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The Importance of Time in Healthcare. Spectracom Overview GPS Time Synchronization experts Leader in Public Safety markets Global company, Rochester,

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1 The Importance of Time in Healthcare

2 Spectracom Overview GPS Time Synchronization experts Leader in Public Safety markets Global company, Rochester, NY based Flexible & responsive Renown for service ISO 9001:2000 certified Over 15,000 customers 1972 2010 38 years of Quality

3 Higher Education Public Safety Healthcare Financial ServicesNetwork Management Time Synchronization Solutions Network Applications require precise, accurate & stable Time & Frequency Generation and Distribution Transportation

4 4,500+ Emergency-911 Centers 500 US Commercial Airports [FAA] GE Glaxo Harris Hewlett Packard Honeywell HP Hughes IBM J P Morgan Learjet Lockheed MCI Merrill Lynch Motorola NCR Nielsen NIST Nokia Northern Telecom Oracle Pacific Gas & Electric Phillips Petroleum Pratt & Whitney Qualcomm SBC Scientific Atlanta Sun Microsystems Tektronix Time Warner Tyson Foods UPS US Airways USAF Verizon Walt Disney Westinghouse Bellagio Las Vegas ADT Alstom Ameritech Amtrak Apple Computer AT&T B F Goodrich Bechtel Bell Bellagio Boeing Brokerage America Burroughs Carolina Power & Light Carrier CBS Chase Manhattan Bank Chevron Chicago Stock Exchange Chrysler Citibank Comp USA Compaq Computer Cray Research CSX Corporation Deutsche Bank Dictaphone Dupont E*Trade Group E-bay EDS Enron Exxon Federal Express Fluke Ford Motor Company

5 Current Issues in Healthcare include… Networks, systems, medical devices, and wall clocks display and record different times. No certainty of start/end times for events, tasks, etc. Without accurate time for Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs), you are vulnerable to potential litigation Error-prone manual clock-time setting

6 What You Do Not Want To See in Your Facility Physical Security system has 12:22:29 Display Clock reads 12:16 Which one is right ?? (A medical centers Public Safety Center)

7 What can Time Synchronization do to Improve Healthcare Operations? Accuracy of records assured – treatments, procedures, time of birth/death, etc. Legally traceable time supports credibility and consistency for EHRs, log files, audit trails, digital signatures. Enhances interoperability for all networks, systems, and devices, as well as between agencies. Provides regulatory compliance and best practices, reduces liability. Fully automated, eliminates manual resetting, automatic DST adjustment, behind your firewall.

8 Credible, Consistent EHRs Certification Commission for Healthcare IT (CCHIT) – All electronic health and security records are synchronized with UTC time and NTP/SNTP protocols when a NetClock is employed Health Level 7 (HL7) - NetClock provides full compliance to the accuracy, security, and manageability of this standard Chest Pain Accreditation – Accurate Coordination of times between EMS, ER, Cardiology, and Cath Lab ensures the best results for cardiac arrest patients JCAHO standard IM 7.8 – NetClock provides legal, authenticated date/time stamps for medical records FDA 21 CFR Part 11 – Accurate time- stamped audit trails supported by NetClock

9 Continue the string of Traceability NetClock can provide Legally Traceable Time from the moment the patient enters the hospital: 911, EMS, Police, etc… all provide this time, up until the patient is brought into the hospital. Continue the string of traceability by synchronizing the hospital network, systems, equipment, displays, etc… so that your records can be admissible in a court of law. 4,500 9-1-1 Dispatch Centers rely on Spectracom for accurate time

10 Synchronized Healthcare Facility

11 11 At this time please open the NetClock WiSync flash video presentation See how it works - view a 2 min demonstration. This was either emailed previously to you, or can access via this website: Synchronization/SynchronizedClocksTimeDisplays/NetCl ockWiSyncWirelessClocks/WirelessClockDemonstration/t abid/807/Default.aspx

12 NetClock Wireless Mesh Network Clock System Provides a Clear Signal in any facility and campus environment Each Display is a receiver and transmitter No FCC license required Eliminates interference issues Battery operated for total wireless solution Incorporates 900MHz Frequency-Hopping technology that:

13 How it Works

14 NetClock Time Server/master clock Model 9389 Front Panel LEDs indicate Power, GPS status Inside 12-channel GPS receiver Stratum 1 NTP Server Back Panel Timing Outputs: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port NTP timing Network management (1) Console Port (1) RS-485 Output (1) RS-232 Output (3) Alarm/Event Contact Relays

15 Some Healthcare Facilities using NetClock for their Time Synchronization Needs Cleveland Clinic/Hillcrest EMH Regional Healthcare Scott & White Memorial Hospital Los Alamitos Medical Center St. Elizabeth Community Hospital St. John Pleasant Valley Hospital Cook Childrens Health Care System North Mississippi Healthcare Evanston NW Healthcare Chelsea Community Hospital Crestwood Medical Center Memorial Herman Baptist Hospital Anne Arundel Medical Center Washington Hospital St Luke's Hospital Mount Nittany Medical Center Serenity Lane Health Alberta Cancer Center Luther Midelfort Community General Hospital Melbourne Internal Medicine DCH Regional Medical Center University Hospital St. Elizabeths Hospital - Dept of Mental Health

16 Quality Process, Quality Results ISO 9001:2000 certified in 2002. We call and survey every 20th customer: Results for calendar year 2009: My order was delivered in-full and error free(95% Yes) The products features met my needs(100% Yes) Product setup was flawless(100% Yes) I would recommend Spectracom (100% Yes) In-bound help desk calls 85% of the issues are closed on the first call 95% closure after one follow-up call

17 Offers Complete Library of Downloadable Application Support Materials Area Dealer:(contact Spectracom for a Full-service Dealer offering Sales, Installation & Integration, Service/Maintenance) Tech Support: ph#: 585-321-5800 - Technicians average 10+ years experience in timing systems Support Services

18 Think of SPECTRACOM for ALL your Time Synchronization needs.

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