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Author and Background Notes

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1 Author and Background Notes
A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

2 Lorraine Hansberry Parents were prominent African-American intellectuals Lived on Chicago’s south side

3 Carl Hansberry, father Challenged the Chicago housing authority for its segregated housing pattern in Chicago when he bought a house in an all white neighborhood. The family was threatened by a mob and forced to leave by court order. He took the case all the way to the Supreme Court and won.

4 A Raisin in the Sun First play written by an African-American women that ended up on Broadway Depicted the dreams and disappointments of African Americans Depicted an ordinary family whose struggles, conflicts, and triumphs all people could recognize.

5 Plot and Setting Chicago’s south side during the 1950s

6 Major Characters Lena Younger (Mama): recent widow
Walter Lee Younger: Mama’s 35 year-old son, who dreams of owning his own business Ruth Younger: Walter’s wife and mother to their son, Travis Beneatha Younger: Mama’s college-aged daughter who dreams of being a doctor

7 Themes The American Dream: differs for all types of Americans, can be accomplished with hard work The power of prejudice: under current of racial tension From defeat to victory

8 Conflict is created by the following:
Financial troubles create conflicts Parent/child relationships Male/female struggles Quest to find personal fulfillment

9 Act I Scene: ii Narrator: Mackenzie Travis: Taylor Mama: Kevin
Beneatha: Moriah Asagai: Bond Ruth: Haley Walter: Alex

10 Act II scene i Ruth: Hayden Beneatha: Larisa Walter: Potty Mouth McGee
George Murchison: Brennan Mama: CJ Travis: Taylor Narrator: Lauren

11 Act II scene ii Narrator: JD George: Josh Beneatha: Rachel
Mama: Anikesh Ruth: Alex Walter: Moriah Travis: Hayden Ms. Johnson: Larisa

12 Act II Scene iii Narrator: Thomas Ruth: Sam Beneatha: Brennan
Walter: Sean Man/Mr. Lindner: Kevin Travis: Karlee Bobo: Rachel Mama: Mackenzie

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