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When ClevelandBikes, Cleveland Benefits! Developing a Bike Station for Northeast Ohio.

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1 When ClevelandBikes, Cleveland Benefits! Developing a Bike Station for Northeast Ohio

2 ClevelandBikes An Introduction  Nonprofit, created in 2005, to gather all segments of the cycling community into common, active coalition (commuters, clubs, instructors, retailers, planners).  Committed to “advancing all forms of bicycling as economical and healthful recreation, sport and transportation.”  Publishers of Crankmail, the voice of Cyclists in Northeast Ohio, distributed at no cost to members.

3 ClevelandBikes Program Activities  Crankmail: Volunteer published Crankmail, a thousand copy free periodical distributed to our members and available through libraries.  Bike to Work: Monthly Bike to Work Fridays during the spring, summer and fall months, with riders meeting at various locations, for a commute to work downtown.  Bicycle Mentoring: Pairing experienced and less-experienced riders for riding in their neighborhoods or other shared riding activities.  Bike Station: Promoting the development of a bike station, a combination locker/shower/secure parking facility for commuters, to be located near central work districts and parks.  Bicycle Safety Rodeo: Hosting “safety rodeos,” free public event, where children receive safe riding lessons, helmets and locks.  Local Law Review: Volunteer lawyers review local municipal laws for best practices and safety, sharing the report with governments, and assist in the review of legislation to promote riding safety.  Planning Support and Assistance: Assisting in the transportation planning for the Euclid Corridor Plan, Detroit-Superior Bridge, Canal Corridor, shoreway, Innerbelt and other policy planning processes.

4 ClevelandBikes Bike Station What’s a Bike Station?  A significant, cost-effective investment in cycling transportation infrastructure;  An investment in public health;  A one-stop transportation center, providing new, expanded transportation options for the public; and  A facility that acknowledges the growing transportation role of cycling for transportation, contributing to further growth.

5 While each bike station provides unique services, common services include:  Secure bicycle parking, with “around the clock” access for members;  Convenient access to public transportation;  Independent shower/changing rooms for both men and women;  Daily service hours with knowledgeable staff offering bicycle repair or parts/supplies retail sale options;  Rental bikes for local and tourist needs;  Information assistance for planning riding trips; and  Access to “environmentally clean” vehicle-sharing. ClevelandBikes Bike Station Activities

6 ClevelandBikes Bike Station Photos Chicago (Millennium Park) Some are almost … opulent Long Beach (solar panels provide for half of the energy needs)

7 ClevelandBikes Bike Station Photos Others are more … functional Berkeley Palo Alto Embarcadero (San Francisco)

8 ClevelandBikes BikeStation Photos Bus and cycling Reinforce each other. RTA has racks on all buses and trains Seattle – double tier racks are easy to use and conserve space

9 ClevelandBikes Bike Station History  Europe and Japan were first to adopt the models, with Bikestation Long Beach as the first US facility (3/1996).  The nonprofit Bikestation offers a sound national model to follow. The nonprofit operates as a parent organization of many, serving as an information-clearinghouse and support system with individual operators responsible for site operations.  Local operators vary, but include non-profit, for-profit and advocacy organizations.  Partners around the US include: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority, Flexcar, Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency, City of Pittsburgh, Regional Transit District of the City and County of Denver, Puget Sound Regional Council, Cambridge, MA, South Coast Air Quality Management District, and the Cities of Santa Monica, Norwalk, Pasadena, North Hollywood and Santa Barbara.

10 ClevelandBikes An Example  Open daily with 24/7 bike-parking access for members;  Attendants on site during regular business hours (weekdays, 8:00 am-6:00 pm; Sat: 10:00-5:00; Sun: Noon-5:00);  Annual Administrative Fee is $20, valid for one year. Bikestation Seattle 311 3rd Avenue South (Central Seattle)

11 ClevelandBikes Regional Advantages  Addressing traffic congestion and poor air quality;  Protecting from costly energy dependence on uncertain countries;  Creating shared family activities; and  Decreasing health risks due to air quality and inactivity. Bicycling provide a number of community benefits:

12 ClevelandBikes Regional Advantages  Riding Your Bike For Health: A sedentary lifestyle is a factor in 10% of total deaths and 25% of chronic disease related deaths.  Cycling Increases Are Linked to Improved Air Quality: Air quality in our urban areas is poor and linked to increases in asthma and other illnesses, particularly among children.  Reducing Transportation Costs Eases the Household Budget: For most Americans, transportation is an expense second only to housing (more than health care, education and food);  Cycling Can Match Today’s Daily Routine: A majority of Americans say they want to bike more and drive less, with more bikeways between home and stores, more bike paths and improved road conditions.  Offering Public Services to the Non-Driving Public: 1/3rd of Americans do not drive. More than 50% of nondrivers indicate they stay at home on a given day due to reduced transportation options.

13 ClevelandBikes Riding on CleveOH and NEOH  More than half of Americans want to bicycle more and drive less, yet transportation officials have not translated the public goals to public facilities.  In 2000, the US Department of Transportation advised states receiving federal funds that "bicycling and walking facilities will be incorporated into all transportation projects unless exceptional circumstances exist," but DOT acknowledges that fewer than half the states comply.  Creating the cycling infrastructure, encourages the cycling activity, generating the desired health, transportation and environmental benefits.  Cycling is an increasingly important transportation modality, either alone or in combination with other transportation options.

14 ClevelandBikes Bike Station Goals  Located near a central employment district;  Providing street level entry;  Access to convenient public transportation;  Safe and secure bike parking, with “around the clock” access; and  Open and available to meet the needs of riders and developing riders.

15 ClevelandBikes Station Requirements  Adequate space for bike parking (estimate 1,000 square feet);  Shower and restrooms (minimum of 300 square feet);  Carpeted lockers/changing area (minimum of 500 square feet); and  Administration space (200 square feet). Functionality, service and convenience. Based on consultations with existing stations, we would not plan on a space smaller than 2,000 square feet, divided as follows:

16 ClevelandBikes Bike Station A Healthy Investment in Northeast Ohio

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