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Websites for Women in Agriculture and Small business Sept. 20, 2007.

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1 Websites for Women in Agriculture and Small business Sept. 20, 2007

2 Quick questions Who has an email address? How many people here use search engines to find information instead of the phone or snail mail Who thinks websites are the job of the IT people?

3 Who would you be more likely to do business with? A company who has a website or for whom information is available online or A company who can only be reached via phone or snail mail

4 Know when to spend Be wise. Find and use free tools so you can save your hard earned money for stuff thats not free.

5 Tired of giving money to Bill? For an entire Office type suite check out

6 Need to create PDFs? (free) (free)

7 Free email Gmail for your domain: No more SPAM! Never delete another email. Find anything any time using powerful Google search. Learn about setting it up at /email /email

8 Lots of free internet tools

9 My Prediction Some day soon your computer will just be a dummy terminal and all software will be web based.

10 What is a Blog? A website you can subscribe to Look for the rss feed or the xml feed Get your subscriptions sent to your email!

11 The best way to learn how to blog is to start reading blogs

12 Other Stuff or (free video hosting) or (social networking) (get a new life) (professional networking) (express your opinion and help the rest of us)

13 Getting your own domain (Dont let someone else do this for you!) Understand that each domain has an A record and an MX record

14 Free Website (Use my referral code AD103)

15 E-commerce options

16 About Element Fusion Locally owned by two founders since 1999 and currently employs 22 individuals. 14 th Fastest Growing Company in OKC Metro 50 (2006) 600+ custom design clients are located across the country Our products are used worldwide by over 10,000 users

17 Team Capabilities Fulltime developers fluent in the following technologies:.NET, ASP, Perl, C, C++, C# SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, & MS Access Databases Java Javascript, VBScript Macromedia Flash Development Cross-browser DHTML, XML, WML, AJAX Graphic designers highly skilled in interactive flash development, website strategy and creative design Search engine optimization and marketing specialists with more than 5 years of experience in the internet marketing industry. Our team creates a dynamic flow between form and function to achieve our customers goals.

18 What we do WEB DESIGN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (Content Management) INTERNET MARKETING (Search Engine Optimization)

19 Value Proposition Staying Power Focusing on Internet Technology Ethics Empowering our Customers Documentation/Support

20 Element Fusions Strategy for Success Our team develops sites with databases of information, dynamic content and news, rotating design styles and unique content layouts. Our marketing engineers ensure your web presence is designed and developed to achieve performance of the highest marketing standards. By understanding your visitors needs and the search engine algorithms we can obtain optimal results.

21 Your Element Fusion Team Development Specialists Creative Director 5 Web Designers 3 Software Engineers Consulting Specialists Consulting Director 5 Consultants Operations Officer, Owner Technology Officer, Owner Internet Marketing Director 2 Project Managers Products Director Support Director

22 Serving Oklahoma OPERS (Okla. Public Employees Retirement System) Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry - Made in Oklahoma ACOG (Assoc. of Central Oklahoma Governments) Oklahoma General Agency OKC Museum of Art Oklahoma Foundation of Medical Quality Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium OKC Public Schools Foundation Oklahoma Heart Hospital Oklahoma Employees Credit Union Oklahoma Humanities Council

23 Design Tactics Emerging Trends Industry Fit Usability Standards Interaction Call to Action

24 Proven Design Process Discovery – project planning with your team. Design – Comp design and client revisions. Implementation – Cut-up into validated XHTML and CSS. Site Build – Page build with your content and images. Quality Control – All design work must be approved by our Creative Director and Development Manager along each step. Site Launch – After client approval, deploy to the live server.

25 Project Portal Calendar Milestones Messages Sent via e-mail Recorded in the system All replys and comments are saved. Files Company/Team Contacts

26 Design Examples







33 Separation of Style and Content Cascading Style Sheets ensure that all visual design is completely separated from document content Benefits of standards based design using XHTML and CSS Improved compliance with accessibility standards All content provided with text equivalent Better search engine indexing of content Graceful degradation ensures 100% compatibility for all web browsers on any platform including PDA and Mobile Phone browsers Reduced file size resulting in faster page loads and less bandwidth usage Ease of maintenance – global design can be updated by editing a single file.

34 CMS conforms to any design

35 Why cater to searchers? Industry research shows that more than 80% of internet users rely on search engines and directories to find the information they need. This means that if you are not listed on the first few pages of Google, MSN or yahoo your website is not living up to its full potential.

36 Two types of SEO At Element Fusion we focus on getting your website listed organically. Organic SEO is getting listed based on the content and structure of your website. The other option is Pay-Per-Click or sponsored listings. Using the pay-per-click method is more immediate but with the rising costs of paid placement on the search engines it can become very costly. And there is also the concern about click fraud.

37 EF has a 5 step proven SEO process Planning Meeting Identification of Keywords Keyword Copy Publish the Copy Submit to the Engines

38 Two Marketing packages SEM Campaign (Using intensive study of search engine algorithms and taking proactive measures to adjust monthly.) Cost can be controlled and budgeted. Proactive. SEO--One Time optimization. Cost can vary significantly because once (and if) rankings drop the research process needs to be conducted again. Reactive.

39 Our Philosophy of Products Sophisticated yet simple to use Be the best, not the most

40 Element Fusion has launched five new products this year Three are CMS products: Water (for business) ( Sky (for ministry) ( Light (for designers/agencies) ( One is a newsletter product: Breeze (for email newsletter campaigns) ( One is a form builder: Icebrrg (for any website) (


42 Your Team Dedicated Graphic Designer Dedicated Programmer Project Manager Marketing Specialist Internet Consultant

43 Fueling the team (1 flat = 24 soft drinks) Drink: # Flats Diet Coke: 30 Diet Dr. Pepper: 20 Mountain Dew: 12 Nestea Cool: 7 V8: 7 Dr. Pepper: 5 Coke: 4 Root Beer: 3 7-Up: 3 Sunkist: 1 1656 pounds of beverages

44 Working with us Such extensive experience has allowed Element Fusion to compile a Proven Development Process which makes the web project experience truly enjoyable for all involved. Communication for every project is streamlined and centralized in the Element Fusion Client Project Portal. Clients can upload files, view designs and communicate 24/7 with everyone involved on their project through this web based portalClient Project Portal

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