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SUSTAINABILITY. Focus Helping Hungry Homes Employee Health and Wellness Community Outreach Taking Care of Home On the Horizon.

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2 Focus Helping Hungry Homes Employee Health and Wellness Community Outreach Taking Care of Home On the Horizon

3 Helping Hungry Homes

4 Smithfield was part of TODAY’s “Lend a Hand” campaign with Al Roker.

5 Extreme Home Makeover February 2011, Smithfield Foods announced that it would donate an additional 25,000 pounds of product to the food banks of Southeastern Virginia, the Virginia Peninsula and the Albemarle for the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" build completed in Virginia Beach, VA. Schools, businesses and military members helped local food banks collect more than 406,600 pounds of canned food during the food drive. The total amount exceeds the goal by 100,000 pounds, which was set to surpass a similar "Extreme Makeover " drive held in Savannah, GA.

6 Employee Health and Wellness

7 We aim to produce good food, responsibly. Therefore, it makes sense for us to promote good health among our employees. We have a variety of programs across our locations to challenge our workers to take better care of themselves. Health/benefit fairs Free flu shots provided to employees at all our facilities during flu season Wellness programs to include: smoking cessation, diabetes management and prenatal care

8 Blood Pressure Kiosks In a continuing effort to promote wellness and improve the health of employees, the Smithfield – North facility has acquired a self-service blood pressure check kiosk by the cafeteria for employees to do self-screenings. Features Better HEALTH THROUGH AWARENESS √  Blood pressure and pulse rate √  Proven Accuracy √  Fully automated upper arm pressure cuff √  External meter for tracking usage √  Portable √  LED display of readings √  Blood pressure guidelines display √  Oscillometric methodology √  Four information display panels Smithfield – North

9 On-Site Heart Screenings On Thursday, April 5, 2012 the Smithfield - North facility partnered with Obici Hospital to sponsor free heart screenings for employees at the plant. The screening included a heart risk evaluation, a blood pressure check, a cholesterol test, and a 12 lead EKG. Participants received a pocket size card with their baseline EKG image on it.

10 On-Site Mammograms The Smithfield - North facility arranged for the Sentara Mobile Mammogram Bus to come on-site to provide mammograms for employees on Friday, December 9, 2011. Sentara's new digital mobile mammography van makes mammogram appointments fast and convenient for women in the Hampton Roads area. Smithfield – North

11 Financial Wellness In November, the Smithfield - North facility partnered with BayPort Credit Union to offer free personal finance workshops and classes to employees. The purpose of the classes was to teach employees how to create an effective spending plan, set realistic goals and develop a personal action plan. Smithfield – North

12 Community Outreach

13 Jeans Day On the last Friday of every month, employees donate $5 to wear jeans. All donations go local charities. Smithfield – Corporate

14 Bright Beginnings Smithfield has participated in the YMCA Bright Beginnings Program for the past four years. After raising money to purchase school supplies for students in Isle of Wight County, our employees also volunteer to take the children shopping for back to school clothes CARES Smithfield – Corporate

15 Smithfield – Tar Heel Relay for Life Smithfield Tar Heel Division is a proud sponsor of the Bladen County Relay for Life. During the year 2011 our employees raised $22,340.40 through payroll deductions and other donations. During the year of 2012 our employees have raised $6,117.13 year to date. The Relay for Life team holds varies fundraisers throughout the year. Smithfield – Tar Heel

16 Christmas in April Christmas in April*Prince George’s County (CIA*PGC) is an organization that assists elderly and disabled citizens make necessary repairs to stay in their homes. This was the second year the Smithfield - Landover management team participated with CIA*PGC. Smithfield – Landover Crystal Hurley, Food Safety Manager, helps with exterior painting for a local home-owner as part of the Christmas in April Program in 2011 Folks from Smithfield Packing's Landover plant participated in the Christmas in April program, where they performed basic home renovations for individuals in the local community.

17 United Way Smithfield – Clinton employees donated $63,060 to the United Way of Sampson County in support of its 2011 campaign Smithfield – Clinton

18 Taking Care of Home

19 Lunch Bags to Reduce Waste Smithfield – Clayton

20 Wildlife Habitat Smithfield – Kinston

21 “Why I Love Smithfield” Scholarship Nine-year-old Liam Baker, the son of Shannon and Marla Baker of the Plain View community, won the grand prize in Smithfield’s 75th anniversary art contest “Why I Love Smithfield.” Leonard Smith, Regional Human Resources director for Smithfield, cited the following: “At Smithfield, we strive to be a good employer and also to be a good neighbor in the communities where we are located. Products that we have produced for the past 75 years are enjoyed in the United States and shipped around the world daily to countries such as Japan, China, Canada and Mexico. We are proud of our employees and thankful that as a company we can sponsor humanitarian efforts to help feed the hungry and promote education…”

22 On the Horizon

23 Sustainability Committee Each facility has formed a sustainability committee to: –Complete monthly surveys as a team –Track scorecard progress –Plan sustainability SMS events Membership –Environmental –Safety –Food Safety –HR –Livestock (Slaughter Plants)

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