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सत्यवक् (who speaks the truth) and सत्यसंकल्पः (whose intention is truth), would be so angry when educated people teach that it is necessary to kill animals.

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2 सत्यवक् (who speaks the truth) and सत्यसंकल्पः (whose intention is truth), would be so angry when educated people teach that it is necessary to kill animals for food! A howl is resounding throughout the world that it is indispensable to eat meat and especially cattle’s red meat or we shall suffer from iron deficiency. Doctors stress that, as well as teachers and mass media.

3 When we answer that iron (as well as protein etc.) can be taken from vegetable sources, they say that meat is 100 times better a source of iron. (The truth is rather the other way round!)

4 Well then, what is there in meat that gives an ample supply of iron? In fact, it is not exactly meat, it is animals’ blood that is rich in haemoglobin which is directly absorbed by humans. But then, meat as food contains only traces of blood: almost all blood is drained away after the animal is killed, and then the meat is washed in water to get rid of almost all remaining blood; when the meat is eaten, it contains too little blood, so it is a poorer source of iron than vegetables are! This is the prime reason why people who eat meat every day are more iron-deficient than vegetarians. Other important reasons are that meat is mostly eaten together with dairy products which prohibit the absorption of haemoglobin from food; and, to absorb iron from food, humans need to be sleeping between 10 p.m. and 01 a.m.; it is only during these hours that the human body assimilates iron from food, and it can only be assimilated while sleeping.

5 Now let us focus on the assumption that humans need to consume blood or they cannot compose their own. Even if it were true, would that mean that we have to kill animals for food? By no means! Blood can be taken without killing at all. Human blood donors offer 300 grams of blood each time; then how much more blood can be given by animals like cows which offer up to 40 kilos of milk per day! It is certainly too modest an estimate that a bovine can give at least 1 kilo of its blood per week, without any harm to the animal’s health, and without being murdered. (1 kilo of blood is much more than an adult human needs as food per week to get all necessary haemoglobin iron). Drawing blood from an animal is quite easier, and less painful, than milking. I do not mean the old African method of drawing cattle’s blood for food by piercing at a certain point of a vein on the animal’s head side; with modern machinery the process can be much easier. Blood can be pasteurised or partly dehydrated to market, and then added to simmered tea and vegetables to make delicious soups supplying all iron and other precious substances to people – still without killing or harming animals.

6 So why kill? Even when they do kill (I wish you could see the way they kill those helpless animals!), still why do they waste all blood and sell insipid meat? Wasted blood goes into sewage and rots, and you can be sure that all that rots, especially blood, is a reverse sacrifice: it greatly nourishes all kinds of evil demons which bring all kinds of misfortune.

7 By now you should know the real purpose of the slaughterers and the whole meat industry: they don’t care the least if you get iron or anything; they only care to satisfy evil demons and make big money. This is their real concern. If I m telling lies here, let them prove it by changing the way they treat animals: let them raise animals for live blood, not killed meat; let them take blood without killing animals, and when they do slaughter chicken etc., let them collect all shed blood to market. This would mean killing fewer animals, so reducing their profit. The whole people’s well-being is more important than the big industries’ profit. Killed meat brings great misfortune to those who eat it. Blood from live animals would bring good luck to the eaters if a little of it absorbed by dry blank paper, cotton, hay, grass, bark etc. was dried and burnt as sacrifice at proper times before going to the market. The big industries’ profit is against the law of God which applies to all people regardless of their beliefs.

8 Even if you cannot part from that meat, Still you can do good greater than the murder and pain you cause to the helpless animals: to abstain from meat is not as good as diffusing the truth concerning righteous treatment of animals; being vegetarian can be good for yourself only, but diffusing this article will be invaluable for the whole world. I never said “eat no meat”. I say: you may eat meat of any animal if you have real mercy as God’s heart demands and if you first sacrifice on proper times as God’s law demands. Yes, you may eat meat, but do so with utmost reverence; eat less but better meat with an attitude of profound gratefulness, and waste not a drop of blood. Cause less killing and more nourishing.

9 It is easy for you to do such a good act, which will rebound to you countless times multiplied: send this file without any modification to all people you love and also to all people you hate: the more people you send it to, the better for the world - and yourself. But if you neglect this, know that you work against righteousness and against life: do not disrespect even the weakest animal: its defender is the most Powerful Being, who will take revenge if you do not witness for its right, if you do not diffuse this article unaltered to as many people as you can. Do not let it rot! It must leave you within 4 days. Then just wait and see: you shall be harvesting good luck for the rest of your life, which will not be cut short by anything.

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