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Tissue Engineering Initiative Drexel University & MCP Hahnemann University Philadelphia, PA

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1 Tissue Engineering Initiative Drexel University & MCP Hahnemann University Philadelphia, PA

2 Tissue Engineering at Drexel/MCPHU College of Engineering Medicine BiomedicalEngineering Center for Advanced Bio- Materials & Tissue Engineering Center for Fibrous Materials Research Implant Research Center Nanotechnology Center

3 Tissue Engineering at Drexel/MCPHU MatrixDevelopment PolymericScaffolds Cellular & Molecular Biology ImplantResearch  g Bioreactors NanofiberComposites ReplacementOrgans Comp. Tissue Engineering Stem Cell Research Cardiac & Neuro Tissue Engineering Bone and Ligament Research

4 Nanotechnology Center $10.5M Nanotechnology Center will:  Nucleate sustained regional growth in nano-biotechnology  Achieve national recognition in bio- nanoechnology

5  Research Enterprise Building & Graduate Facilities  150,000 ft 2 of Modern facilities ($30M) theme-based laboratories including  Nano & Micro Technology  Biosensors  Tissue and Organ Engineering  Neuro Engineering Research Enterprise Building

6 Tissue A group of similar cells united to perform a specific function Engineering The design and manufacture of complex products through the application of science and mathematics Tissue Engineering Scientific American 280(4); April 1999

7 Tissue Engineering Matrix Development Trabecular Bone Replacement Ligament Replacement Nanotechnology Cato Laurencin, PhD, M.D. Moorehead Chair Professor Of Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

8 Tissue Engineering of Bone Cellular and Animal Studies

9 Cellular Tissue Engineering Stem Cells Scaffolds / Nanotechnology + Functional Replacement Tissues Bioreactor Biotechnology (NASA) Cellular / Molecular Biology: Development and Differentiation Computer-Based Modeling Peter I. Lelkes, PhD, Calhoun Chair Professor of Cellular Tissue Engineering

10 Cellular Tissue Engineering: Primary Target Tissues/Organs Cardiovascular Tissues: Blood Vessels Heart Neural Tissues: Brain Peripheral Nerves Endocrine Tissues: Pancreas Adrenal

11 3-D Nanofiber Scaffold for Tissue Engineered Cartilage Frank Ko, Ph.D Professor of Materials Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

12 Cell Mechanics & Tissue Engineering Vascular Tissue Engineering Cell-Seeded Construct Silicone Sleeve Glass Mandrel Simulating the in vivo Mechanical Environment … to Promote the Development of Tissue Structure Kenneth A. Barbee, Ph.D Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

13 Atomic Force Microscopy for Measuring Mechanical Properties of Cells in Engineered Constructs Control of Smooth Muscle Injury During Angioplasty to Prevent Restenosis Mechanics of Neural Cell Injury and Acute Therapy for Preservation of Neural Function

14 Michele Marcolongo Associate Professor of Materials Engineering Orthopedic biomaterials and tissue engineering (Partners: Rocky Tuan and Noreen Hickock, Orthopedic Surgery, Thomas Jefferson University) Wei Sun Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Computational tissue engineering and modelling Fred Allen Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Cell matrix interactions for orthopedic applications Cell motility and adhesion in tissue engineering Day 3Day 7Day 12 Immediately after encapsulation In vitro growth of encapsulated cells (genetically modified fibroblasts producing BDNF) Margaret Wheatley Professor of Biomedical Engineering Responsive drug delivery for diabetes management Nanofiber mat (Partner: Frank Ko) Spinal cord repair (Partners: Itzhak Fisher and Marion Murray, Neurobiology, MCP Hahnemann University) Other Members of the Cellular Tissue Engineering Team

15 January 15, 2001 Yasha J. Kresh Professor and Research Director, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Cardiovascular Biophysics & Computing, MCP Hahnemann & Drexel University Complex cellular network dynamics (Partner: Banu Onaral) Cardiac regenerative medicine IMPLANT RESEARCH INITIATIVE The implant research effort is the result of a strategic research alliance of Drexel University with two medical partners, MCP Hahnemann and Thomas Jefferson Universities and two corporate partners, Exponent, Inc., and Stryker Howmedica Osteonics Corporation. Director: Steven Kurtz, Drexel University & Exponent Inc Associate Directors: Michele Marcolongo, Drexel University & Av Edidin, Howmedica Corp The goal of this initiative is to conduct research on implantable medical devices and to provide insight back to the surgical and engineering communities for improving the longevity of implants. The initial focus of is on orthopaedic total joint replacement and spinal implants. Future directions will include ophthalmic, dental, cardiovascular, and urologic implant research. Other Members of the Cellular Tissue Engineering Team (Cont.)

16 Visit us on the web WWW.BIOMED.DREXEL.EDU School of Biomedical Engineering, Science & Health Systems

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