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Riverview IB Class of 2013 Parent Presentation: Sept. 5, 2012.

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2 Riverview IB Class of 2013 Parent Presentation: Sept. 5, 2012


4 A liberal arts education teaches students how to learn and master whatever is put in front of them – there is no more practical way of preparing someone for the unknown….. Anne Ponder, Chancellor, UNC Ashville

5 College Search* past 10+ months 1.College Visits (reps here & campus visits) 2.Units on college 3.Parents Meeting 4.Completion of IB DP Year One (GPA, etc..) 5.Spring College Focus Groups (admission stats/assumptions, search resources, discussion on variables, resumes) 6.CAS – Resume 7.SAT/ACT…… 8.Preparation for IB DP Year Two (summer work) 9.TODAY: Fall College Focus Groups (timeline, definitions, application steps, resources (essays, recommendations etc..)) *College Search = life-long learning

6 Next Steps College Counselor Assigned Indv. Meetings and/or complete applications Maintain or increase academic trend of performance Complete core elements: research, critical thinking, service 2 nd semester: add FAFSA, scholarships, complete search & decision Submit IAs & take exams

7 Trend of Performance This concept is a strong predictability of success and is closely aligned with meaningful senior year

8 We have stressed with students the importance of the visit ---- the comfortability with the campus and the culture 1.Academic Environment = student concentration, diversity, research capacity, degree attainment 2.Quality of Life = arts & leisure, city accessibility, creativity, cost of living 3.Professional Opportunity = earning potential, entrepreneurial activity, unemployment rate, brain gain or drain

9 RHS IB College Admissions Overarching Strategy Early – #s and competition is still enormous for about 2+ more years Colleges want to set their class asap ($$ reasons) Realistic – Reach – Likely – Safety Manageable – The more applications does not enhance chances There is more going on in life (trend of performance) Quality – Successful applications take thought, purpose & time

10 Were not preparing students just for their first job when they get out of college, but for careers over their lifetime. Mike Michalson, President, New College of Florida


12 2012 Exemplars 1.Because the number of applicants is ++++ basic criteria has to be met (avoid reach) 2.Be cognizant of debt structure – and decide on its worth…realize debt worth and sticker price 3.State of Florida colleges now at @$10-$15K per year 4.IB students should seek Honors Colleges *(avoid grade 13) 5.For some reason, too many reach – not enough likely 6.Many more spring acceptances, as well as summer 7.Deferred is fine; Early is good

13 IB = lifelong skills IB = maximum amount of transfer credits available IB = higher probability of acceptances – if fit is right IB = much higher success rate in college IB = no Florida graduation requirements IB = full eligibility for Bright Futures IB = colleges flocking here to RHS

14 Further Thoughts Doesnt matter where you go to college… Working on essays should be a priority Dont mix up Reach schools with Dream schools Procrastination doesnt work What is your strategy? Anxiety is often an issue Maintaining a manageable # is very good If steps/deadlines arent followed, good things usually dont happen Get ready for FAFSA The student HAS to be the one to apply There are usually more important things going on in senior year IB, than the college process

15 We need graduates committed to lifelong learning and broad interests, people with intellectual curiosity who have the agility and self-confidence to navigate a very fluid modern world. David Shi, President, Furman University

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