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Safeguarding In Schools Thursday March 3 rd 2011 Jo Bentley.

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1 Safeguarding In Schools Thursday March 3 rd 2011 Jo Bentley

2 Single Central Record 1 - IS THE SCR IN PLACE? -Who completes it and keeps it up to date? -How often is it updated and checked? -Who monitors it and is ultimately responsible for it?

3 Single Central Record 2 - IDENTITY CHECKS -What documents were seen? -Are the documents recorded acceptable? -Who saw them? Note: Although recording addresses and NI details are good practice, they are not requirements.

4 Single Central Record 3, 4, 5 – CRB / List 99 checks -Have all staff (all those paid to work at the school) who have regular and unsupervised access to children been appropriately checked? 8 – DETAILS OF CHECK -Record when check carried out. -Record who carried out the check.

5 Single Central Record 6 – SUPPLY TEACHERS -Is it clear on the SCR if the supply teacher is from an agency or employed by the school directly? -Does the school have written confirmation that the required checks have been carried out by the agency?

6 Single Central Record 6 – SUPPLY TEACHERS -If employed by the school directly, have the appropriate checks been made?

7 Single Central Record 7 – OTHERS -Are those who work regularly or intensively with children included on the SCR? *volunteers *governors who work regularly in school as volunteers

8 Single Central Record 9 - QUALIFICATIONS -Does SCR record the qualifications required to do the job? Have all teachers evidenced their QTS? Has headteacher evidenced NPQH? HLTA, Business Manager, TAs… *Record n/a where there is no qualification required to do the job.

9 Single Central Record 10 – RIGHT TO WORK -Does the school employ anyone who is not a national of a European Economic Area? -Evidence of eligibility to work in UK e.g. passport (driving licence not acceptable)

10 Single Central Record And Finally… -Do not leave any empty cells. -Use Excel to flag up when renewals are due. -Never delete an employee or volunteer – paste their details onto a left page.

11 Single Central Record - Organise in tabs or pages according to roles in school. - Make use of the SCR to evidence your training record.

12 Single Central Record

13 Policy 1. Aims and purpose. 2. Secure framework for the workforce. Code of Conduct 3. Links to other policies (see list). 4. Wider provision. 5. Responsibilities and expectations when identifying and reporting concerns.

14 Policy 6. Named Designated Leads. 7. Procedures – Cause for Concern and Allegations against staff. 8. Whistleblowing. 9. Reporting and recording concerns (within school and to outside agencies).

15 Policy 10. Training (inc. temporary staff). 11. Role of governing body (see governor monitoring record). 12. Implementation, monitoring and evaluation. 13. Parents and carers (link to contact sheet). 14. Accessible and easy to understand.

16 Policy

17 Cause for Concern A cause for concern is an action, observation or discussion that makes you feel anxious or worried about the well- being or safety of a child. This could be a change in behaviour or a comment from a young person. 1. Identifying a cause for concern

18 Cause for Concern Written record by the person with the concern using the CAUSE FOR CONCERN FORM. Paper copies must be kept in classrooms. Discuss and pass written record to designated lead asap. 2. Recording a Concern

19 Cause for Concern No investigation, just clarification. Immediate and follow-up action taken and recorded on the Cause for Concern form. 3. Dealing with the concern

20 Cause for Concern Share information as appropriate and record. Set up Vulnerable Pupil File. Complete Monitoring Record Sheet for all further action. 4. Monitoring the concern

21 Cause for Concern 5. Monitoring and evaluating the impact of action taken. Monthly monitoring meeting to review live and dormant cases. -Monitor agreed actions have taken place. -Evaluate impact of these actions. -Agree next steps. -Quality assure written records.

