11 Purchase Orders. Contracts.



14 Purchase Orders. XK03 & MK03 – Look for Vendor. Hotel Vendor – 100xxx. Development Vendor – 200xxx. Head Office Vendor – 300xxx. One Time Vendor – 10000x.

15 SAP Training Steps

16 Purchase Orders. ME21N – Create PO. ME22N – Change PO. ME23N – Display PO.

17 Purchase Orders. Document Types NB – Standard PO AcctAss Cat & K Stock Items F, B, OE, Other no GL Account. Non Stock items Expense GL and Cost Center needed. ZIO – Capex AcctAss Cat F Internal Order GL account Stove / Bed

18 Purchase Orders. Create PO for. Stock Items Non Stock Items PO with multiple cost center Capex Contract PO One Time Vendor

19 Purchase Orders. Internal Orders. KO03 – View Internal Order. S_ALR_ IO for Hotel – 500xxx IO for Head Office – 600xxx

20 Purchase Orders. Transactions to Use with Pos ME2N – PO per PO nr. ME2L – PO per Vendor nr. ME80RN – PO on Hold. ME9F - Print Purchase Order

21 Purchase Orders. Easy Way to create PO. Select Variant Adopt Select Layout Change Breakdown Shopping Trolley Create Purchase order in Excel. Make use of Market List

22 Purchase Orders. Easy Way to create PO. Create Purchase order in Excel.

23 Purchase Orders. Easy Way to create PO. Copy from Excel to SAP.

24 Purchase Orders. Easy Way to create PO. Press enter. Save the File. Release the PO and place order.

25 Purchase Orders. Easy Way to create PO. Market List

26 SAP Training Steps

27 Goods Receipt Process. MIGO Movement type GS Purchase Order Return Stock to vendor. 311 – Transfer stock between slocs 201 – Issue stock to GL account 551 – Scrapping 701 – Stock Count Stock Gain 702 – Stock count Stock Loss 161 – Return Containers

28 Goods Receipt Process. MIGO Return Delivery Over Delivery. Partial Delivery. Under Delivery then Mark Delivery complete Tolerance level.

29 Goods Receipt Process. MIGO When to Do GRS

30 SAP Training Steps

31 Physical Inventory. Mi24 – Inventory List ZMi31 – Create count sheet Mi24 – Inventory List ZMi21 – Print count sheet. Mi04 – Enter Count. Mi05 – Change Count after FC. FC – Function Mi20 – Display Inventory Count. Mi07 – Post Inventory Count Mi01 – Count sheet for single items Mi02 – Delete Count sheet.

32 SAP Training Steps

33 COS – Trading Summary. ZMTS_F – Food Trading Summary ZMTS_B – Beverage Trading Summary ZMTS_OE – O/E and Other Summary ZMTS_ALL – Full TS with Drill Down ZMCON – Consumption Report

34 Other Sap Transactions. MI23 – Did I count all Items MB52 – Stock On Hand MB51 – MVT per Material MC.5 MC.1 MC.L MC$K MC$0 MC$2 MC$4 MC$G Tips Ctrl Y - Select Ctrl C - Past

35 Sap Test.

36 END Please complete the evaluation form. Photo.

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