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Unit 5- India and Persia Lesson 3- Hinduism.

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1 Unit 5- India and Persia Lesson 3- Hinduism

2 Seeds of Belief Hinduism is the main religion in India
Hinduism is different from other religions because it has no founder - it probably started with the religious beliefs of the Aryans who lived in the Indus River Valley There are 4 Vedas; the oldest is the Rig Veda. It is a collection of more than 1,000 hymns that priests recite at ceremonies and during rituals. The hymns are dedicated to the Aryan gods. Why do you think historians believe Aryans influenced Hinduism? ___________________________________

3 Seeds of Belief The themes of the Rig Veda include spiritual beliefs in the power of nature. Faithful Hindus memorize and recite verses from the Vedas every day Hindus show respect for their gods by keeping shrines in their homes and offering prayers to their gods (polytheism)

4 Gods and Goddesses Hinduism is a religion of many gods and many beliefs Brahman- the source and final destination of everything Three principal gods of Brahman are: Brahma- the creator Vishnu- the preserver. Maintains dharma- the order of the universe Shiva- the destroyer Other Hindu gods and goddesses are aspects of Brahman- Krishna is a form of Vishnu, Ganga Mai (Ganges River goddess) gives water the power to clean and purify

5 Seven Truths and Reincarnation
Seven essential doctrines (truths) are important Hindu beliefs: Peaceful living Freedom of thought Respect for nature and animals Becoming one with Brahman Belief that good and bad actions will affect us Reincarnation- the process through which a person goes from one life to the next. Hindus believe that after a person dies. He/she is born into the next life.

6 Seven Truths and Reincarnation
Hindus believe that if they live good lives according to the truthful principles, their karma is good Karma= lifetime actions of a person With good karma, a Hindu’s rebirth on Earth is good The goal of a good life for a Hindu is to become one with Brahman

7 Way of Life In India, every Hindu is traditionally a member of a caste (lifelong social group into which he/she is born) Castes were strictly ranked according to birth. Determined which job each caste member was qualified for. Marriages were permitted only for members of the same caste The ranked order of the castes was an important part of dharma Members of the highest castes are vegetarians. This is part of the way of life based on respect for other living things.

8 Caste System Social Pyramid

9 STUDY FOR YOUR QUIZ!! What is the main religion of India?
How is the Hindu religion different from other religions? What is the oldest Veda? What are Hinduism’s roots? What are the three main forms of Brahman? What are the main points of Hindu beliefs? Describe: Reincarnation. What is a goal of a good life for Hindus? Can a person’s caste be changed? Why are people in the highest castes vegetarians?

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