22 Safeguarding Pupils at Hoyland Common Primary School

23 HCPS Single Central Record IDENTITY Address Date of Birth and Evidence Evidence of eligibility to work in the UKNI NumberNI Evidence CLERICAL/ADMIN SUPPORT Brown Mrs33,Black Lane z43 1gt 28/10/1948 - PassportPassportABC123456Wage Slip Green Mrs24,White Street S74 0BL31/01/1964PassportWage Slip White Mrs15 S70 5JS 15/05/1977 - PassportPassportWage Slip JOB ROLESQUALIFICATIONS SAP NumberJob TitleDate CommencedDate LeftQualification RequiredQualification Evidenced 00012492Admin Officer29/10/1984 n/apre Sept -09 00021355Parent Link Worker01/12/2003 n/apre Sept -10 10008872Business Manager16/02/2010 AAT SAFE RECRUITMENT CHECKS CRB Evidence seen (date/by whom) CRB Clearance Confirmed CRB Disclosure Ref no/Date ReceivedRenewal Date Written Reference 1 Written Reference 2Safeguarding TrainingRenewal Date VHBMBC001258457065 - 16/11/0916/11/12pre Sept -09 16/11/0916/11/12 VHBMBC001260362177 - 01/12/0901/12/12pre Sept -09 16/11/0916/11/12 PABMBC001239205460 - 15/06/0915/06/12 16/11/0916/11/12

24 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Very clear intent Named people Cause for concern procedure in place Additional guidance at back Went through step by step with all staff and governors Needs to be school specific Works for you and your pupils

25 Cause for Concern Procedure Agreement on what a cause for concern is A clear definition Step by step process

26 Cause for Concern Sheets In all classrooms Brief training for all staff First section completed by person with concern Second section completed by Designated lead

27 Cause for Concern record log Attached to cause for concern sheet Record any other issues/ conversation/ telephone calls/ multiagency work in relation to that child Date, with actions, outcomes and people responsible

28 Vulnerable Pupils Information sheet Created after any child has been raised as a cause for concern Front sheet in childs CFC folder Useful information all at hand, particularly when talking to other agencies Folder contains all information in chronological order On front of folder also name and date of birth of any siblings

29 Vulnerable pupils and families meeting Held last Monday of each month – Without fail! Designated leads SENCo Learning Mentor Parent Link worker Review all CFC children Record anything on record log, aslo record nothing on log 3 Months of nothing – file goes dormant Files locked securely Organised in alphabetical order In Live, dormant and closed

30 Involving Governors How? Termly meetings with named Safeguarding Governors Agreed focus – initially evaluating procedures against policy Why? Named Safeguarding Governors report back to Full Governing Body meeting Governors fully informed and able to discuss Safeguarding at school with outside agencies Policy and procedures regularly reviewed and high profile maintained Checks policy and procedures ensuring clarity of purpose and impact Allows Governors to fulfil role as critical friend Safeguarding is the Governors statutory responsibility. Involvement non-negotiable

31 Key lines of Enquiry:FindingsImplications Does the school comply with the safeguarding policy? Yes/No Does the policy have clear principles that safeguard children and staff? The policy principles are clearly articulated Does the policy clearly identify Designated safeguarding staff? Person/ people are identified: Clearly outlines the designated leads role: Explains how they will be effective designated leads: Does the policy clearly identify Designated safeguarding governors? Explains the roles and responsibilities of the designated safeguarding governor Does the policy look at safer recruitment? Are safer recruitment procedures followed? Does the policy ensure the continued safety of pupils in relation to volunteers? Procedures are in place to ensure that volunteers are vetted and safe to be in school How is induction and training used to ensure children are safeguarded? A clear programme of training is outlined for all staff Are concerns dealt with effectively and with a high degree of tenacity? Are procedure for recording concerns robust? Are procedures followed effectively? In the case of the designated leads not being available is there a suitable procedure in place? Is safeguarding embedded in practice throughout school? Including pre and after school clubs Contractors During lessons Is priority given to ensure the ongoing confidentiality and sharing of appropriate information? Does the policy outline an expected code of conduct for staff? Does the policy refer to measure of when physical contact and restraint need to be used? Does the policy clearly identify the process to be followed if there are allegations against a member of staff? Are appropriate signing in procedures in place? Are parents and carers fully aware of safeguarding procedures? Governor monitoring record Governor: DM & G SDate: 25.11.10 Role: Safeguarding Governors Focus of Monitoring visit: Review of Policy and Procedure of Safeguarding Date to fed back to FGB:

32 Cause for Concern

33 Ofsted Briefing for section 5 inspectors on safeguarding children. See pointers for inspectors self- evaluation checklist. See appendices for interview question prompts.

34 Next Steps Consider carefully how you will implement, monitor, evaluate and review the model to make your safeguarding practice robust and relevant to your school.

35 Final Note An outstanding tool will only have an outstanding impact in the hands of an outstanding practitioner under outstanding leadership.

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