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Introduction Review proposed revenue budget for FY 2014-2015. Review proposed expenditure budget for FY 2014-2015. Q&A-discuss the handout that describe.

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2 Introduction Review proposed revenue budget for FY Review proposed expenditure budget for FY Q&A-discuss the handout that describe the proposed expenditures in more detail.

3 Revenue budget FY 14 FY15 Ad valorem 4,129,6644,334,540 Ad valorem MH 90,000 95,000 Prior year taxes 80,000 80,000 Penalty & interest 15,500 17,000 Interest income 2,500 1,500 Interest credit ARRA 350, ,860 Total 4,668,5674,871,900

4 Local revenue sources Meade 46-1 valuation-2013 payable 2014 Ag:388,992,218 OO:709,030,783 Other/utilities:330,707,357 M/M-OO34,633,005 Total:1,463,363,363 $3/1000 levy

5 Other revenue sources Interest income on our money market account. Interest credits on BAB, QSCB, and RZ bonds from financing of PVE. 5% reduction on the interest credits.

6 Proposed expenditure budget FY 14 FY 15 4,668,5674,871,900 FY 15 budget represents an 4.35% increase in expenditures and includes a $476,397 contingency line item as well as $250,000 obligated towards OOP expenses that may be incurred at SWMS. This budget sees a shift of expenses to the general fund such as transportation in order to provide the funds needed on prioritized, capital projects within the district.

7 Expenditure categories Copier lease: annualized expense for machines. Textbooks & instructional software: PVE is anticipating some increased enrollment and thus need for textbooks, instructional software and related expenses shifted to general fund. Computer equipment.: laptops, desktops, ipads, other computer related technology. Administrative software: predominately technology related, other Admin. Software shifted to general fund. Equipment: supplies not consumed within the school year of a non technology application( chairs, desks, mowers, projectors, etc.) Building improvements: interior and exterior projects focused on improving and preserving the facilities throughout the district.

8 Expenditure review Instructional expenses FY 14FY 15 STEL121,890119,090 (90,532) ( 92,200) PVE116,560106,880 (93,352)(67,000) WW/rural84,076100,825 (54,000)(42,450) SWMS136,13044,000 (90,000)(1,600) SBHS86,586312,880 (42,600)(264,980) Special services26,7002,700 ** red numbers indicate computers/related exependitures.

9 District technology department FY14FY 15 Dakota back-up12,00012,000 Computer equipment14,7000 Equipment3,00010,000 File servers16,0001,500 Administrative software016,500 Replacement vehicle015,000

10 District property & liability insurance; utilities, debt service FY14FY 15 Property &liab. Insurance 125,0000 SBHS utilities182,0000 Debt service2,434,7002,581,153 * added $150,000 for three years to debt service to pay for the stagebarn property. The property & liability insurance and utilities will be budgeted for in the general fund.

11 Building renovations budget FY 2014FY2015 STEL50,00030,000 Francis case7,000 6,000 PVE30,000 25,000 Rural40,00045,000 WW96,00030,000 SWMS165,000250,000 Williams505,000125,000 SBHS155,00085,000 Stagebarn0150,000 WW30,00041,000 Woodle field030,000

12 District maintenance FY14 FY15 Central copy lease28,00034,000 Computer equipment2,4000 Equipment7,650127,000 Replacement vehicle30,00025,000 Facility improvements982,000932,000 ** equipment budget includes $100,000 for lighting upgrades SBHS parking lot and Grunwald gym if funds are available. We extended the lease for one more year at central copy. Demolition of Stagebarn and SWMS remodel and Williams Admin tuck- point are $525,000of this years facilities budget.

13 Co-curricular Fy14FY15 Equipment & uniforms18,00039,050 Replacement vehicles20,0000

14 Student transportation FY14 FY15 Contracted busing120,0000 All contracted busing will be budgeted for in the general fund.

15 Conclusion FY 15 budget is a 4.3% increase from FY14, but has a $476,397 contingency which puts the actual budgeted expenditures below the FY 14 level. I have also included in the budget$250,000 towards the renovation of SWMS lobby thus making the proposed FY 15 budget very conservative with a emphasis in technology and the repair/renovation of SWMS lobby. Please refer to the handout capital outlay purchase document.

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