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Comparative Religion: Hinduism

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1 Comparative Religion: Hinduism

2 Hindusim World’s third largest religion
Behind Christianity and Islam Possibly world’s oldest organized religion Roughly 3000 years old Began in the Indus River valley (India)

3 Beliefs Hindus recognize one god, Brahma, as the origin and creator of all things There are many gods in Hinduism, but they are all Brahma Three major gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva

4 Beliefs Brahma is not worshipped, because his job as creator is done
Hindus are classified according to which Brahman (god) they worship Worshippers of Vishnu Worshippers of Shiva Worshippers of the Mother Goddess (Mahadevi)

5 Vishnu Considered by his worshippers to be the greatest of gods
Preserves and protects the universe Has appeared on earth many times to protect it from disaster Avatar: Incarnation of gods on earth Among these avatars is Siddartha (The Buddha)

6 Shiva Is considered everything by his worshippers
Creator, sustainer, and destroyer Without destruction, there can be no creation Source of both good and evil in the world

7 The Mother Goddess Consort (Spouse) of the male deities
Encompasses thousands of goddesses Symbol of fertility and female energy Counteracts Shiva’s masculinity

8 The Cycle of Life Souls pass through a series of lives
Each incarnation depends on how you lived your previous life Karma

9 Karma People build up good and bad karma in life
Karma affects their future lives Death is the last cycle of each life Must be treated with respect The goal is to overcome desire and ignorance The cycle will end

10 The Vedas Vedas: Hindu scriptures
Define the rites and beliefs of the religion

11 The Caste System There are four major castes
You are born into your social group, and cannot escape it India has sought to outlaw the caste, but it still exists in many parts of the country

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